Everything You Need To Know About Tropical Fish Minecraft

Take a look at this article if you want to know more about tropical fish mob in Minecraft!
Everything You Need To Know About Tropical Fish Minecraft

Tropical fish are one of the fish mobs added in the 1.13 Aquatic update way back in 2017. They're a passive and ambient mob that can usually be found in large bodies of water. They are the prettiest fish in Minecraft, with countless types and different styles. So in today's article, we're going to take a look at tropical fish in Minecraft and everything you should know about them.

Where do tropical fish spawn in Minecraft?

Tropical fish spawn underwater mostly in warm oceans, deep lukewarm oceans, and lush caves, or in these exact biomes to be specific:

Tropical Fish Wilderness
  • Mangrove Swamps
  • Lukewarm Ocean Biomes
  • Deep Lukewarm Ocean Biomes
  • Warm Ocean Biomes
  • Lush Caves

In the mentioned above warm oceans, they spawn between Y-level 50 to 63 coordinates, while in lush caves, they spawn at any Y-level. Tropical fish will spawn in groups of 8, in different varieties - they're visually quite distinctive, so you'll have no problem finding them.

Different types of tropical fish in Minecraft

Minecraft tropical fish have 2,700 naturally occurring variants that can randomly spawn throughout the world. For example, tropical fish will spawn 90% of the time as one of the 22 variations you can see in the image down below.

Variations of Tropical Fish

The other 10% of the time, tropical fish will spawn with a completely random design that is created from existing 2 shapes, 6 patterns, 15 base body colors, and 15 pattern colors. This is quite impressive, as it creates 2.700 variations of other tropical fish.

If you're impatient and can't find a fish you want, you can continuously spawn tropical fishes with a spawn egg from creative mode to find the right one!

What do tropical fish drop in Minecraft?

Tropical fish in Minecraft is a mob that doesn't have any good drops the player can benefit from, so they're quite useless if you want to kill them.

Here's what they exactly drop:

  • Tropical fish
  • Bone Meal
  • XP orbs

You can't benefit from these items in any way possible, so it's better to just let them live unless you find it fun to kill them. Fish farms in Minecraft are not worth it most of the time.

How to get a tropical fish item from Minecraft tropical fish?

To get the tropical fish item, you will need to find a group of them somewhere in the warm or lukewarm ocean biomes, lush caves, or mangrove swamps. Then just swim up to them and kill them either with your hands or a weapon. One will instantly die with a 100% chance of dropping a tropical fish item. You can also catch them with a fishing rod if you can't find any near you.

How to get a bone meal from Minecraft tropical fish?

If you want to get a bone meal from a tropical fish in Minecraft, you'll need to find one or more of them in the biomes they spawn in. Come close to the fish and kill it with whatever you have in your hand. In Java Edition, one will have a 5% chance to drop 1 bone meal, while in Bedrock Edition, a tropical fish has a 25% chance to drop 1-2 bones.

How to get experience points from Minecraft tropical fish?

To get experience points from a Minecraft tropical fish, you'll need to kill it in one of the biomes they spawn in. You can do that pretty easily as they will not run away and have one and a half hearts. One tropical fish will drop somewhere from 1-3 experience points, which is really low.

How to breed Minecraft tropical fish?

Unfortunately, you're not able to breed tropical fish in Minecraft. You can't even tame them with any of the items in the game. The reason behind that is logical you can't tame fish with food and make them follow you in real life.

How to transport a Minecraft tropical fish?

If you found a pretty variation of a tropical fish and want to keep it somewhere safe in an aquarium or a special room, you can do that without any problems. All you need to do is closely follow this guide, and you'll be ready to go:

Tropical Fish Water Bucket
  1. Craft an iron bucket
  2. Fill the bucket with water
  3. Put the bucket in your hand
  4. Come near the tropical fish you want to take
  5. Right-click the tropical fish with the water bucket

Now you can carry the fish in your inventory wherever you want! And you can even rename the water bucket in an anvil to give a special name to the fish placed inside.

This will also give you the Marine Biologist achievement if you're playing on PS4 and Tactical Fishing if you're playing on any other version - you can also get them with any other fish.

Are Minecraft tropical fish hostile?

Minecraft tropical fish isn't hostile at all. They're solely passive/ambient mobs that can't harm the player in any way. Tropical fish are just like squids, meaning they can't harm the player like pufferfish can.

More Minecraft tropical fish fun facts

  • Fish mobs were first jokingly teased way back in a fake snapshot from 2012.
  • The tropical fish item was called Clownfish back in the day.
  • Axolotls in Minecraft can be bred with buckets of tropical fish.

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