What Are The Best Food Items In Minecraft

Exploring the world of Minecraft is impossible on an empty stomach. Knowing the best food to cook and eat to fuel your adventures is massively important.

Updated on Jan 25, 2024
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What Are The Best Food Items In Minecraft

Fueling your adventures in Minecraft with hearty, golden or even enchanted food is important to keep you mining your blocks.

The best food items in Minecraft are:

  • Enchanted Golden Apples and Golden Apples
  • Golden Carrots
  • Cake (entire)
  • Stews- Rabbit Stew and Suspicious Stew
  • Cooked Meats- Cooked Porkchop
  • Bread
  • Honey

Golden Apples & Golden Enchanted Apples

Arguably the most difficult to obtain yet the most helpful food items out there, Golden Apples and Enchanted Golden Apples are two food items that are as rare as they are useful.

Knowing where to find these rare items is key to getting the best food in Minecraft.

Golden Enchanted Apples aren’t craftable and are only found as chest loot, making them the best food in Minecraft for hungry miners.


Golden Apples are much more obtainable. They are able to be crafted with:

  1. 8 Gold Bars
  2. 1 Apple

Golden apples provide the same amount of hunger bar and saturation bar points as an Enchanted Golden Apple does, however despite being much easier to get they still give status effects, which makes them the best food in Minecraft.

Golden Carrots

Golden Carrots are another great food item to fill up the hunger bar.

Golden carrots can be both found and crafted, only needing one carrot and 8 Gold Nuggets to craft.

How Many Hunger Points And Saturation Points Does A Golden Carrot Give?

A Golden Carrot provides 6 hunger points and 14 saturation bar points, making it the second most saturation bar-filling item in the game (seconded only by Suspicious Stew).

Where Can You Find A Golden Carrot?

If you don’t want to craft one, Golden Carrots can be found in chest loot in three places:

  • Ancient City ( Ice Box Chest)
  • Bastion Remnant (Generic Chest/Hoglin Stable Chest)
  • Ruined Portals (Chest)

Golden Carrots can also be found in trades.


Villagers who are at Master Level Farming will always offer to trade 3 Emeralds for a Golden Carrot in Java, and have a 50% chance to offer this trade in Bedrock.


Whilst being a little awkward to eat ( cake is the only food item that needs to be placed before it is eaten), Cake in its entirety is the food item that fills up the hunger bar most (if eaten whole).


Each Cake provides 7 slices and can be crafted with:

  1. Three Milk Buckets
  2. Two Pieces of Sugar
  3. One Egg
  4. Three Wheat

Once crafted, the cake needs to be placed like any other block, with slices being eaten individually.

How Many Hunger Points And Saturation Points Does Cake Give?

Because Cake is only eaten in slices, you can compare the hunger points and saturation points of both a single slice and the entire cake (7 Slices).

2 Hunger Points Given
14 Hunger Points Given
0.4 Saturation Bar Points Given
2.8 Saturation Bar Points Given

Where Can You Find Cake?

Cake can be found in a Buried Treasure chest as loot, crafted or traded for.

Only Expert Level Farmer Villagers will have cake to trade, for one emerald per cake.


Coming in many types, stews in Minecraft are some of the best and most varied foods available for players to eat.

In terms of ease of obtaining and filling the hunger bar/saturation points, we will compare Rabbit Stew and Suspicious Stew.

10 Hunger Points Given
6 Hunger Points Given
12 Saturation Bar Points Given
7.2 Saturation Bar Points Given
Ingredients: One Cooked Rabbit, One Baked Potato, One of any kind of Mushroom, One Bowl
Ingredients: One Red Mushroom, One Brown Mushroom, One Bowl and any kind of flower.

Suspicious Stew differs from Rabbit Stew in that it offers different effects depending on what flower is used to craft it..

Suspicious Stew Status Effects

Because of its versatility, this stew can be crafted with any kind of flower.

However, the effect is not known until the food item is crafted and consumed- and some may not be beneficial.

Fire Resistance
Azure Blast
Blue Orchid
Saturation - Up to 7 points on Hunger Bar filled and Max Saturation
Saturation - Up to 7 points on Hunger Bar filled and Max Saturation
Jump Boost
Lily Of The Valley
Oxeye Daisy
Night Vision
Wither Rose

This Stew can be eaten when the hunger bar is full, unlike any other food item.

Where Can I Find Suspicious Stew And Rabbit Stew?

Suspicious Stew can be found by:

  • Looting Shipwreck supply chests
  • By milking a Mooshroom after giving it a flower
  • By trading with certain villagers for emeralds


Rabbit Stew can either be crafted or obtained by trading with Novice-level Butcher Villagers for emeralds.

Cooked Meats (Porkchop)

Cooked Meats are easy to come by and provide varying levels of hunger point and saturation point regeneration.

Because they're so easy to find, they're a good food to have in Minecraft, and there's always plenty of meat to go around.


The highest amount of hunger and saturation points given is by Cooked Porkchop:

  • Fills Hunger Bar by 8 Points and gives 12.8 Saturation points.
  • Can be found in many places including by killing pigs and cooking the raw meat, looting Bastion Remnants and by trading with Butcher Villagers.

For comparison, Cooked Chicken and Cooked Mutton give 6 Hunger Points.

Baked Potato

Baked Potatoes may not restore the most hunger points or saturation points, but they’re so common, they should be the place to start when eating nourishing food in Minecraft.


Baked potatoes are just that- Baked Potato Potatoes. Cooking a Potato in a furnace with a fuel source will craft this item.

How Many Hunger Points And Saturation Points Does A Baked Potato Give?

Baked potatoes give 5 Hunger points and 6 Saturation points.

Where Can I Find Baked Potatoes?

Apart from crafting, Baked potatoes can be found by

  • Killing Zombies whilst on fire
  • In Ancient City chest loot
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