How to get, make, edit and change a minecraft skin

Being able to customize your skin is one of the best features in Minecraft, This feature has been updated, allowing for an extra “clothing” layer on top of the standard Minecraft character layer. Minecraft’s character customization allows players to either download or create a Minecraft skin that is unique to only them!This article will go over some of the ways to either create or find a Minecraft skin that is perfect for your character, ranging from having someone create the skin for you to using a skin already created by someone else to even creating the skin yourself.

How To Create Your Own Minecraft Skin

Creating a Minecraft skin isn’t as hard, but to get a very complex and beautiful Minecraft skin, many can either use a Minecraft Skin editor or a photo editor that can create your Minecraft skin.

Using Photoshop or Gimp to create Minecraft Skins

Both Photoshop and Gimp are Photo editors that can be used to create your next Minecraft skin. Adobe Photoshop is a commonly used software, but requires a subscription service while GIMP is a free alternative to Adobe Photoshop.Photoshop is provided by Adobe and has a large number of features that many skin creators will find to be amazing when compared to some freeware photo editors.Photoshop and Gimp are common photo editors, but different photo editors can create personalized skins to set you apart from other Minecraft players. If users want to create incredible and customized skins, then this way of creating the skin will most likely take a long amount of time when compared to other ways, which may take less time when compared.The best way to create a Minecraft skin using these photo editors is to download a Minecraft skin template, which then outlines the skin. Currently there are two templates, one for the classic Steve and another for the newer slim Alex skin. Both of these skins are available on’s website, there is also a link for it here.This outline showcases were to put the skin and where the extra “clothing” layer is.This skin template makes it knowing where the head and body of the Minecraft skin are with ease. Skin templates are easily available online. These templates range from just being an outline to having a basic skin that allows users to focus their attention on the more personalization aspects of character customization.Another tool that Minecraft skin creators use is to download a skin created by another skin creator and adapt that to their specific style.

Paying for a Minecraft Skin

If a player doesn’t want to create the skin themselves, then they can pay freelancers, or pay for a Fiverr job which allows them to send over just what the creator wants as their skin instead of having to create the skin themselves.The cost to higher a Minecraft skin creator ranges from just five dollars all the way up to twenty dollars.

1st Fiverr Job -- Minimum Cost for New skin $10

This Fiverr job has the basic tier, which only costs $5 dollars, but instead of creating a new skin entirely for you, parakdraw will instead add shading to an existing Minecraft skin. This will require buyers to submit a PNG file of their skin when purchasing the basic tier to this Fiverr job. The standard tier costs $10 but allows you to order a brand new skin!

2nd Fiverr Job -- Minimum Cost for New skin $5

Another Fiverr job that could be the next choice for the creator of your skin is this Fiverr skin which has been listed by ms_Desgins29. The basic tier for this Fiverr job is still priced at just $5, but this listing will have ms_designs29, creating a completely personal skin that is unique to just you. The Standard tier costs $20 while allowing ms_designs29 to create two skins while the Premium tier is priced at $15, which allows users to receive up to three different skins.Hiring someone to create your Minecraft skin not only saves you time, as you are not taking hours to create the ideal skin for you, the downside to having someone else create your skin is the price tag that comes with that.The ease of ordering your new Minecraft skin, That you’ll be using for years, greatly offsets the initial price. The ease of ordering is as easy as just clicking the order button and describing the skin that you want, preferably with a reference image.The best two methods to create your ideal Minecraft skin is if you have Photoshop or GIMP to spend the long time required to create precisely the skin that you want for your Minecraft character. This method allows you to easily and without having to pay anyone to edit your skin or make changes on it, like adding new clothes or changing the overall color of a layer.

Places to Find the Best Minecraft skins

Minecraft skins are available through a large number of websites, some even make list articles ranking specific styles of skins.Finding lists ranking the best Minecraft skins aren’t hard to find, we’ve made lists ranging from best anime Minecraft skins to the best Minecraft skins for boys/girls. Go check those lists out to get inspired for your new Minecraft skin creation!

Our Lists on Minecraft Skins

Our lists focus on a range of different skins, while there are websites that rank skins from most popular to the least popular. This means that the front page of these specific websites may not feature the Minecraft skin that you want to find. Instead, you’ll need to search or look on the Global Gaming Minecraft tab to look at some of the best Minecraft skins available online.We’ve covered a variety of different skins like:

  • 50 Best Minecraft Black Skins
  • 50 Best Minecraft Anime Skins
  • 50 Best Minecraft Boy Skins
  • 50 Best Minecraft Blue Skins
  • 50 Best Minecraft Girl Skins
  • 50 Best Minecraft Green Skins
  • 50 Best Minecraft White Skins
  • 101 Best Minecraft Skins

These lists offer a large selection of skins and if you want a perfect way to get inspired for your new skin then go check out some of these articles!

Other Websites

New Minecraft skins are constantly being created in either a simple Minecraft skin creator or through Photoshop, but many Minecraft creators post their fantastic creation on a variety of different websites including the Minecraft subreddit and various websites that may also come packaged with a Skin editor.Some examples of the talented skin creators include Momu and PaladarZNG_XX2 from PlanetMinecraft, who regularly post news skins which feature a large amount of detail and shading work!

Best Website to Get Inspiration for Your Future Skin

There are many websites that offer a large number of skins and are able to be downloaded with ease.

Minecraft Skins Subreddit

One specific website that may be the best choice to look at for the most inventive skin is the Minecraft Skin Subreddit, a lively and active community that allows many to look at the new skins others have created and get inspired from them!In the subreddit, you may want to sort through top which would show you the most popular skins that have been uploaded. This will offer the best skins to get the most inspiration from!

Best Websites for Inspirations

The Minecraft skins subreddit is an option to get inspired by large numbers of Minecraft skin websites, these websites include and Both of these websites offer many skins for download and even offer the ability to edit these skins and change them to fit in your style.

PlanetMinecraft features a good design. After clicking the skins tab, users can scroll down the website to look at all the user-generated skins designed to look fantastic and be incredibly detailed.

Since there are a large amount of Websites that have ranked skins, searching the skin type you want may offer interesting and inspiring options.The best place to find new and inventive Minecraft skin is completely dependent on what type of skin you are looking for, but the places listed above may just be the perfect starting point!

How To Download Minecraft Skins and Where to Download Your Minecraft Skin

What is the benefit of downloading the skin versus just applying it right to your character?The main advantage of downloading the skin is the ability to change it using photo editors, like Photoshop, GIMP, and Microsoft Paint. This ability to change the downloaded file allows for easy customization of the skin and even the ability to apply the skin to your character whenever you feel the need to.

First Website:

The first website is, The easiest way to download a Minecraft skin is to click on the skin tab which will take you to the skins section of the website rather than the homepage. After that, you can scroll through the uploaded skins to find one that fits your style.Then clicking on the desired skin will showcase each side of the skin as well as an animation of the character running to show how the body will look in motion.On that page, there are three buttons which all do different things, the first button is “Change My Minecraft Skin” which instead of downloading your skin, the selected skin will replace your current skin.Below that button, The middle button says “Download Minecraft Skin” after clicking this, and a new tab will open and download the skin to your desired locations. The bottom button is called “PaperCraft it” this is a unique feature to PlanetMinecraft, this gives the users a way to print out the skin to have their skin in real life.

Second Website:

Another fantastic website to look at for inspiration is, which immediately has you looking at the new and inventive skins that have been uploaded by users that want to show off their fantastic creations.After clicking on the skin that you want to download, you’ll be taken to a way to view the skin on a model with a customizable background.This website has a button for just changing your current skin into this new design, and the second button is called download, which allows you to download the skin to your locale device. The third button adds the skin to your wardrobe allowing you to easily find the skin when going back to the website, the final button is called edit skin, this allows users to edit the skin using the MinecraftSkins’s skin editor.

Final Website:

The final website that will be explored is called Miners need cool shoes; this website opens up to skin editor immediately, but below the skin editor there are three different rows which are good skins to download. The top bar is labeled Most popular, the middle bar is called random picks and the bottom is the most recently uploaded skins. After clicking on one of the skins, the new screen will have the model spinning to show the various sides of the skin. Below the skin, there are three different options, and the first option is labeled Edit the Skin which reopens the skin editor, the second option is Change Minecraft.Net Skin, which changes your skin to the selected skin and the final button is called Download To Computer, which downloads the skin to your local device.These three websites all offer not only a way to download the skin but also a large number of skins and active communities which are, seemingly, constantly uploading new and inventive skins which are unique to the specific websites and these skins are also easily available for download and applying to your new skins.

The Best Minecraft Skin Creator/Editor

One of the best Minecraft skin editors is the Nova Skin editor, and this skin editor offers the ability to look up the skin quickly and efficiently means that you won’t have to save your skin after editing it; instead, users can look up their in-game skin and edit from there. This way allows users to load their skin either as a base or an overlay to your current skin, allowing almost anyone to change their skin with ease.

Nova Skin Editor

The Nova Skin editor offers the largest number of features when compared to many other skin editors, but the downside to this skin editor is that it features a very cramped layout. Everything from the dual topbar design and the side panel is feature-rich with little-to-no space spared. Some of the fantastic features include a wear tab, which allows users to easily add new clothes to their skin in the form of layers.This tab is a significant feature that many skin creators should find as a time saver. If you’re looking to add a varsity jacket to a Minecraft skin, it is as simple as clicking a button and removing it also very easy as making the layer with the jacket invisible.The fact that this skin editor has more than just a single skin for the main skin means much more customizability overall.Another feature that these layers have is the layer color shift option, which allows users to easily shift the color of the pixels in the layer without completely re-drawing them. Making this perfect for users that like having a large number of skins with the same design but different overall colors.If you want to visualize the skin in a Minecraft environment, then the background tab might be a perfect way to change the skin to show the right environment for the skin.This skin editor allows you to apply the skin from the editor, removing the need to download the skin and then head to to apply the skin to your character.

Planet Minecraft Skin Editor

The Planet Minecraft Advanced Skin editor is an excellent alternative to the Nova Skin editor. This skin editor has a better menu style when compared to the Nova Skin editor but has fewer features when compared. The Planet Minecraft Advanced Skin editor doesn’t feature the ability to change the background that skin is in; instead, the skin is stuck in a flat grass block and a simple blue sky. This makes it, so the skin looks like its in a Minecraft world but not enough in Minecraft world to really feel like a part of it.The pros of the Planet Minecraft Advanced Skin editor are the easy user interface/menus allowing new users to learn the layout without feeling cramped easily. The brush menu is fantastic, allowing users to easily and efficiently pick the exact color they want from the color wheel. In addition to the color wheel, the brush menu also features an opacity meter, allowing for “lighter” coloring and even more options when exploring!One feature that is unique to this skin editor is the ability to not only look at either the 3D applied version of the skin, but also the 2D version at the same time! This combined view shows the user what they are changing on the 2D version at any moment and in what section each part is.The lack of this feature means that users will have to look elsewhere to download a skin that they want to download if they were playing on a multiplayer server.

Miners Need Cool Shoes

The Miners Need Cool Shoes may not seem like a Minecraft skin editor, but it may be one of the oldest skin editors currently available for Minecraft. This skin editor doesn’t offer a way to change the background from the default grid background. But even with the standard background, the brush color option does seem a bit different from conventional color wheels by having four different bars that all change the color fairly significantly from the black level, the white level, and the overall color itself.One perk of this skin editor of using Miners Need Cool Shoes is the fact that they have a large number of skins to load into the editor easily and edit to fit your style and preference. Sadly, this skin editor doesn’t offer the ability to easily apply this skin to your Minecraft character meaning users will have to download the skin then apply it through this skin editor, we are able to download a skin just by knowing the username of that Minecraft player. This ability is incredibly important for Minecraft skin creators who may want to change skin that they were only able to see on a character while playing Minecraft. Although This skin editor still required the user to manually may any overlay changes as when you pick a new Minecraft skin, you cannot combine them with an easy of a button.

How to Upload a skin into Minecraft

With the recent updates to Minecraft, there are numerous ways to upload your custom skins to Minecraft. Some of these ways include the Minecraft Launcher,, and even the skin editors that have been listed above.

Minecraft Launcher

Opening the Minecraft launcher features a way to change your skin. The top bar features play, installations, Skins, and patch notes. The skins tab opens up a new window that features your current skin and the standard Alex and Steve skins with the ability to add new skins. After clicking add new skin, a menu will open up new screen.This screen has features the ability to name the skin, allows you to select either the Alex model or the standard Steve model, the Alex model feature slimmer arms and legs as when compared to the standard blocky Steve model.The next option is the Skin File with the button Browse, and this opens a way to open the PNG file of the skin. The last option is the ability to add a cape to your skin, which none of the other way features.

Skin Editors

Most Minecraft skin editors feature a way to apply your skin to your character easily. This usually comes in the form of either an “Apply” button or as an “Upload to” These easy to use buttons allow nearly anyone to update the skin without any kind of technical information.In the Nova Skin editor on the top bar of the website, there is a button called Apply, this button featuring the standard Minecraft Grass block. This signifies just how this skin editor applies the skin to your character.The other two skin editors on this list don’t feature the ability to apply your new skin to your Minecraft skin editor easily.

Minecraft.Net Website

Going to Minecraft.Net, users can manually change their skin by logging into their Mojang account. This initially opens up to the profile tab, this tab showcases the email, date of birth listed on the account. This tab showcases all of your information, so keep it hidden, and the second tab is the Skin tab, which allows users to change the model and the skin with ease.The other tabs on the website are the realms and billing info, these tabs don’t change your skin, and while the Minecraft launcher features the ability to change your cape, doesn’t have the ability to change your equipped cape.


Sadly, the Bedrock edition of Minecraft doesn’t feature the ability to download or upload your current skin, on certain consoles. This is due to the fact that Minecraft Bedrock edition has a marketplace that sells Skin packs and even features skin packs that have been created by Mojang Studios.

How to Change Your Minecraft Skins

Changing a Minecraft skin is one of the main features that Minecraft players enjoy.

On Desktop

  1. For the Desktop version, you’ll need to either download a skin or have your skin on your desktop.
  2. If you don’t have Minecraft skin, then going to a website like and selecting your skin.
  3. Then clicking the download button will allow you to download the skin after downloading this skin, heading to
  4. At, there is the menu button in the top-right corner, which will then create a dropdown menu.
  5. This dropdown menu has the profile option located at the top of the menu, and clicking this button will take you to the Minecraft Skin page if you are logged in.
  6. If you aren’t logged in, you’ll need to log in before attempting to change your skin. You’ll be taken to the same web page listed above.
  7. where you can easily hit the browse button and change your skin to the newly downloaded skin.
  8. After selecting your skin, Make sure to clock the save and upload button to ensure that your character’s avatar will change accordingly.
Minecraft PE
  1. Minecraft PE handles changing the skin differently when compared to the desktop or console versions of the game.
  2. Like the desktop version, you’ll need to either download a skin or have your skin on your desktop.
  3. If you don’t have Minecraft skin, then going to a website like and selecting your skin.
  4. Then clicking the download button will allow you to download the skin.
  5. After downloading the skin, you’ll need to reopen the Minecraft game, and on the main title screen, there is a way to both sign-in as well as to change the skin of your character.
  6. Clicking the coat hanger button on the lower right side of the screen will open up the skin screen menu.
  7. On this screen, you can see the default Alex and Steve skins while right next to them, there is a blank spot.
  8. Clicking that blank skin will open the ability to click the button in the custom window.
  9. This will open the file explorer for your phone, where you should go to select the Minecraft skin you want to be applied to your character.
  10. After that, a new window will open, showing two versions of your model, one using the Alex, the slimmer, model, and the other using the standard Minecraft Steve model, which is significantly larger and blockier overall.
  11. After selecting the model, you’ll be taken back to the original skins screen, and here you can decide to confirm the new skin or to buy one the skin packs available to you.

Console Editions

  1. Some console editions of the game don’t allow the usage of custom skins instead, forcing players to buy skin packs that offer a number of skins.
  2. To apply these skin packs, Go to the title screen and head to the help & options button on that screen.
  3. After clicking the help & options tab, the first option on the new screen will be change skin, and then that will take you to another new screen. This screen will showcase all the skins available on that version of Minecraft.
  4. Then going through the list will allow you to look for a good skin for your character
  5. After selecting the skin you want, you may need to purchase that skin pack to get the skin you want.
  6. Skin packs aren’t incredibly pricy being usually within a three to four dollar price tag
  7. After choosing your delisted skin you’ll need to set the selected skin by pressing A or X.


Customization of the world and of your Minecraft skin is a feature that is highly desirable and offers almost infinite replayability to the game of Minecraft. There are many ways to create the skins and even more ways to change your player’s skin to a skin that has been created by Mojang Studios.