How to Get a Turtle Shell in Minecraft [Crafting Guide]

If you're having a hard time underwater in Minecraft, a turtle shell helmet can help you. Here we'll see how you can craft and get turtle shells in Minecraft!

Updated on May 06, 2024
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How to Get a Turtle Shell in Minecraft [Crafting Guide]

Currently, the only way you can get a turtle shell in Minecraft is by crafting it. All you'll need for the crafting process are 5 scutes. Here's how you can craft turtle shells in Minecraft using scutes:

You'll place the scutes on a crafting table how you'd normally craft any helmet in Minecraft. Turtle shells provide great defense and are very useful when you're exploring the vast oceans of your world. The only issue that you'll run into though is obtaining the turtle scutes. 

What are Scutes in Minecraft? How to Get Them for Turtle Shells in Minecraft

The main thing scutes in Minecraft are used for is crafting turtle shells. Their use only revolves around turtle shells, and are even used for repairing your turtle shell helmet as well.

If you have an abundance of scutes though, you can trade 4 of them in for emeralds at expert-leveled Leatherworkers and Cleric villagers! Trading scutes with Clerics can be tricky, since the chance of having the trade varies between editions, while expert Leatherworkers will always have that trade for emeralds.

Minecraft How to Craft Turtle Shell

Minecraft Scute Trade Expert Leatherworker

There are certainly easier ways to get emeralds than trading them in exchange for scutes since getting them is very hard. Right now there's only one way you can get scutes, and that's from breeding turtles.

How to Get Scutes for Turtle Shells by Breeding Turtles

If you want to get scutes by breeding turtles, first you must find them. They will usually spawn in daylight on sandy beaches, but not ones located beside snowy or stone biomes. Here's how you can breed turtles to get scutes for crafting turtle shells:

  1. Put up a fence around the turtles in the sand to protect them from hostile mobs
  2. Feed them seagrass until they start to breed
  3. One of the turtles will lay eggs, so wait 4-5 days until they hatch
  4. When the eggs hatch, a small turtle will appear. Feed it seagrass until it grows up
  5. After the little turtle grows up, it drops a scute for you to craft a turtle shell with

Minecraft How to Get Scutes by Breeding Turtles

The main thing you should pay attention to is protecting the eggs and little turtles from bad mobs like the zombies as they will try to destroy them. A simple fence should do the trick of protecting the little ones until you get your Minecraft turtle shell!

What can Turtle Shells be Used For in Minecraft?

The main special reason you'll want to craft a turtle shell in Minecraft is its Water Breathing effect! This gives you 10 extra seconds to stay underwater, which totally eliminates the reason for crafting water-breathing potions.

Turtle shell helmets are quite hard and durable as well, so they can be used as a primary source of defense. It offers 2 defense points (1 full little armor) which are the same as iron or gold helmets. But where the turtle shell comes more powerful is its durability, as it's more durable than an iron helmet yet less durable than a diamond helmet.  

Minecraft Turtle Shell Water Breathing Effect

Lastly, a turtle shell can be used to create the Turtle Master potion. This potion basically slows you down at the cost of increasing your defenses drastically. Most of the time you won't need the Turtle Master potion, so don't waste your turtle shells on the brewing stand for it!

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