The Top 25 Minecraft Skins in Minecraft

We included a link on every presented skin so you can easily import him into your Minecraft.

Beforehand, Minecraft Steve is, by far, the most popular avatar choice for players in Minecraft. And, truth be told, most of us probably played as the default skin for way longer than any of us would like to admit. 

1. Minecraft Steve 

What can we say about the iconic Minecraft Steve that hasn’t already been said? He’s literally the face of Minecraft and that’s a spot he’s held since the very beginning. A solid choice by any standard, he’s also the default setting. 

2. Minecraft Eve

Actually, we have no idea what her name is or what the official name of any of these skins are aside from Steve but we thought this moniker fit since it rhymed with the aforementioned Minecraft mascot. Eve has a Tomb Raider-esque appearance around her but more Laura Dern in Jurassic Park than Lara Croft.

3. Face Chest

Made for the green screen, this white smiley face upon a neon green body suit is a strange choice for the third-most-popular skin but we can see why. It’s unique, it has its own charms, and it’s creepy/cute enough to intimidate players on an open server. 

4. Chic Sheikh

The sheikh looks prepared to wander the vast deserts and mesas of Minecraft. We could imagine this guy as the ruler of some kind of desert oasis or maybe as a world explorer and archaeologist.  

5. Shadow Man

Well, this guy certainly wins points for being creepy as hell. Beady red eyes and a blacked-out body are sure to unsettle players but the ear-to-ear grin is a tad over the top. Still, for Minecraft this is some pretty wild stuff.

6. Film Noir

This guy looks like Superman from the old black-and-white films back in the day. That’s to say he kind of has a DC Comics silver age superhero look about him. Decked out in all blacks, whites, and grays, this avatar is also a tad on the mysterious side. 

7. Fashionable Edgelord 

Rocking a white hoodie with thrashed black jeans, the edgelord is taking time away from flaming Internet wars to build some stuff in Minecraft. 

8. Batman

So, do we need to explain who Batman is? Bruce Wayne’s alter ego and the superhero noted for having no actual super powers aside from a gigantic bank account (as well as martial arts skills second to none), Batman is the champion of Gotham City and the avatar of vigilante justice when he’s not farming in Minecraft. 

9. Pig King

Regal, elegant, and imperial, the Pig King was born to rule over his own Minecraft kingdom. Honestly, this skin is awesomely detailed and really fun. If you’re looking for something unique, this does a good job. 

10. Twitch Gamer

The Fashionable Edgelord’s online friend, the Twitch Gamer gets her jeans from the same place as he does but the Rachel from Blade Runner top with pseudo-gray bonnet gives her a somewhat anime/manga hostess vibe. 

11. Minecraft Steve Alt

So, we can’t tell if he’s smiling or if that’s a goatee but this is an alternative version of the classic Minecraft Steve that will at least get you credit for changing the default skin to something slightly different. 

12. Link

While we are tempted to cause a bonfire in the comments and call this skin “Zelda,” we’re going to play nice. Plus, we’ve got our credibility on the line. Link looks right at home in the Minecraft universe and, equipped with full diamond armor, he’d be the perfect avatar to take on a long adventure all the way until the end. 

13. Drooling Minecraft Steve

Minecraft Steve is back, this time with a drooling maw and droopy eyes. 

14. Chicken Hoodie

This guy’s wearing a blue chicken hoodie. He also shops with the Edgelord and Twitch Gamer but he wants navy torn jeans instead of goth black. We don’t know why this guy is so popular but he’s far from offensive.

15. Muscle Beach Speedo Man

Built like a brick house and wearing about as much clothing, the Muscle Beach Speedo Man isn’t afraid to let it all hang out. 

16. Sleepwalking Polar Bear Pajama Girl

Everything probably seems like a dream to this skin because she’s always asleep. At least she’s comfy in her polar bear pajamas. 

17. Neon Tron Creeper Face

Combine the aesthetic of Tron with the Creeper’s face and you get this skin. A really cool, futuristic take on Minecraft skins if you want our opinion. We like it. 

18. RGB Prism

A black body with red-green-and-blue tessellations adorning it is certainly unique. It probably looks crazy when viewed from the third-person perspective when you’re walking around. Otherwise, it’s a fairly mysterious look.  

19. Herobrine

Back in the early days of Minecraft, there was a version of Minecraft Steve with Magneto eyes known as Herobrine. He was supposedly the evil doppelganger of our beloved icon. Finding him and encountering him in game became one of those “things” in gaming. Of course, it’s all about as real as Slenderman but the look is scary. Amazing how one small change can switch up the look of a skin from something iconic and friendly to unsettling. 

20. Bear Suit

Is it a bear? Is it a man or woman in a bear suit? Who knows, no one cares, but it’s certainly cute. If you want to blend in with the wildlife in Minecraft while never fooling the skeletons and creepers for even a second, the Bear Suit will have you reenacting your favorite BBC wildlife videos in a fantasy world in no time. 

21. Pastel Block

This skin looks like the old color tests that broadcasts had to use back in the early days of television. If you want to run around like an box with less personality, here you go. 

22. Purple-Eyed Shadow

The first shadow avatar is beyond creepy. This one is cool. We can’t tell whether he’s supposed to be some kind of ninja, assassin, or a D-Squad member of The Avengers but he’s certainly cool. 

23. Face Chest Variant 

We can’t tell what’s the difference between this one and number 3 but there must be some reason it is the 23rd most popular skin on 

24. All Shade

Completely black, like the night and as a living shadow. This skin probably didn’t take a long time to design, we’ll admit, but it’s in the top 25 most popular skins so we’ll say the time spent was well worth it. The only problem is that it is so lacking in detail that other players might just think it is a glitch instead of an actual conscious aesthetic decision on the part of the player.  

25. Builder Bob

Topped with a yellow hard hat, this guy is ready to build some stuff. Or maybe just farm bread and try to survive through the cold night. This is not only one of the more detailed skins on this list, but it is also not trying very hard to be something ridiculous.  

There are almost as many different Minecraft skins out there as there are characters and archetypes you could use to make them. Even so, the most popular tend to stick to some pretty tried-and-true formats. 

We hope that this list of the most popular minecraft skins inspires you to go on ahead and finally ditch the default avatar or maybe change up your current custom look.

We scrapped the most used minecraft skins on skin websites like NameMC to give you a data driven list of the most popular Minecraft Skins.