Best Black Skins in Minecraft

There are plenty of Minecraft skins online, but if you’re a fan of the black color, then this list will help you pick out a skin that suits you.
Best Black Skins in Minecraft

These skins utilize a black base color and feature a variety of different designs and appearances. These appearances can range from solid black colors which help when playing hide and seek in the mines, to darker designs that showcase just how creative skin creators are! 

This list showcases the best black Minecraft skins for both boys and girls. You can also check out our article on how to turn any image into a Minecraft skin if you’re interested. 


Fire Wizard

Fire Wizard Minecraft Skin

The Fire Wizard skin is a perfect choice if you want to throw some fireballs or mix some potions, This fire wizard skin has flames located throughout the arms, this gives the appearance of a raging fire on either hand! With the wizard shrouded by his cloak, no one knows what the wizard’s face looks like or how he gained such immense power.


Shadow Wizard

Shadow Wizard Minecraft Skin

This wizard may not be able to cast any fireballs instead this wizard is able to control the shadows and use them to teleport. Maybe changing your skin to this one will give you a bit of his power, which would make the end a much friendlier place, but don’t count on his power to come to you in the time of need.


Blue and Black Mage

Blue and Black Mage Minecraft Skin

Is a Wizard not formal enough for you? Then try sending out some fantastic spells as the Blue and Black Mage! The Black clothing only shows the brown hair and brown eyes, the black clothing concealing the mage as he casts his deadly spells! This skin also features a gray line across the skin and a gray hoodie.


Black Knight

Black Knight Minecraft Skin

Maybe instead of magic, you excel at physical fighting. Then the Black Knight skin features a black gem and the knight’s helmet covers the face only allowing his eerie red eyes to show through. This in combination with the darker color scheme shown in the knight’s skin. The knees also showcase a similar red gem on each hand and a gem at the top of the helmet.


Blad Warrior

Blad Warrior Minecraft Skin

The blad warrior is similar to the black knight skin but looks substantially different from the previous two knight skins. The large amount of chainmail surrounding this knight gives this skin a substantially different appearance. Showcasing a lot more of grey than the two previous black knights on this list. His red eyes look at you with anger befitting his name as the black knight!


Ender Knight

Ender Knight Minecraft Skin

The Ender Knight is a fearsome warrior that many do not want to cross paths with. All that see him will not live to tell the tale; instead, they will face his wrath. The design of this knight is fantastic and it features the signature purple color scheme that the end is known for as shown in both the Ender dragon and the Endermen themselves.


Black Creeper

Black Creeper Minecraft Skin

AHHH a creeper!! Wait.. creepers don’t have red faces!? Is this a new type of creeper that doesn’t explode? This skin is guaranteed to make anyone jump the first time your enemy sees it! The solid black colors are a bit unsettling when looking at this skin for a long amount of time.


Shadow Dude

Shadow Dude Minecraft Skin

Looking for skin that will keep you hidden? A skin that makes you invisible in lower light? A way to hide without the red eyes showing. The varying black colors in the skin make this more akin to the shadows when compared to a solid black skin. For players that are playing hide and seek, this skin may give you a bit of an unfair advantage.


Black Entity

Black Entity Minecraft Skin

If neither a creeper face nor glowing red eyes fulfill your creepy needs then the Black entity skin may just be perfect for you! The black body keeps the user hidden even at night.


Awesome Dude

Awesome Dude Minecraft Skin

This skin features a large red and blue skull which is showcased by the red and blue eyes that this character has! A large amount of detail is shown in either arm of the character as the colors correspond to each skull size. The all-black clothes allow the player to feel like the punisher with just a bit more color added to the skull.


Personal Skin

Personal Skin Minecraft Skin

Hey! This skin isn’t a split skin or a themed skin instead just being a highly detailed skin that anyone can use and enjoy! This skin features a basic skin that utilizes the color black in the pants, hoodie, and even the shoes that the character is wearing.


Charged Obsidian

Charged Obsidian Minecraft Skin

While Minecraft may have just added crying obsidian to the game with the recent Nether update, ShatteredNebula created the charged obsidian skin to showcase what happens when lighting strikes obsidian and it’s placed in the overworld rather than being in the Nether. The glowing eyes unsettle me a lot but the skin features some fantastic detail work!



ShadowZ Minecraft Skin

If the color scheme of the previous skin wasn’t good enough, then you might like the ShadowZ skin! The red and black design gives this skin an interesting design. The red coloring with the eyes, the foot and the gloves.


Injured Fighter

Injured Fighter Minecraft Skin

This fearsome fighter was attacked and gained damage to his person hidden by the bandage on his arm, slightly bloody as the attack happened. The Black overcoat moves dramatically during the fight.

This simple design but with the fantastic texture makes this skin perfect for virtually any fighter on Minecraft. This skin is perfect for a hand-to-hand fighter.


Cute Girl With Black Hoodie and Teal Dress

Cute Girl With Black Hoodie and Teal Dress Minecraft Skin

The Cute Girl With Black Hoodie and Teal Dress skin is a perfect choice for just going on a leisure walk in Minecraft. The teal dress offers a contrast in colors when compared to the grey and black jacket.


Purple and Black Boy Skin

Purple and Black Boy Minecraft Skin

A huge shift in both coloring and design is shown in the Purple and Black boy skin, featuring all-white hair with purple eyes and black scleras. This is the first skin to feature black in the eye’s sclera, that feature gives this skin a bit of an eerie look that can unsettle some if they look at it for too long!


Hooded Man

Hooded Man Minecraft Skin

Ever wanted a letterman jacket in Minecraft? This skin is the basic steve skin with a darker skin tone and the red letterman jacket makes steve look as if he just graduated from college. The basic clothes include a t-shirt, jeans and even a pair of standard sneakers which allow Steve to romp around his Minecraft world with ease.


Black Flash

Black Flash Minecraft Skin

Sadly, this skin doesn’t give you access to the anti-speed force. The black coloring along with the difference in color of the blue lighting, blue gloves that keeps black flash’s anti-speed force in check. The black suit in addition to the gray lighting and gray accents littered throughout the entire skin.


Cute Black Hoodie Girl

Cute Black Hoodie Girl Minecraft Skin

The blonde hair and black clothing make this skin a perfect choice for girls looking for a highly detailed skin to walk around Minecraft in! From the Black long sleeve hoodie to the white boots this skin looks fabulous! The face is also very detailed when compared to some other skins on this list.

With that being said, we hope you thoroughly enjoyed our list of the best black-colored skins in Minecraft. However, if the color and shade of the skin doesn’t matter to you, then you can check out our list of the best Minecraft skins.