Everything you need to know about Minecraft Chickens

Minecraft chickens are entertaining to have around. Apart from that, they do have their uses in game, let us tell you more about these feathered friends.

Updated on Sep 04, 2023
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Everything you need to know about Minecraft Chickens

Chickens in Minecraft are small passive mobs that will do anything for wheat or grass seeds. They are common and you can find them almost anywhere, exploring and making sure to lay eggs on the way too.

Of all the animals in game, chickens are useful to have around. Mainly for the entertainment factor and also since they drop loot that you can use. Before you make use of the chickens, you need to find them first.

Where do chickens spawn?

Minecraft chickens spawn in the overworld, specifically in grass biomes in groups of 4. After your Minecraft world has been generated, chickens will spawn individually.


Most grassy biomes will have at least one group of wandering chickens. In the Java Edition of the game, chickens are more common in sparse jungles. Additionally, you can spawn your own chickens using a chicken spawn egg when in Minecraft.

How to tame chickens in Minecraft

Chickens are a Minecraft mob that is very easy to tame. First, you need to find some grass or wheat seeds.

To find these seeds, simply go around to a grassy area and left click to break tufts of grass.


Collecting the seeds that drop from the grass, the next thing you need is to find some adult chickens and follow these steps:

  1. Hold the seeds in your hand and approach the chicken
  2. The chicken will come over to you, lured by the seeds
  3. Right click on the chicken with the seed in hand
  4. Hearts will appear to indicate that you have tamed the chicken!


Your tamed chicken will follow you everywhere, although you should have some seeds in hand to make sure that you can feed it if it gets bored and tries to wander off again.

What do chickens drop?

Minecraft chickens will drop loot that you can use when ingame. Killing an adult will yield these items but a baby chicken will not drop anything.



When a chicken dies, it will drop between 0-2 feathers. You can increase the maximum number dropped by killing the chicken with a tool that is enchanted with looting. The most you can get this way is between 0-5.

Raw chicken

Raw chicken meat is a consumable item. With the looting enchantment you can get between 1-4 pieces each time you kill a chicken. If the chicken is on fire when you kill it, the meat is cooked when dropped.

XP Points

An adult chicken will drop 1-3 XP points when killed by a player or by a tamed wolf. You can get up to 10 XP if the chicken came with a jockey-more on that below.

How to breed chickens

Now that you think you’re ready to start expanding your chicken empire, you need to grow your chicken farm. A chicken farm will allow you to keep all your feathery friends in one place-just make sure they can’t hop over the fences.


The easiest way to grow your farm is to breed chickens and get baby chickens! Breeding chickens is easy, you need to have a few things first. Make sure that you have plenty of seeds-any type of seed will do- and two adult chickens around before you begin.

  1. Hold the seeds in your hand
  2. Right click the first chicken to feed it the seeds
  3. Right click the second to do the same
  4. Hearts should appear around the two chickens as they go into love mode
  5. Once the chickens are in love mode, a chick appears between the two chickens.

After breeding two chickens, you will need to wait 5 minutes before they can breed again.


A baby chicken will also take 20 minutes to grow. You can feed it seeds to decrease this time by 10% .

Breeding chickens will also give you 1-7 XP points- much more than from killing chickens.

Can throwing eggs breed chickens?


Minecraft chickens drop eggs at random, they are the only animal to do so. You can pick up and throw the chicken eggs, with a chance that the thrown egg will spawn a baby chicken.

What can you do with chicken eggs?

You can throw a chicken egg to spawn baby chickens or you can combine it with other ingredients to craft food! When it comes to getting eggs, you do not need to breed chickens first.

And since you don’t need to breed chickens for eggs, all you need to do is just wait for a chicken to lay an egg at random. If you have an egg and a few other ingredients you can craft Pumpkin pie and cake.



  • Pumpkin Pie - you need pumpkin, sugar and an egg
  • Cake - you need a milk bucket, sugar, an egg and wheat

Breeding chickens does not increase your chances to find eggs, but there is a chance you might find other mobs carrying them which might drop when you kill them.

Traveling with chickens in Minecraft

When you are ready to travel with your chickens, there are two ways you can do this.

Using a lead on a chicken


To use a lead on a chicken, simply hold the lead in your hand and right click on the chicken with the lead. It will attach and your leashed chicken will follow you anywhere. And we do mean anywhere.

Using seeds to lure a chicken


You can use a handful of any type of seed to make a chicken follow you to the ends of your Minecraft world. A chicken will do anything for some seed-even swim across the water. Add this to the list of things you can do with them besides being able to breed chickens.

Are chickens hostile?

Chickens are passive and will run away if you hit them. They are one of the most non-violent animals you will find in Minecraft.


They are also chased and attacked by foxes, untamed cats and ocelots.

What are chicken jockeys?

A chicken jockey is a chicken that spawns in with a baby zombie or baby zombified piglin. They spawn with items equipped and the piglin versions have golden swords too.

More facts about chickens in Minecraft

Here’s a few more facts about Minecraft chickens


  • Chickens do not take fall damage
  • Chickens are small enough to hide in hoppers- we think this is cute
  • Once upon a time, there were diamond chickens that laid diamond and lapis lazuli, maybe they will be back someday
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