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How To Make Bowl In Minecraft

If you find it hard to find food in the early game, a Minecraft bowl is what you need! We will show you how to craft a bowl in Minecraft.

Updated on Sep 22, 2022
How To Make Bowl In Minecraft

Everything you need to make Bowl

Bowl is an early game item that is mainly used for food containing purposes. It can be easily crafted with only Wooden Planks.

How to craft Bowl in Minecraft

#1 Collect 3x Planks of any Wood Type

To craft Planks, you will first need to collect Log. There are 8 types of Logs in total. They are Oak, Spruce, Birch, Jungle, Acacia, Dark Oak, Crimson, and Warped Log.


When you have any 1x Log, just put them in the crafting grid to get 4x Planks.

crafting planks

Planks can also be naturally generated in Abandoned mineshaft, Village, Stronghold, Woodland Mansion, Shipwrecks, Pillager Outpost, and Underwater ruins.

planks in the world

#2 Other Ways to Get a Bowl

You can go fishing for Bowl. Each time you catch have 0.4-1% for 1x Bowl.


If you already have Rabbit Stew, Suspicious Stew, Mushroom Stew, or Beetroot Soup, just eat them and you can get 1x Bowl.

eating stew

Another hard way to get a bowl is waiting for a lightning bolt to hit a Turtle. It will drop 1x Bowl on death.


#3 Finish off crafting a Bowl

When you have 3x Planks of any wood type, right-click the Crafting Table and put them in a V shape. Then just take out 4x Bowl from the result slot.


What is the give command to get a Bowl?

The command to give yourself a Bowl is: /give @p bowl 1

Now you have a Bowl, you can milk a cow or craft a mushroom stew without worrying too much about the food.

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