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7 Best Minecraft Kitchen Ideas

If you want to decorate your newly built Minecraft house with a kitchen, but you are out of ideas, then this article is the perfect choice for you.
7 Best Minecraft Kitchen Ideas

Are you looking for ways to decorate your kitchen in Minecraft? Are you running out of ideas, or does your build not look how you wanted it to be? Then, you came to the right place, as here we will show you the five best Minecraft kitchen ideas you can replicate without a problem.

These kitchen ideas are easy to make. They are small and compact, yet they can bring a nice aesthetic to your base or house. At least one of these Minecraft kitchen design ideas will fascinate you or inspire you to build something similar by yourself. 


Regular Kitchen

This Minecraft kitchen idea will fit the majority of houses or bases. In addition, it has a pretty neutral theme which can go along with any building style.

It features a lot of shelves, which have barrels attached to them. That’s a great place for storing your food, as the barrels can fit a lot of stuff inside them, and there is also a place for a furnace or a smoker which can cook food.

One of the most notable things is extinguished campfires, which act as shelves on which you can leave raw food.

This kitchen design overall looks comfortable and cozy. It will fit your house without a problem, as it’s also very customizable. In addition, it’s cheap to make and requires a small amount of effort.


Desert Kitchen

If you set your base in one of the desert biomes, this Minecraft kitchen idea is the perfect choice for you. It goes perfectly along with the Desert and Mesa biome.

This is one of the Minecraft kitchen ideas with a flexible design, where you can decide which blocks you want to use without damaging the design. This kitchen idea goes perfectly with regular sandstone blocks and red sandstone blocks.

You can use one or the other, or maybe even both types of blocks, to design your kitchen. The design features glowstone blocks as a source of lights. It has a working stove and fridge, and you can decorate it with the paintings of your liking.

The design is pretty simple and cheap. It will cost you little to nothing to bring it to life. We would suggest you build this if you are living in the desert, mesa, or even in the savanna.


Aquatic Kitchen

If you ever wanted a unique kitchen down in your underwater base, this is the perfect one for you. It’s an aquatic kitchen that matches the theme of the Ocean Temple.

This Minecraft kitchen idea is made of different variations of prismarine blocks. It’s filled with plenty of ocean-themed details and decorations that make it stand out from the rest of the kitchens on this list. It has many corals, sea pickles, and even warped wood from the new Nether biome.

The kitchen floor is an aquarium, with plenty of fish swimming along the corals taken straight from the ocean.

It has significantly less space than the previous kitchen. But it still has a few barrels where you can fit your necessities. It also has enough space for a smoker or a furnace.

It’s not that difficult to make. Just the process of obtaining the materials can be hard since you need to go all the way down to the Ocean Temple.


Functional Kitchen

This Minecraft kitchen idea will amaze you, as it’s not put on this spot because of its looks but because of its functionality and the fact that it works like a real-life kitchen.

It’s one of the modern kitchen ideas with an interesting twist. This kitchen has a working fridge, where you can store your food, a working microwave, and a stove, which can cook food for you.

The design itself is not that practical, as it requires some basic Redstone knowledge, and the Redstone can take a lot of space, so it’s not that customizable.

It’s a fun, cheap kitchen idea that doesn’t require too much effort, but still, you can use it to amaze your friends.


Medieval Kitchen

If you have built a castle or a large medieval house, and you don’t know what you will do with all of that space, this Minecraft kitchen idea is perfect for you.

It’s made to replicate the old medieval style of building. The most prominent blocks within it are wood, cobblestone, and stone bricks. It’s cheap and easy to build, but it features a few demanding decorations like players and zombie skulls.

Other than that, it can fit plenty of furnaces and even a large amount of barrels where you can store your food.

This kitchen idea is a small and cozy build, which is customizable. Therefore, it would be a nice detail for your medieval home.


Nether Kitchen

If your Nether base is feeling a little bit empty, perhaps this is one of the Minecraft kitchen ideas you should consider trying out. It’s a Nether style kitchen, which will perfectly fit any Nether structure.

It’s mostly made out of Crimson and Warped planks - a new type of wood exclusive to Nether, which got introduced in the 1.16 Minecraft update. There is also a presence of Blackstone variants that add up to the Nether ambiance.

You can use the soul lanterns or glowstone to light up the room. There is enough place for actual furnaces or smokers, as well enough room for extra storage if needed. It also has enough space for a brewing stand native to the Nether.

This design is very customizable. There is plenty of space for extra details that can spice up the entire atmosphere, so it looks like something you can actually find in Nether. In addition, the dark colors of new planks are beautifully learned together.


Modern Kitchen

If you want to decorate your newly built house with a nice modern kitchen, then this Minecraft kitchen idea is for you. It's one of the best Minecraft kitchen ideas on this list.

It’s made to fit with Minecraft's modern building style, featuring mostly white and grey colors. This kitchen idea is mostly meant to be made in creative mode, as some materials can’t be obtained in survival Minecraft.

But you can always use a wide variety of substitutes that will replace the original materials with something nice. For example, this kitchen idea features bedrock and custom player skulls, which you can’t get legitimately in Minecraft.

For cabinets, it uses custom banners, which are beautiful and functional. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have any real furnaces too. This kitchen idea is mostly meant to be aesthetically pleasing rather than a useful build.

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