Best Girl Skins In Minecraft

Minecraft offers a wide variety of worlds and servers to explore, and an important part of your journey is finding a suitable skin.
Best Girl Skins In Minecraft

One interesting feature in Minecraft is the ability to change your character’s skin to whatever you please. 

Today’s list will showcase the best Minecraft skins for girls, and these are skins that range from user designed skins that offer a unique design to user recreated skins. 

If you’re interested in making your own skins, check out our article on how to get, make, edit and change a Minecraft skin.


Demon Girl

Demon Girl Minecraft Skin

“Ahh! A Demon” is what your enemies will be saying when they look at this skin while fighting you. The Skull showcased on the front of the skin with the red eye shows just how demonic this skin truly is. Besides the skull, this skin features a blue hair that gradients out to a lighter teal color.



Vintage Minecraft Skin

The Vintage girl skin is not only highly detailed but also looks fantastic. The differences in color show a significant amount of textures in all parts of this skin. The overalls that are shown on the skin showcase the body design of the skin itself.


Fallen Angel

Fallen Angel Minecraft Skin

This skin shows a fallen angel with brown hair and simple overall clothing. This skin features soulless black eyes which make the wings on the back of the Minecraft skins. The skin features a lot of shading throughout, which also includes the skin, clothes, hair, and even the wings!



Angel Minecraft Skin

Is a fallen angel too dark for you? Then this Angel is a perfect choice, the lighter coloring, and golden coloring. The wings showcased on this skin are fully white and while you can’t fly away with them, they still look fantastic!


Flame Angel

Flame Angel Minecraft Skin

This is a more destructive angel featuring a fiery color scheme and flame wings that differ substantially from the Angel and Fallen Angel. The fire going up the arms of the skins showcases the flame design which is very unique when considering other flame-inspired skins on this list



Fairy Minecraft Skin

If an Angel doesn’t seem appealing, then maybe this fantastic Fairy skin will! This skin is complete with the fairy wings and the headband of flowers! Sadly, unlike Tinkerbell, this fairy won’t allow you to fly but you’ll look like you can! The flower design on the shirt looks fantastic!


Ender Girl

Ender Girl Minecraft Skin

The Ender Girl skin features a blond-haired and green-eyed girl that has an Ender Pearl hoodie on. While making this your Minecraft skin won’t help you to teleport in any way, it still is a great skin that has some fantastic detail work added to the skin itself.


Ninja Girl

Ninja Girl Minecraft Skin

The Ninja Girl is perfect for when you’re just generally sneaking around. The face mask and all-black clothing make sneaking an even easier task. The hair showcases a gradient and the red eyes on the skin.



Lava Minecraft Skin

The design of the Lava skin is awesome, and it shows the volatile nature of lava. The face of the skin features a left red eye that showcases a more lava-like design.


Galaxy Girl

Galaxy Girl Minecraft Skin

The Galaxy girl skin features a darker color scheme, with darker purple colors located all throughout the clothing on this skin. The hair has a lighter purple flower in it with dark black coloring. The darker purple eyes also fit the theme perfectly.


Purple Pokemon Gamer Girl

Purple Pokemon Gamer Girl Minecraft Skin

Sadly, this skin doesn’t feature the ability to capture and train any Pokemon. The Purple Pokemon Gamer Girl features a nice light purple color with a Pokeball located on the back of the jacket. The purple shoes and hat are similar to how the NPC pokemon trainer looks when you start a Pokemon fight.


Fire and Ice Girl

Fire and Ice Girl Minecraft Skin

This skin features both an ice and fire design. The back tends to lean more toward a fire design. The Ice design shows the power radiating off the fists while the fire also has the flames lifting off the fists.


Gold Queen

Gold Queen Minecraft Skin

I am Royalty! The Queen and you will bend the knee! The Gold Queen Skin features not only royal attire, but also a royal crown. The crown has a golden design, with a white diamond that is on display on the front of the crown.


Midnight Girl

Midnight Girl Minecraft Skin

The Midnight skin is a different hue shift of RaspberryStars’s my Daydreaming skin. This gradient features a hue from a purplish color to a lighter pinkish color. All in all, it has a basic design and shows the skin maker's apparent skills.


Assassin Girl

Assassin Girl Minecraft Skin

Watch out for those free falls, hay bales won’t break your fall in Minecraft. When falling, this girl should aim for a pond or water puddle instead. The clothes look like Ezio from Assassin Creed, and the black hair with the purple eyes are similar to Ezio.

There are a lot of different types of Minecraft skins on the internet, especially when it comes to black and white-colored skins. However, if you’re looking for a more broad list, consider checking out our article on the best Minecraft skins. You’re bound to find at least one that will suit your needs and style. Nevertheless, we hope that this list helped you either find your type of skin, or at least nudged you in the right direction.

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