10 Best Minecraft Room Ideas

Are you looking for a way to fill all that empty space inside your new build? Here's something for you!
10 Best Minecraft Room Ideas

Minecraft is a game that gives the players the opportunity to entirely customize their surroundings. As a result, people have come up with amazing builds that look fascinating from the outside, but most builds are completely hollow from the inside.

In this article, you will find the five best Minecraft room ideas to help you decorate your Minecraft house, base, or any other building. These room ideas are unique and interesting. These ideas will definitely bring life to whatever you build in the game.



Do you need an office from which you will organize all your important activities? If you do, then this Minecraft room idea is perfect for you.

It’s made to look like a modern office you would find in real life. It includes a custom-made computer, monitor, shelves, and chairs.

The build is simple, but it can be problematic to obtain some blocks like custom player skulls used throughout it. Besides that, you can find everything in the game without major difficulties.

This is one of the room ideas which perfectly fits the modern aesthetic. It looks bossy and elegant. It will look great along with the modern bedroom and bathroom we cover in this article.


Trophy Room

This is one of the Minecraft rooms that may not seem necessary, but it's a good place to fill with all your trophies and achievements acquired through your adventure in the game.

This Minecraft room can be one of the few secret rooms in your base that's difficult to access. Its floor is made of spruce wooden planks, and a quartz wall surrounds it.

It has a chandelier in the middle as its light source, and the room overall is aesthetically pleasing.

It has protected areas covered in glass that can preserve any armor of your choice, and besides them, there are item frames that can hold all of your weapons and rare findings. So it can be like a weapon room too.


Modern Bathroom

If you have a modern office in your build, this Minecraft room will be a perfect addition, as it’s one of the few modern Minecraft room ideas on this list.

This room is very detailed. It features towels, mirrors, soap, and even a toilet. A lot of thought was put into this design.

It’s one of the modern room ideas mostly made of quartz and acacia wood, as acacia goes very well with the white quartz walls. It makes the room look less empty.

Imagine the feeling of having a luxurious bathroom right next to your office. The simplistic and elegant style dominates the entire atmosphere. This is one of the ideas that's a nice and cheap yet stylish extension to your home.



Do you need a place to store all the enchanted books you have, or do you have an empty room inside your base that you don't know how to use? Because a library would satisfy all of those needs.

It's a small place with a high ceiling and stairs that lead to a second floor. It's made out of cheap blocks like wood and stone. You can even add a couple of plants to spice up the atmosphere.

It has a lot of tables and chairs made out of stairs. Lecterns are present throughout the entire library. It's one of the more calming Minecraft room ideas.


Training Room

If you have extra space in your base, then you should definitely consider using that space for building a modern gym. This Minecraft room is perfect if you completely run out of ideas. It’s a room that you didn’t know you ever needed.

This room can only be fully built after you complete Minecraft, as some materials are only found in the later points in the game.

Withered Skeleton Skulls can be difficult to obtain, but if you have enough spare time and resources, why don’t you take an extra step to impress your friends with your innovative ideas?

The gym features a treadmill, bench press, a couple of weights, and enough space to add whichever gym gadget you want. It's super simple to build and follows the same style as the previous two room ideas. It’s a pretty elegant place to work out.


YouTube Studio

If you plan on becoming a YouTuber in Minecraft, this is one of the Minecraft room ideas you should consider building in your base.

You can make this a secret room if you want to. However, it's best to build this Minecraft room in creative mode, as some materials are impossible to get in survival.

It's a simple YouTube studio with a giant green screen and a camera recording. On the other side is a PC setup with a computer, gaming chair, and speakers.

There was a lot of thought put into detail. This is one of the more creative Minecraft room ideas.


Storage Room

This is one of the Minecraft room ideas that most people reading this article will need during their Minecraft playthrough. Furthermore, it's one of the perfect room ideas to have right under your house.

It can also be a secret room you can protect with a piston door if you are interested in keeping your chests safe from intruders. But you can always cover it with wooden stairs and iron trapdoors to avoid complicating things too much.

This Minecraft room is a large underground building big enough to situate a few rows of double chests and necessary stuff for crafting - a crafting table, for example.

It uses lanterns as a light source block. The cool thing about it is the feeling of coziness and security it provides with its thick stone walls, as it's completely underground.


Couples Bedroom

This is one Minecraft room that is different from the others. Its uniqueness stands out, as it’s a red bedroom made especially for a Minecraft couple. This is the perfect way in which you can pleasantly surprise your significant other.

It has some interesting details worth mentioning, like the coral reefs, which represent roses surrounding your double bed. You even have some curtains and romantic lamps made of turtle eggs and end rods to spice up the atmosphere.

This Minecraft room idea is pretty sweet. It’s a perfect idea for Valentine’s Day, and the red-colored walls really stand out. However, you can just appreciate the overall design without looking at the romantic aspect, as the room will bring positivity to your build with its vibrant theme.


Night Room

If you want a darker variation of a modern bedroom, this is one of the Minecraft room ideas you should consider building.

The room uses one-colored blocks like different variations of dark stained clay and quartz. Using banners, you can design a lot of furniture like curtains, drawers, and even a closet.

There is a beautiful twin-sized black bed with even its own pillows on which you can rest. The bed looks upon the dimmed windows, and in the center of the room, you have a carpet made out of dead coral reefs.

This is one of the most beautiful Minecraft room ideas on this list. The lack of light and the presence of dark blocks make an amazing atmosphere.


Modern Bedroom

This room idea is the perfect choice for decorating the interior if you have a modern house. It features a similar aesthetic to the office and the training room, but it also feels very cozy inside.

The only material that can be challenging to get is quartz. However, since it’s a modern building, it will require a lot of it because of its modern white look. The end rods can also be problematic, but they are not too necessary for this build.

The most interesting thing about this room is the carpet that is made out of dead coral reefs. It emulates the fluffy texture, which makes you forget that it’s actually a coral.

You have a modern TV which you can watch from your bed, and right across the room, a small desk with drawers and a mirror made out of banner art.

It’s a simplistic room filled with details that make it look just like a sweet home. Yet, the elegance is also present like it is within the past modern room ideas, and it’s a design that will amaze you, especially your friends, by just looking at it.

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