How To Make An Aquarium In Minecraft

Aquariums filled with water and fish increase the beauty of your build. You can craft this simple aquarium within a few minutes.

How To Make An Aquarium In Minecraft
How To Make An Aquarium In Minecraft

If you have a beautiful Minecraft build, how can you forget to add an Aquarium. Aquariums are of various designs and sizes according to your build. Here we will discuss a simple modern aquarium design so you may be able to craft it easily in survival mode. In this Minecraft tutorial, I will teach you the step-by-step guide on how you can build the aquarium in your neat aquarium room. 

How To Craft Smooth Quartz Aquarium In Minecraft

Smooth quartz are the best blocks to craft this aquarium as they are white and have no reflection. You can use sand blocks too, but it depends on the color combination of your Minecraft home. So, let’s get into the tutorial.

Step 1: Create the Base

You have to create a 6x6 quartz space using the smooth quartz stairs. Once you have placed all the stairs, fill the central empty space with sand blocks to make the aquarium floor. 

Create the Base

Step 2: Crafting the Top

To craft the top or ceiling, you have to place temporary blocks at one corner of the aquarium. This pillar must be 5 blocks high. Once it's done, remove the 4th pillar and replace it with the quartz stair

Crafting the Top

Now 6x6 area of the ceiling by using the same quartz stairs. Place 4 sea lanterns in the center of these stairs. These lanterns will glow the whole aquarium. Fill the sides of these sea lanterns with quartz blocks.

Crafting the Top

Step 3: Make Fish Tank

Making a fish tank is super easy. You will just need a few glass panes to make the fish tank. In the center of the tank on the sand blocks, create a fence of the glass panes. Don't use glass blocks as they won't be able to create perfect reflection. To make a proper tank, extend this wall up to the ceiling near sea lanterns. 

Make Fish Tank

Step 4: Fill the Tank with Water

It is a bit tricky to fill the tank with water. Go on the top of the aquarium, remove the sea lanterns and fill the fish tank with sand blocks. Leave one block on the top. 

Fill the Tank with Water

Now take a water bucket and spill all of it into the tank. Remove the sand and your tank will be filled with water. 

Fill the Tank with Water

Step 5: Make Outer Water Layer

There are two sides to this aquarium, so you can see both reflections in the inner water and fish in the outer water layer. The inner tank requires glass, but this outer layer is without any glass support. 

First, fill the inner line of the base stairs with water using a water bucket. Fill the top stair space in the same way. Now fill the most outer layer of the top stairs to complete the waterfall. Once it is done, remove the inner water layer. It will create a see-through effect.

Make Outer Water Layer

Step 5: Tank Decoration

Tank decoration is a must. Your aquarium will not look complete without any kelp leaves and coral. So jump into the tank from the top and place some kelp vines and coral in the bottom of the tank. 

Tank Decoration

Go to the sea for fishing and catch some fish. Release these fish into the water tank. You can keep tropical fish and other aquatic animals. Cover the tank back with sea lanterns after releasing the fish. Your whole thing is ready to display. This aquarium is another addition to your Minecraft world. 

Tank Decoration