Best 50 Girl Skins in Minecraft

Minecraft is a global phenomenon which is currently only increasing in popularity, this is due to the game allowing players to build and craft virtually anything that their heart’s desire. One interesting feature is the ability to set your Minecraft player to whatever skin that you want. This allows players to differentiate between boys and girls and each other very quickly and efficiently.This list will showcase fifty of the best Minecraft skins for girls, this list showcases skins that range from user designed skins that offer a unique design to user recreated skins.Recommended: How to easily put an image onto a minecraft skin.

F A D I N G - Collab with GinDaDestroyer

The skin called FADING was created by Ziarex in a collaboration between her and GinDaDestroyer and this is showcased by the split design. One side of the skin features a blond hair girl with white sneakers and a light blue shirt while the other features a darker design with a much more somber tone that showcases the two skin creator’s style perfectly!

Nova Suit Girl

The Nova Suit Girl skin is a perfect choice for the Modern Combat Five player that wants to bring a bit of the shooting game to the wonderful world of Minecraft! This Minecraft skin is ideal for the girl that wants to show that she plays Modern Combat Five.

Pretty Lil Warrior

The Pretty Lil Warrior is a Minecraft skin that gives you the appearance as if you are wearing Diamond armor allowing you to fool other players in a quick fight. With this skin you’ll have players with iron armor and iron weapons. The girl underneath the armour has lilac eyes and purple hair.

Medieval Girl

The Medieval girl skin is a perfect skin for a medieval roleplaying server, The clothes are designed with a red over cloth, black and white dress. This skin is perfect for a barmaid in a medieval server or mod pack.

Ice Wedding Girl Skin

The Ice Wedding Girl Skin makes it seem like even in the hottest situation, the skin would cool, calm and collected. The Ice blue hair and the ice blue eyes shows just how cold this skin could keep you! The longer blue hair has a bow in the back which looks fantastic.

Very Sunburnt Girl

Owwww. She may have spent just a bit too much time out in the sun!This skin looks like it hurts from the reddened skin and what looks to be a distressed look on her face due to the large amount of sunburn that she has… Can somebody get her some SunBlock or Aloe! PLEASE!

TikTok Girl

The TikTok Girl skin showcases TikTok’s main colors and TikTok’s logo on full display. Logo is displayed on the front of the shirt while the back of the shirt showcases the heart which players used to like the TikTok currently playing. This skin also has ripped jeans and the color of the hair has blue and red hair.

Zombie Girl

This Zombie Girl skin showcases a completely original design with a green hair color and greyed out eyes. This skin features a white shirt and a black pant design and a high white boot. The boots feature a white overall color with a black laces.

Original Zombie Girl Skin

This Zombie Girls skin features a discolored skin, showing this zombie girl skin is closer to a decomposing corpse when looking closer to the previous skin. The detail shown in the skin is perfect, the varying colors shown in the skin and the clothes shows the excessive detail that the skin creator went through to create this skin.

Demon Girl

Ahh! A Demon is what your enemies will be saying when they look at this skin while fighting you. The Skull showcased on the front of the skin with the red eye shows just how demonic this skin truly is. Besides the skull, this skin features a blue hair that gradients out to a lighter teal color.

Vintage Skin

The Vintage girl skin is not only highly detailed but also looks fantastic. The differences in color shows a significant amount of textures in all parts of this skin. The overalls that are shown in the skin showcases the body design of the skin itself.

Yin Yang Skin

Balance is Key, Balance is important as shown in the Yin Yang Symbol showcasing both light and darkness. This skin has a split design to showcase that in every darkness there is a bit of light and in every light there is a bit of darkness. The inverted colors show the Yin Yang design.

Fallen Angel

The Dark Angel which has black wings, this skin has a fallen angel with brown hair and a clothing overall. This skin features soulless black eyes which makes the wings on the back of the Minecraft skins. The skin features a lot of shading on throughout the skins, including the skin, clothes, hair, and even the wings!

Dragon Girl

RAWRRR! Watch out here comes a Dragon ready to breathe hot fire at us!Oh wait.. No, that's the Dragon girl skin! She may look ferocious but she is ready to slay another dragon! ( How do you think she got the dragon on her back anyway?

Angel Skin

If a fallen angel is too dark for you? Then this Angel is the perfect choice, the lighter coloring and golden coloring. The wings showcased on this skin is fully white and while you can’t fly away with them, they still look fantastic!

Flame Angel

A more destructive angel featuring a fiery color scheme with the flame wings that differentiate substantially Angel and Fallen Angel. The fire going up the arms of the skins showcases the flame design which is very unique when considering other flame-inspired skins on this list

Fairy Skin

If an Angel doesn’t seem appealing then maybe this fantastic Fairy skin will! This skin is complete with the fairy wings and the headband of flowers! Sadly, unlike tinkerbell this fairy won’t allow you to fly but you’ll look like you can! The flower design on the shirt looks fantastic!

Ender Girl

The Ender Girl skin features a blond haired very green eyed girl that has an Ender Pearl hoodie on. While making this your minecraft skin won’t help you to teleport in any way it still is a great skin that has some fantastic detail work added to the skin itself.

Ninja Girl

Ninja Girl is perfect when sneaking around to find and eliminate your target with ease. The fire located on its hands showcases some of the ninjitsu that users can use easily. The face mask and all black clothing makes sneaking around very easy. The hair that showcases a gradient and the red eyes on the skin.

Ninja Cat Girl

The Ninja skin above may not be the skin that you want, this Ninja Cat Girl skin features a cat girl variant. This skin is similar to the previous skin, featuring similar hair to the previous, but the clothes feature an all white color scheme. Alongside the color change, the skin features white cat ears and a black tail with a white tip.

Lava Skin

The Lava skin features from the lava to the cooled side of the skin all keeping the same coloring and design overall. The right side is the cooled skin while the left side of the skin features a glowing lava design. The face of the skin features a left red eye that showcases more lava-like design.

Icy Wolf Girl

The Icy Wolf Girl skin has a light blue coloring with a wolf tail located on the back of the skin itself. The boots to this skin are matched to the coloring of the hair on the skin. The wolf tail has a white tip that with the ears to match this skin is both ideally cute and adorable at the same time!

Red Wolf Gamer Girl

The Red Wolf Gamer girl will most definitely make you think that this skin is actually a fox when in reality it is a wolf! Yes, there is a difference and many would not like it if you confused the two, So get your facts straight right now!

Galaxy Girl

The Galaxy girl skin features darker colors and as shown in the darker purple located all throughout the clothing on this skin. The hair of this skin has a lighter purple flower in it with a dark black coloring. The darker purple eyes also fits the theme of the Galaxy coloring by having a darker base coloring while having some lights as well.

Purple Pokemon Gamer Girl

Go Charizard!!Sadly, this skin doesn’t feature the ability to capture and train any Pokemon. The Purple Pokemon Gamer Girl features a nice light purple color with a pokeball located on the back of the jacket. The light purple shoes and hat are similar to how the NPC pokemon trainer looks when you start a Pokemon fight.

Youtube Girl

This Youtube Girl skin is similar to the Ender Girl skin. The skin might not feature the standard red coloring instead having a light blue coloring throughout the skin. Even the YouTube logo on the back of the hoodie showcases the light blue coloring of the rest of the skin.

Ice and Fire Girl CE

The Ice and Fire Girl skin features another split design with one half being colored as blue and the other half being red hot! One half showcasing a lighter blue design that even has the color of the hair being lighter blue, the second half showcasing a red and yellow color that showcases the color of fire.

Fire and Ice Girl

While the front side features an ice design the back side features a fire design which is a different way to show the Fire and Ice designs. The Ice design shows the power radiating off the fists while the fire also has the flames lifting off the fists.

Minecraft Girl

What are we building today?This Minecraft girl skin is perfect for Minecraft streamers that like to show off the fact they are Minecraft content creators. With a grass block on the shirt showcasing their block of choice and the headset microphone used to talk to their stream and look fantastic while doing so!

~Happy Independence Day Y'all!!~

Happy Fourth of July! That idea is what this skin very clearly represents as shown by the red, white and blue flowers located on the headband worn by the skin. The girl wearing this headband has brown hair, brown eyes and very simple clothes. The clothes are a simple red top and a simple gray/white skirt. This skin is perfect to be equipped during this July.

Gold Queen Skin

I am Royalty! The Queen and you will bend the knee!The Gold Queen Skin features not only a royal attire but also a royal crown. The crown features a totally golden design and a white diamond that is on display of the front of the crown.

Chromatic Aberration Girl Skin

TikTok is calling, they want their effect back! That’s right the glitch effect is back and available for all your Minecraft skin needs! This Glitch skin is perfect for Minecraft players that want to showcase their amazing color scheme. The basic colors showcased in this skin make it look interesting with the chromatic aberration.

+ ~ 1 - 2 - Switch ! ~ +

Ever wanted to know what a Nintendo switch feels like? This skin is perfect for that! Both arms and legs are designed to resemble Joycons with the eyes of this skin also featuring the joycon colors. The base of the body features the gray coloring of the Nintendo switch.

Midnight Girl Skin

The Midnight skin is a different hue shift of RaspberryStars’s my Daydreaming skin. This gradient features a hue from a purplish color to a lighter pinkish color. This skin features a basic design and shows the skin maker's skills in creating skins.

Pokemon -Umbreon- Skin series

Umbreon use Bite!This skin is inspired by Umbreon, the dark evolution for the Eevee Pokemon. The dark design and dark coloring shows that this skin showcases the red eyes and the blond hair. The hat and jacket showcasing the design shown on Umbreon.

Akatsuki Girl

Ever wanted to capture all the jinchuuriki and create the infinite tsukuyomi? This genjutsu traps the entire world in an illusion which creates a ‘perfect world’ for each person. This skin has the Akatsuki jacket with a split in the hair. The split being one half white and the other half black.

Tokyo Ghoul Fox Girl

A blending of both the popular anime Tokyo Ghouls, its Ghoul which feast on human flesh and only able to eat human flesh and strangely coffee. I don’t know if the fox side of this skin will enjoy coffee too much and the fox side will most definitely not enjoy the human flesh.

Character Skins Become Your Hero!

Rey From Star Wars

Are you a Star Wars fan? Then use the force and download the Rey skin. This skin makes you feel as if you can easily move even a star fighter! The detail in this skin is perfect for any Minecraft Player! Rey is from the newest trilogy and has been trained by Luke himself.

Black Rock Shooter

The name of both the anime girl and the series, are called the Black Rock Shooter. In this anime, Black Rock Shooter uses a powerful cannon and a burning blue eye. This blue flame eye is shown in this skin fantastically! The designs alongside the colors used in both the hair and the clothes!

Zero Two

Darling? Darling?! DAAAARRRRRRRRLLLING!?!From the anime, DARLING in the FRANXX, Zero two is fighting against monsters with her partner, her darling named Hiro. She fights using the Strelitzia Mech suit which can only be piloted by her and her Darling!

Zero Two with Nine’s Cloak

Was the Mech suit not your style? This Zero Two is in Nine’s Cloak and would serve as a perfect choice for casual clothes for the Zero Two skin which was showcased by the skin before. The simple design and the clothes makes this skin look fantastic!

SAO Asuna

Link Start! Where did Kirito go? That Lazy Slacker is probably off sleeping somewhere!The Asuna skin is of her Sword Art Online avatar, luckily even if you die in the game, you won’t die in real life unlike in Sword Art Online! The design is nice, having some good texture and a simple overall design.

Shoto Todoroki (Female)

What if Shoto Todoroki from My Hero Academia was a girl? That is the question that this skin answers, and with the detail shown in both the hair and the face, this skin is perfect for any My Hero Academia fan that wants to bring their passion over to Minecraft!PLUS ULTRA!

Yumeko Jabami

The gambling fanatic of Yumeko is perfectly shown in this Minecraft skin showcasing her uniform and her lighter eye color. Jabami is from the Anime Kakegurui, which is all about gambling,making high-risk bets and doesn’t get discouraged when her bets don’t pay off.

Alita: Battle Angel 1

The Alita: Battle Angel is from the movie, named after her and is found after 300 years by a kind cyber-doctor which leads her down the path of becoming a Motorball superstar and fighting various other cyber-body people. This is a perfect way to represent her in the world of Minecraft just watch out for any other cyber-body individual.


This skin is Junko from Danganronpa which has had its audio used very extensively on TikTok, Oftenly used while wearing a similar style to Junko. Junko is a Despair freak and only focuses on how to cause the most despair overall, Junko facilitated the events of Danganronpa. This skin shows basic Junko, the despair obsessed girl who wants nothing than to spread despair and this skin captures her clothing and pigtails amazingly!

Ryoko Otonashi

Ryoko is a fake identity of Junko, Junko erased her memory with Yasuke’s memory-erasing technology. She received regular “Treatments” which were designed to keep her memory from returning and all Yasuke did was make sure that her memory didn’t return. While this skin may be missing Ryoko’s notebook that has notes about all of her surroundings and information about her friends as well.

Yuno Gasai

Yukki, Yukki?! Where is my Yukki?Looks at her future diary, hmm no information on when and where Yukki is. I might have to find other ways to track him down! This skin recreated Yuno Gasai in a Minecraft style which is perfect for playing around while looking for her Yukki.

Assassin Girl

Watch out for those free falls, hay bales won’t break your falls in Minecraft. When Falling this girl should aim for a pond or water puddle instead. The clothes look like Ezio from Assassin Creed, and the black hair with the purple eyes is similar to the Ezio.

The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway

Elsa can freeze you away very quickly and create a fantastic snowman that will have the ability to talk and interact independent of Elsa. The ice dress is created through her own power, and the blue eyes and blue hair showcases the winter wonderland power that this character holds.This list showcases the 50 best skins for girls that want to either look like their fantastic heroes from shows or anime. Go check them out and enjoy looking like your favorite characters!