How to make Potions in Minecraft

If you’ve ever wanted to drink a potion and feel invincible while playing Minecraft, this is a guide you are going to want to read.
How to make Potions in Minecraft

What is the brewing process in Minecraft?

When you make potions in Minecraft, it is called brewing. The process is fairly easy.

You are also going to need some specialized equipment and ingredients before you can open up your own brewery. This guide has everything you need to make potions in Minecraft.   

What do you need to brew potions?

When it comes to brewing potions, you will need

Minecraft Brewing Stand ready for brewing

Base ingredients for Minecraft Brewing

The brewing stand is where you will make potions, the glass bottles will store the potions and the blaze powder will serve as the fuel for the brewing stand.

Brewing potions on the brewing stand start with placing one or more of your glass bottles in the bottom slots of the stand, adding the blaze powder to the fuel slot and an ingredient into the upper slot.

Now that you’ve crafted your brewing stand, you can brew potions. All brewing starts with a water bottle and then ingredients are added in to proceed.

Base Ingredients and Modifiers

For potion brewing, we’re going to have a look at the base ingredients that can be added straight into an empty glass bottle and the modifiers that give bonus effects when added to potions.

You are going to need to make a trip to the Nether. This is so you can collect some blaze rods to make blaze powder and some Nether wart from soul sand. Look around the Nether Fortress for Blazes.

Base Ingredients for Brewing potions in Minecraft

A complete list of base ingredients and uses are:

  • Nether Wart: you can make more complex potions with this as a base
  • Redstone Dust: extends potion duration
  • Glowstone Dust: makes potion stronger
  • Fermented Spider Eye: a fermented spider eye potion corrupts a potion effect
  • Gunpowder: used to make a splash potion
  • Dragons Breath: turns a splash potion into a lingering potion

Effect ingredients

Effect ingredients are added into an Awkward potion to cause a particular effect. This does not change the intensity or duration of the potion.

Potion effect ingredients in Minecraft
Potion effect ingredients in Minecraft

  • Magma Cream
  • Glistering Melon Slice
  • Spider Eye
  • Golden Carrot
  • Rabbit's Foot
  • Ghast Tear
  • Blaze Powder
  • Sugar
  • Phantom Membrane
  • Pufferfish

What are Brewing recipes and Base potions?

When you start to make potions in Minecraft, they will all have to start with a base potion. There are three types of base potions that you can make and they come with their own recipes.

Awkward, Mundane and Thick Potions in Minecraft
Awkward PotionsNether WartGlass Bottles of waterBase for more complex potions
Mundane PotionsGlass Bottles of waterFermented Spider EyeGlistering Melon SliceRedstone Dust
Sugar Magma CreamGhast Tear
Rabbit’s Foot
No effect
Thick PotionsGlowstone dustGlass Bottles of waterNo effect

What are Effect potions?

Effect potions are brewed for the specific effects that they can imbue a player with. They start with awkward potions as a base.

There are three types of effect potions: positive effect, negative effect and mixed effect. 

Positive Potions

There are 10 positive effect potions and when consumed by players their effects are beneficial. 

Minecraft Positive Effect Potions
Minecraft Positive Effect Potions

If they are thrown or ingested by hostile mobs they result in a negative outcome.

Potion of Fire ResistanceAwkward PotionMagma CreamImmunity from: fire, magma blocks, lava, campfires and also ranged attacks from blazes.A potion of Fire Resistance will last for 3 minutes and can be extended to 8 minutes
Potion of HealingAwkward PotionGlistering Melon SliceA healing potion will restore health by 4. Can be enhanced to Healing II and restore player health by 8
Potion of InvisibilityAwkward PotionSpider EyeInvisibility potions will hide a player but not their weapons. It will last for 3 minutes and can be extended to 8 minutes.
Potion of LeapingAwkward PotionRabbit’s FootGives a jump boost of half a block more.
Potion will last for 3 minutes, can be extended to 8 minutes and enhanced for another 1 minute and 30 seconds. Enhancing will also give you Jump Boost II which lets you jump over 1 and a quarter blocks of height
Potion of Night VisionAwkward PotionGolden CarrotPotion will let you see everything at the maximum light level, including underwater.
Effects last for 3 minutes and can be extended to 8
Potion of RegenerationAwkward PotionGhast TearGhast tear potion of regeneration will restore 0.5 hearts of health every 2.5 seconds with a duration of 45 seconds.
Can be extended to 2 minutes and enhanced to Regeneration II to restore the same amount of health every 1.2 seconds.
Potion of StrengthAwkward PotionBlaze PowderStrength potion increases melee damage by 3 and lasts for 3 minutes.
Can be extended to 8 minutes and enhanced to do 6 melee damage for 1 minute and 30 seconds.
Potion of SwiftnessAwkward PotionSugarGives increased movement speed, sprinting speed and 20% increase in jumping length. It lasts for 3 minutes, extendable to 8 minutesCan be enhanced to Speed II for the same perks at a 40% increase for 1 minute and 30 seconds.
Potion of Slow FallingAwkward PotionPhantom MembranePotion of slow falling will stop you from taking fall damage and to fall at a slower rate. The effects last for 3 minutes and can be extended to 4 minutes.
Potion of Water BreathingAwkward PotionPufferfishAllows players to breathe underwater. It lasts for 3 minutes and can be extended to 8 minutes.

Negative Potions

Negative effect potions can harm players when consumed, however they do not have any effect on hostile mobs. 

Minecraft Negative Effect Potions

They are brewed with positive effect potions that are corrupted.

Potion of HarmingPotion of HealingFermented Spider EyePotion of harming will do instant damage of 6 when consumed. Can be enhanced to Instant Damage II to deal 12 damage.
Potion of PoisonAwkward PotionFermented Spider EyeEffects last for 45 seconds, extendable to 2 minutes and deplete health by 1 every 1.25 seconds. Enhancing a poison potion to Poison II will do the same amount of damage every 0.4 seconds
Potion of SlownessPotion of Swiftness or Potion of LeapingFermented Spider EyeSlows player to 85% of movement speed for 1 minute and 30 seconds, extendable to 4 minutes. Can be enhanced to Slowness IV which is 40% speed for 20 seconds more.
Potion of WeaknessWater BottleFermented Spider EyeEffects last for 1 minute and 30 seconds, extendable to 4 minutes.Reduces a player's melee attack damage by 4.

Mixed Potions

There is only one Mixed effect potion and effects of its use fall into both the negative and positive side of things. This is the potion of the turtle master.

Turtle Master Potion

A Turtle master potion can be brewed using an awkward potion and a turtle shell. For 20 seconds you will move 60% slower and take 60% less damage. 

Minecraft Turtle Master Potion

You can extend the duration of the potion for 40 more seconds and enhance it for 20 seconds while moving 90% slower and incoming damage being reduced by 80%.

You can decide if the potion of the Turtle master can be counted as a positive or negative effect potion.

What is a Splash potion and Lingering potion?

A splash potion and a lingering potion are two different types of potions that you can brew in Minecraft and they each have different uses.

Splash Potions

If you would like to craft splash potions, you are going to need gunpowder and any potion bottle. Adding the gunpowder to any potion on a brewing stand will make a splash potion.

Minecraft Splash Potion Recipe in Brewing Stand

They can be thrown and the glass bottles shatter on impact and will affect all players or mobs in a radius.

Lingering Potions

A lingering potion is another version of the throwable splash potion, which leaves a lingering area of effect. 

Minecraft Lingering Potion Recipe in Brewing Stand

You can also craft these on a brewing stand, you will need any splash potion and also dragon’s breath (you can get this from the Ender dragon by collecting it’s breath attack).

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