50 Best Black Skins in Minecraft

These skins utilize a black base color and feature a variety of different designs and appearances. These appearances can range from being a solid black color which helps when playing hide and seek in the mines to having a very intricate design overall that showcases just how creative skin creators are!Recommended: How to put an image onto a minecraft skinThis list showcases the 50 Minecraft skins for both boys and girls that feature a black case coloring.

Fire Wizard

The Fire Wizard skin is a perfect choice if you want to throw some fireballs or mix some potions, This fire wizard skin has flames located throughout the arms, this gives the appearance of a raging fire on either hand! With the wizard shrouded by his cloak, no one knows what the wizard’s face looks like or how he gained such immense power.

Shadow Wizard

This wizard may not be able to cast any fireballs instead this wizard is able to control the shadows and use them to teleport. Maybe changing your skin to this one will give you a bit of his power, which would make the end a much friendlier place, but don’t count on his power to come to you in the time of need.

Blue and Black Mage

Is a Wizard not formal enough for you? Then try sending out some fantastic spells as the Blue and Black Mage! The Black clothing only shows the brown hair and brown eyes, the black clothing concealing the mage as he casts his deadly spells! This skin also features a gray line across the skin and a gray hoodie.

Black Knight

Maybe instead of magic, you excel at physical fighting. Then the Black Knight skin features a black gem and the knight’s helmet covers the face only allowing his eerie red eyes to show through. This in combination with the darker color scheme shown in the knight’s skin. The knees also showcase a similar red gem on each hand and a gem at the top of the helmet.

Red Black Knight V2

If the lack in color of the previous knight's skin, the red and black color scheme makes this a perfect choice for the vengeful knight that fights against his enemies for his dark reasonings. This knight skin also doesn’t feature the face of the knight instead having red eyes that don’t appear to be glowing instead just show a solid red color.

Blad Warrior

The blad warrior is similar to the other black knight skins but looks substantially different from the previous two knight skins. The large amount of chainmail surrounding this knight gives this skin a substantially different appearance. Showcasing a lot more of grey than the two previous black knights on this list. His red eyes look at you with anger befitting his name as the black knight!

Ender Knight

The Ender Knight is a fearsome warrior that many do not want to cross paths with. All that sees him will not live to tell the tale; instead they will face his rage. The design of this knight is fantastic featuring the signature purple coloring that the end is known for as shown in both the Ender dragon and the Enderman themselves.

Black Steve

Steve is being taken over by the night itself! The Black shadow section of the skin shows Steve being taken over changing this skin to just solid black to hide in the night. Maybe Steve is changing to hide from HeroBrine or the Ender man.


Is that the moon… wait the moon doesn't walk on the ground, it should be high in the sky showing just how bright it can be! This skin features a mostly black side and has both the moon and the light shaft from the moon itself. The light blue and darker blue of the eyes make this skin, stand out when compared to the darkness of the night itself.

Black Creeper

AHHH a creeper!! Wait.. creepers don’t have red faces!? Is this a new type of creeper that doesn’t explode? This skin is guaranteed to make anyone jump the first time your enemy sees it! The solid black colors are a bit unsettling when looking at this skin for a long amount of time.

The Monster Under Your Bed

Boo!!!When you want to scare your little cousin or another younger Minecraft player. One perfect way to use this skin is to hide just behind a block and have your red eyes visible through a doorway or a window.

Shadow Dude

Looking for skin that will keep you hidden? A skin that makes you invisible in lower light? A way to hide without the red eyes showing. The varying black colors in the skin makes this more akin to the shadows when compared to just a solid black skin. For players that are playing hide and seek, this skin may give you a bit of an unfair advantage.

Black Entity

If neither a creeper face or just glowing red eyes fulfil your creepy needs then the Black entity skin may just be perfect for you! The black body keeps the user hidden even at night.

Awesome Dude

This skin features a large red and blue skull which is showcased by the red and blue eyes that this character has! The large amount of detail is shown in either arms of the character as the colors correspond to each skull size. The all black clothes allows the player to feel like the punisher with just a bit more color added to the skull.

~ Bad Girl Online ~

Ever wanted two Minecraft skins at the same time? Well the Bad Girl Online skin is a perfect choice for you! This skin features the ability to be both a black haired girl and a blonde haired girl both of which feature horns and a more punk styling of clothes!

Personal Skin

Hey! This skin isn’t a split skin or a themed skin instead just being a highly detailed skin that anyone can use and enjoy! This skin features a basic skin that utilizes the color black in the pants, hoodie, and even the shoes that the character is wearing.

Charged Obsidian

While Minecraft may have just added crying obsidian to the game with the recent Nether update, ShatteredNebula created the charged obsidian skin to showcase what happens when lighting strikes obsidian and it’s placed in the overworld rather than being in the Nether. The glowing eyes unsettle me a lot but the skin features some fantastic detail work!

Charged Obsidian With Diamond Armor

Oh wow, He’s got Diamond Armor better leave him alone! This skin is the Charged Obsidian skin with diamond armor added, easily fooling other players to keep them from fighting you. Now the only real issue is, if a player does attack you they may be able to easily take you out. The good side to that is you won’t drop Diamond Armor.

Black and White Man Hoodie

Is that a Unus Annus skin? Who knows, all I know is he must be cold as he has his hoodie up and covering a good section of his face only showing his hair and his eyes. This skin even features the hoodie’s strings being the inverted colors!

Black and White Skin

This black and white skin features a different style of hoodie, instead having a hoodie to hide the top of the player's head. This skin features a very different hoodie that hides the mouth and part of the eyes of the character. This hoodie also features a heart that each side features an inverse color compared to the other side of the hoodie.


If the black and white design isn’t what you want but you still want the hoodie design the skin you use, the ShadowZ skin is a perfect choice for you! The red and black design gives this skin an interesting design. The red coloring with the eyes, the foot and the gloves.

Injured Fighter

This fearsome fighter was attacked and gained damage to his person hidden by the bandage on his arm, slightly bloody as the attack happened. The Black overcoat moves dramatically during the fight. This simple design but with the fantastic texture makes this skin perfect for virtually any fighter on Minecraft. This skin is perfect on a hand to hand fighter.

Cotton Candy Girl

Want to add a splash of color to your Minecraft skin, then the Cotton Candy girl skin is perfect skin for you! The black and grey clothing would make you think this skin is less colorful but you would be wrong this skin has a large amount of coloring in both the hair and in various other parts of the clothes!

Emo Guy Wearing a Black Suit

The mostly black coloring of this skin is shown in the hair and clothes. This skin also features a gray tie and the black jacket with not only the black pants but also the black shoes. The hair covering his eyes showcases him hiding his thoughts away from the outside world. The simple design alongside the skin’s design and the simple coloring in the eye makes this skin look fantastic.

~ Emo

If the guy emo skin isn’t your Minecraft player, Then female players can choose the ~Emo skin. This skin has a gradient in the hair ranging from the blue coloring to the purple color and makes it the emo feeling very apparent. The basic clothing, the grey shirt and the light blue jean exemplifies the emo feeling that this skin is supposed to represent!

=You've got a face perfect for radio=

This skin looks pretty edgy which is perfect for users that may not want to have an apparent emo skin but still wants to show off their edgy side. The blackness taking over the skin's arm and the tear track really shows the level of detail that the skin creator.

Black Hair Boy

The Black hair boy skin features a combination of a simple design while still having alot of personality added to the skin itself. The black textures and the tan pants makes this skin have a large amount of design. The black shoes also keep the simple but fantastic design overall. The hoodie covers part of the user’s face only allowing his eyes to be shown.

+ The Sweetest Perfection +

The Sweetest Perfection skin adds a large amount of texture using a slight variation in colors. Everything from the colors to the skin feature a slight difference in colors, this gives this skin a very detailed design. The black color is located throughout the shirt and the boots.

~The Devil In Me~

This skin shows hair clips and a dark brown hair coloring with the clothing she is wearing featuring a black and white striped design. The simple dress and large eyes showcase the skin creator’s talent in creating complex skins in a simple design. This skin features brownish eyes and black eye lashes.

I'll be back in the morning + . +

This skin features a black colored shirt and black shoes, The black hair matches with the purple and white striped arms. The Purple strip is located on the body while the socks are at different heights. It's a Style Choice!!

Cute Girl With Black Hoodie and Teal Dress

The Cute Girl With Black Hoodie and Teal Dress skin is a perfect choice just just going on a leisure walk in Minecraft the basic design but high pixel variation makes this skin perfect walking around and fighting some sheep to get some food! The teal dress offers a difference in colors when compared to the grey and black jacket.

For Reflectify

This skin’s design is interesting because the red coloring of the horns and the red strings of the hoodie The overall gray and black design is greatly accented by the red highlights, the varying colors in gray makes the red color accents, along with the white color accents, pop with more appearance.

Purple and Black Boy

A huge shift in both coloring and design is shown in the Purple and Black boys' skin, featuring all white hair with purple eyes and black scleras. This is the first skin to feature black in the eye’s sclera, that feature gives this skin a bit of an eerie look that can unsettle some if they look at it for too long!

Tomboy Girl

The Tomboy girl features a very camo design, this is shown in both the shirt and the pants. The tomboyish design of this skin makes me believe that she could find you no matter where you are hiding in your Minecraft world! She’s even got camo pants! CAMO PANTS!

Hooded Man

Ever wanted a letterman jacket in Minecraft? This skin is the basic steve skin with a darker skin tone and the red letterman jacket makes steve look as if he just graduated from college. The basic clothes include a t-shirt, jeans and even a pair of standard sneakers which allow Steve to romp around his Minecraft world with ease.


Ever wanted to feel like a TikTok influencer and have a large amount of money at your disposal, this skin has roses littered throughout all the clothes. Over the heart on the shirt, there is a rose while on the pants, there is a rose. The pants also have tears and lead all the way down to the white sneakers that are included in this skin.

Black Flash

Sadly, this skin doesn’t give you access to the anti-speed force. The black coloring along with the difference in color of the blue lighting, blue gloves that keeps black flash’s anti-speed force in check. The black suit in addition to the gray lighting and gray accents littered throughout the entire skin.

=- Happy 4th of July! -=

This skin is perfect for the celebration of America. America is currently 244 years old and the Fourth of July. The colors which are showcased in the Fourth of July are red, white and blue, the jacket and shirts along with her socks feature red and blue. This skin features a white shirt while the brown hair and brown eyes keep this skin looking amazing for any occasion!

Penguin Black Scarf

I didn’t know the penguin could get cold, so cold in fact that this flightless bird needs to wear a black scarf. This black scarf features white stripes that cover up to the penguin’s beak which keeps the flightless bird warm. The texture of this bird is very detailed with the penguin featuring a large amount of color variation.

Custom Magnorite - 40

This skin is said to take the skin creator a total of over eight hours! This is showcased by the large amount of work in the top layer that accents the basic layer of the skin with both the original design and the red lava which is shown around the edges. The massive amount of detail shown in this skin is worthy of all the praise possible!

Black Hair Girl

The Black Hair Girl is a simple and elegant design with the black hair and purple eyes. The lilac shirt being worn also makes the purple eyes more prevalent. The Black hair is matched by the black shorts worn by this skin. The simple design is perfect for roaming around a city Minecraft server. The skin also features some shading which allows this skin to look fantastic while still looking cool!

Cute Black Hoodie Girl

The blonde hair and black clothing makes this skin a perfect choice for girls looking for a highly detailed skin to walk around Minecraft in! From the Black long sleeve hoodie to the white boots this skin is looking FABULOUS! No matter the occasion! The face is also very detailed when compared to some other skins on this list!


This skin has a large amount of detail in both the hair and the rips on the jeans, this skin creator is utilizing the top extra layer to make the rips look fantastic. The hair also utilizes that same top layer to create the front of Ace’s hair! The flowers on the shirt also makes this skin look fantastic.

Black Devil Wolf

The Black Devil Wolf skin features white overall but has two black hair clips which hold back the blonde hair which this skin has. The black clothing features a lot of detail with the top layer. This skin also features a different legging design having the white checkered design. The overalls also have so much detail that the clasp has a golden bronze design.

Adidas Girl

The simple yet elegant design of the Adidas Girl makes this perfect for running around. The grey tracksuit this girl chooses to wear is ideal for running around from zombies and skeletons!The black longer hair makes it perfectly match with clothes and makes the green eyes more seem more prevalent. The white shoes match the smaller shirt which is behind the grey tracksuit she is wearing.

Black Tee Unicorn

Are you a brony? Do you enjoy rainbow dash? This shirt features a rainbow unicorn on a black shirt with two white strips on the lower section of the arms. The white shoes match the white stripes on the shirt. The detail in the hair is also fantastic with a large variety in colors to give a large amount of texture to the normally flat image.

Ducky Akatsuki

Quack! Quack! Quack!I agree we need to collect all the jinchuriki to complete our goals!Quack!I know!Want to be an akatsuki member and a duck that is perfect!

Black Earth Bender

Ever wanted to bend earth? See the world through seismic sensation? Sadly this skin won’t give you these powers instead they’ll let you look the part though!


Watch the power of the dragon! Also known as the World eater, the twilight god and the first dragon who ruled over skyrim!

Sebastian Michaelis

Become the demon butler of the Phantomhive household! Fight to protect his charge, Ciel, when everyone just wants to kill the young master!Those are some of the best skins out there that primarily use the color black to offer a fantastic skin overall! Ranging from some of the simple skins like a solid black design to even the most complex designs!