How To Make Automatic Door Minecraft

How To Make Automatic Door Minecraft
How To Make Automatic Door Minecraft

When you have a modern Minecraft build, you will also need modern doors and windows. Automatic doors are a great way to have your builds look more professional. You can use them for security purposes or as a decoration. There are many ways to craft an automatic door in Minecraft. In this step-by-step guide, we will show you how you can do it using a few resources. So, let's get into the topic.

How to make a Redstone Sliding Door Minecraft

Redstone mechanisms seem quite difficult when you are not aware of how to use them. Here we will be using the Redstone mechanism to build a sliding door. This one is one of the most convenient methods as it will open the door automatically due to pressure when you approach it and will close it once you have passed through.  

Step 1: Preparing The Base

In this step, we will set up the Redstone mechanism under the door. To do that you have to dig two blocks deep semi-plus sign and leave one block on two sides of the sign as you can see in the image. 

Preparing The Base

Now fill the base blocks with the Redstone dust in such a way all blocks are interconnected. This will help the upper blocks to move.

Step 2: Cover The Base

To cover the base and connect it to the user mechanism, place one Redstone torches on the both narrow ends of the structure. This will help connecting the upper Redstone mechanism.

Cover The Base

Now place wooden plans on top of each torch. Cover the hole as well with wooden planks. As the wooden plank is a solid block, it will hide all the mechanisms underground.

Cover The Base

Step 3: Upper Mechanism

The upper mechanism consists of sticky pistons, a pressure plate, and glass to make a door. Now place one wooden plate on the Redstone torch and two pistons just above the wooden planks of the narrow end in from of that plank.

Upper Mechanism

Connect the planks to the sticky piston and mechanism below by applying some Redstone dust. Once you connect the whole mechanism, it's time to add the pressure plates. Add two pressure plates in the front of the door and two at the back as shown. 

Upper Mechanism

How to make a Simple Piston Door in Minecraft

This Minecraft automatic door is simple and sleek. This automatic piston door is best for your wooden and stone build.  You can open and close it with a single button. The door is made up of two parts, the upper part, and the lower part. This is best idea for building a secret door.

Step 1: Placing Door

Placing Door

First, you have to build the upper portion of this automatic door. Place 6 blocks of planks side by side (3+3). 

Now place the sticky pistons on their backside in the two center blocks. The wooden door is better than an iron door in our case as iron doors are difficult to move.

Step 2: Door Mechanism

Now place one wool block under the block of the last piston and place one Redstone torch on it. Place another wool block on the top of the torch.

Door Mechanism

You have to cover the pistons with stone bricks. Place a button on the last brick. These brick stones will hide the mechanism and give your door a sleek and beautiful look. 

Door Mechanism

Step 3: Dig the Hole

To make the Redstone door mechanism, dig two blocks long hole under the whole door structure. Here you will connect the pistons with the button. 

Dig the Hole

Step 4: Underground Mechanism

Here place the wool in such a way it connects one side of wool to another side by placing more wool blocks. Place the Redstone duct all over the wool. Connect the button the same way. 

Underground Mechanism

Now connect the button with the piston using the same technique. Redstone on wool will work as a conductor. 

Underground Mechanism

Step 5: Place Pressure Plates

Now it’s time to place the automatic mechanism which is the pressure plates. You will be able to open the door when you step on these pressure plates.

Place Pressure Plates

Connect these pressure plates with other mechanisms using the same wool and Redstone method. 

Step 6: Cover The Hole

Cover The Hole

Finally, cover the whole and all the structure. Your door will automatically open once you step on the pressure plate. You can also use the button to open it from the outside. As it may not allow the mob to enter using a pressure plate.