How To Make Prismarine Bricks In Minecraft

Prismarine bricks go well with any build made from Prismarine. Here is a guide on how to craft them with ease, so you can add details to your build.
How To Make Prismarine Bricks In Minecraft

Everything you Need To Make Prismarine Bricks

To obtain one prismarine brick you need to place the 9 prismarine shards in a 3x3 grid of the crafting table. Afterward, a new prismarine brick block should appear on the right slot of the crafting table. Then just drag it to the inventory.

Everything you need

  • 9x Prismarine Shard
  • 1x Crafting table 

Not detailed enough, no worries let us break down the process in simple steps.

How to Craft a Prismarine Bricks


Open the crafting table

First place the crafting table then right-click on it and a 3x3 grid should open as shown in the image.

Make sure you have at least 9 prismarine shards for it to work. In case you are low on shards, you can collect them by killing any mobs that spawn in the ocean monument guardian or elder guardian. Shards can also be found in some buried treasure chests.


Add Prismarine shards into a crafting table

In the next step place one prismarine shard in each slot of the crafting table unless no slot is empty as shown in the image.

The desired result will not be achieved if any slots are missed.


Move Prismarine bricks into the inventory

Finally, a prismarine brick should appear in the right single slot of the crafting table. After that, all you need to do is to drag and drop it into the inventory. For more blocks just increase the number of shards in the crafting table.

What is the give command to get a prismarine Bricks?

You can also get them by using this command: /give @p prismarine_bricks 1.

We hope this guide was useful. For more crafting recipes like prismarine and prismarine brick-slab explore our site.

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