How To Make Stone Shovel In Minecraft

This blog post will show you how to craft a Stone Shovel in Minecraft that can be used to mine dirt.
How To Make Stone Shovel In Minecraft

Everything you need to craft a Stone Shovel in Minecraft

A Stone Shovel is a tool in Minecraft that is used to ease collecting Dirt, Sand, and other blocks. Unlike a Pickaxe, a Shovel can mine dirt and sand faster; as it is a tool intended for this purpose. Apart from being used as a tool, the shovel is also used as a paddle in Minecraft. Hence you need a shovel to craft a boat.

Here are the items you’ll need to craft a Stone Shovel:

  • 2xSticks
  • 1xStone (any variant)
  • Crafting Table

How to craft a Stone Shovel in Minecraft

#1 Acquiring Sticks for the shovel

Sticks are used as a crafting ingredient extensively in Minecraft. You can get Sticks by simply punching some dead bushes or leaves on trees. You can also acquire Sticks by sticking wooden planks or bamboo in the crafting table, as shown in the recipe above.

#2 Getting Stone

A Stone Shovel can be crafted using any variant of stone in Minecraft. You’ll need only one stone block for a shovel; the stone block can be cobblestone, Blackstone, or cobbled deepslate.

#3 Crafting a Stone Shovel

Once you acquire all the items needed to craft a Stone Shovel, simply put them in the crafting table by the recipe shown above, and you’ll have crafted a brand new Stone Shovel. With A stone shovel, mining dirt and sand will be easier.

Some enchantments that you can use on a Shovel are Fortune, Unbreaking, Mending, etc.

What is the give command to get a Stone Shovel in Minecraft?

The command to give yourself a Stone Shovel: /give @p stone_shovel 1

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