50 Best Minecraft Boy Skins

Minecraft is known for its fantastic ability to build and change virtually anything about the world itself, but another great feature that Minecraft has is the ability to set custom skins to differentiate your character and to add your personal flair to your character. This article explores 50 best minecraft boy skins, ranging from useful skins to amazingly detailed skins that any minecraft players should easily enjoy!There are non-themed skins meaning they don't recreate a character or person, and range from a dirt block to a recreation of the original steve skin to even being just Fire made into a Minecraft Skin. We hope it will help you to get some inspirition.Recommended: How to put an image onto a minecraft skin

Non-Themed Skins

Grass Boy

Grass boy is a skin used for the players that enjoys the derpy face but also wants to embrace the game of Minecraft to the best of his ability. Accurately following the grass block texture actually may give this skin some practical use in a Hide and Seek game mode or allow players to hide in clear sight as they wait for their opportunity to attack!

Hiding Boy

Hiding boy is similar to the Grass boy, but is best suited for underground and instead of having to hide the entire face. This skin on has the eyes showing meaning unless looking closely other players shouldn’t assume anything, But once they try to mine that diamond block and find a person, they may not be laughing along with you.

Soul Sand Boy

Soul Sand Boy is a skin that may not offer any stealth but it does look stylish, especially with the recent update to the Nether that Minecraft just had! The texture of the Soul Sand has been given to the hoodie while the remainder of the skin looks normal.

Steve Re-Make

The steve re-make skin is inspired by the original Steve skin, but has been updated to feature some fantastic designs that set it apart even being an update to the original Minecraft skin. Now featuring textured hair and different tones throughout the skin to give it some moxy!


The Eboy skin is exactly as it sounds, a Minecraft boy skin that allows players to live out their fantasy of being an internet Eboy. This EBoy skin features the ripped jeans and the hair that barely doesn’t go over the skin’s eye.

Cybord EBoy

Similar to the last skin, this one may just be the Eboy of the future, this is the Cyborg Eboy Skin. This Eboy features robotic enhancements that not only allow him to look great but also has led to him getting a bit damaged in the process.

Robot Kid

This skin is very similar to the last one, Featuring both a human half and a robotic half. The Robot Kid skin features less robotics internally instead, opting to have all the machinery located outside the skin and showing us, normal humans, where he is the most vulnerable.


If you prefer a skin that shows off your mechanical side, then the Robot skin may just be for you! Featuring robotic hands and feet as well as a completely robotic skull that looks fantastic. If you ever wanted to feel like a full robot then this skin is for you!

Looks Like I've Been Gaming Too Much... G L I T C H

No your monitor isn’t broken, this skin purposeful looks incredibly unique. Almost as if you have been gaming too much and your vision is starting to Glitch. Featuring predominantly Red and blue colors that follow the general design of the skin itself to offer that Glitch look, this skin is perfect for the unique gamer!

Fire Boy

The name of this skin, Fire Boy, may be simplistic but the design allows you to really feel the heat from the creator featuring not only fiery arms but also legs makes this skin feel like you're constantly taking a dip in some hot lava.

Fire and Water Boy

If players want the experience of both hot and cold, then the Fire and Water boy skin can both heat you up while cooling you down! This skin showcases tha heat from the fire while the calm and collected mindset from the water half of the boy!

Fire Dragon

The Fire Dragon skin is the perfect substitute for the Fire Boy if the player wants to me monstrous then friend then this skin is for them. From the fantastic level of detail to the addition of flame hands and feet, this skin is sure to make the Nether feel like home!


Yes, just Fire.. This skin is an upgrade from Fire boy and Fire Dragon. This skin cuts out the middleman by having no base, the skin is just straight fire. The transparency and the hint of the face on the head makes this skin just a bit concerning.

Ender Boy

For the Players who want to embody the Ender Pearl, the Ender Boy Skin is a perfect choice. Sadly, doesn’t give the player the ability to teleport like the Enderman. But the Light blue to darker blue color scheme makes the user feel like the Coveted Ender Pearl.

Gold Adidas Boy

This boy SCREAMS class and money from the stylish ripped jeans to the backwards cap. I mean he’s got a gold chain and gold sneakers! Do they even make gold trimmed sneakers, well for the price tag he must’ve handed over the sneaker makers made an exception!

Wolf Skin

Woof Woof, or that should be what players are saying when they equipped this skin as you can play as the Wolf from Minecraft, Collar and all! This wolf skin allows players, unmodded, to feel the wolf and to be the wolf! So players should go get their dog on!

The Chocolate Boy

The Chocolate boy is the perfect skin for those happy go lucky players, featuring a derpy face alongside the fantastic taste of Chocolate makes this skin perfect to sweeten up any player’s day! With the wrapper already peeled down, this skin is ready for eating at a moment's notice!

CheeseBurger Skin

Not a fan of chocolate but you like the derpy face? The Cheeseburger skin has got you covered alongside that his skin is making me hungry for a great cheese burger by just looking at it! This skin showcases a burger, plain and simple with ketchup, mustard and lettuce alongside the bun and the patty itself!

Gold Edited

Deal with it, that is what this skin says to anyone saying Gold is a useless material in Minecraft.This skin represents the Gold block and the fantastic addition of the sunglasses make the already cool block that much cooler. Any player that wants to look even cooler may make the change to this skin.

Gotta catch em' all!

This skin is for players who love Pokemon, featuring the Pokemon called Pikachu on the players hoodie. This small decal looks adorable and will let other Minecrafters know that you want to catch them all, Pikachu included!

Galactic Skin

The Galactic skin is a bit different, not featuring a fact but more like a space suit which has been dumped in purple die.. Or maybe a lot of grapes? The only colors featured in this skin is purple and hues of purple. For the space explorer, this may just be the perfect skin!

Slightly Improved Angel Boy

The Angel Boy skin has players feeling heavenly with the simple design but fantastic details in the skin, the clothes, and the skin in general.The blushing angel face and the design featuring different hues to offer a more realistic design.

Hazmat Boy

For the people in quarantine, A hazmat suit may not be needed for every one but if it keeps away the creeper then it may be worth suiting up with the Hazmat Boy skin. The solid yellow suit is sure to let players know where you are and to stay six feet away and not to cough anywhere near you!

Hazmat Chipmunk

The Hazmat Chipmunk suit is a more advanced version of the Hazmat suit, with the more detailed version and the air purifier located on the chipmunk’s back. The straps holding the air purifier are connected to the mask located on the chipmunk’s face, keeping the air that the chipmunk breathes.

Knight Guard

The Knight guard skin has some fantastic details added in from the design of the chainmail to the glowing red eyes of determination that will haunt me for nights to come. With how fearsome this Guard looks no one will attempt to hurt his king!

Demon Boy

Let your inner demons out with the Demon boy skin! His horns and red color scheme shows his high evil alignment. The red eyes are a bit concerning when looking at them for a long amount of time..The red jacket has a variety of shades allowing this jacket to look even more realistic and even more concerning.

Stone Brick and Cobblestone

This may be one of the only skins on this list that doesn’t feature any kind of face at all. Even Fire still had a hint of a face but this skin is solid stone brick and solid cobblestone with no face. This offers the player some stealth when in a stronghold or a player’s house that has cobblestone.

SuperHero Skins & Celebrity Skins

The Celebrity and Superhero skins are perfect for the player that wants to feel powerful in Minecraft and offer skins from Minecraft Youtuber to Anime characters to Marvel superheroes. All of which not only look fantastic but also feature a large amount of detail work to look as fantastic as possible.

Spiderman with a Hoodie

Most kids growing up wanted to be a superhero, with the release of into the Spiderverse and Spiderman being a main point in the Marvel multiverse. The Spiderman with a Hoodie skin makes players feel not only like they are Spiderman but they are from the Spiderverse themselves, keeping the uniqueness while still feeling like Spiderman.

Spider Man

Want to take off the hoodie and show off your more vibrant suit then this Spiderman skin is perfect! Featuring the classic blue and red suit we’ve all come to both know and love from the wall crawling super hero! Fans of the original SpiderMan movies will rejoice as this is the suit from the first two movies.. We try to forget about the third one...

Colonel Sanders (Young)

This skin may have you looking into creating a fantastically unique recipe with 11 herbs and spices! Colonel Sanders' skin is the Colonel's when he is mixing together his famous recipe and getting to show the world what the right blend of herbs and spices can taste like!


DeadPool Here! Obviously my skin is the only real choice when looking at this list! I mean Spiderman with a Hoodie or DeadPool the choice is VERY clear! I mean with my you get katanas and a chimichanga! So get downloading my skin and forget about all the rest!

Thomas From The Maze Runner

Thomas from the story the Maze Runner has been recreated in this fantastic Minecraft skin, alongside the skin players are sure to recreate the maze itself and with the movies out players have a lot of information to go off of! Thomas, along with his friends, are immune to the Flare virus and the Maze was a way to figure out why they are immune, over time they get out and figure out the truth.

Captain America Boy

For the cosplaying events in Minecraft, This skin will be a perfect addition! The buff Captain America body will lead anyone to say his signature catchphrase “I can do this all day.” Not only that, the player’s mindset will be focused on justice and doing the right thing no matter the situation.

Assassin’s Creed

The Assassin's Creed skin is of Ezio, players are sure to feel like they need to jump from free fall and land in a barrel of hay to hide around in. Just be wary that in Minecraft even falling in hay won’t stop your fall damage only water will! Ezio may not be alive anymore but he still can be seen in the world of Minecraft.

The Flash

The Flash is the fastest man alive, players will feel the speed force flowing through them giving them a boost in speed that they need to run away from all those horrible creepers, zombies and polar bears. The Lighting symbol shows just how fast this super hero can be when he needs to run!

Aang the Avatar

The Avatar is the only bender that is able to bend all four elements, this is due to the world needing a person to maintain the balance of the world! Aang had to learn all four elements over the course of the summer because at the end of the summer, sozin’s comet was returning. During this comet, the Firelord plans to burn down the Earth Nation, Aang must stop him before that happens.


Pika pii, Pika Pika.. CHUUUU! Ready to send out some thunderbolts out and fight in the name of your friends? Then this skin is perfect for you! The simplicity of this skin makes it a perfect choice for virtually any Pokemon gamer!

I want to be the very best

This is Ash from Pokemon and if you want to be the very best he is a good example to follow having friends from a wide variety of regions and gaining a lot of Pokemon along the way! If players want to feel like the very best, like no one ever was then he is a great place to start!


Ever wanted to scare a security guard? Then this Foxy skin may just be the skin for you! The detail and fantastic design of this skin lends it to work in any gaming session! The cuts that show the animatronics of the fox itself. Foxy is seen in most five nights at Freddy's games but this version of Foxy looks to be from the first game.


Sadly I can’t understand the words that chewbacca, But with players can experience life as chewbacca with this fantastic skin. The belt around his body may not hold its usual ammo but it does look fantastic roaming around any Minecraft world! The color of its fur has small variations to make it look much more realistic!


Believe it! I’m going to be the Hokage and defeat the Ender Dragon because that is my Ninja Way! In this skin, not even Sasuke could stop you from completing your goals and become the Hokage of your very own village! Believe It! ….. Wait is that chirping I hear? SASUKE!!


A once great ninja that was tragically struck down by his only brother Hanzo, this has led Genji on a long an arduous path to not only gain enlightenment but also to truly comes to terms with what he is now, not entirely man or entirely machine, but a mixture of both.

Handsome Squidward

If getting my face slammed into a door could lead to looking as amazing as this skin… I might consider it! Look how handsome and fantastic squidward looks, sadly by the end of the episode he’s back to normal and we never see handsome squidward again..

Gerard Way

Yes, that Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance! Feel just like the star himself… the only thing is you’ll need to build the band, stage and groupies, yourself but afterward you can feel just like a rockstar! This skin is modeling him when he had lighter hair and had an almost all black suit giving him a very ominous look!

Shoto Todoroki

Fire or Ice, While Shoto may be much better at using his Ice his fire is the balancing act to ensure his quirks side effects don’t overwhelm him. Thanks to his friend Deku, he now can at least use both sides of his quirks and is training hard to master each side to the best of his ability, PLUS ULTRA!

Izuku Midoriya ( Gamma Suit )

Speaking of My Hero Academia, the star Deku himself is right here! Don’t ask him to use his quirk, it could lead to some serious injuries but he’s still learning how to control it so as to not hurt people! But in time, He’ll be the number one hero and become the symbol of peace known everywhere! PLUS ULTRA!!

Evil PopularMMOs

PopularMMOs is a popular Minecraft Youtuber and with this skin, Player can feel how it is being an evil version of that Youtuber. Players can wreak havoc as PopularMMO. The massive amount of detail shown in this skin makes this skin look fantastic, the details range from the fantastic work done on the helmet to the varying colors shown throughout the skin!


Another popular Minecraft Youtubers, but for an entirely different reason. Sky Does Minecraft is known for his comedy and playing Cops and Robbers with his friends. This skin allows players to reenact all their favorite moments from that modded and unmodded series!

Kaneki Ken

Ghoul or Human? That is the question for Kaneki Ken. He was born a human but became half Ghoul through an invasive medical procedure. Through this he gained access to a world largely ignored by other humans, the world that the Ghouls live in. The only human drink/food that he can still enjoy is coffee.


Kirby is a small loveable little creature which absorbs the power of anything it has eaten, In Minecraft players can experience the life of Kirby along with his adorable face. The round face is shown in the Minecraft skin. Although the longer legs are a bit concerning.That is 50 of the best Minecraft skins for boys, these skins range from being just a stone brick into a skin to being some of the most detailed Minecraft skins I may have ever seen. If Player wants to feel like Kirby to even just look like Fire itself, these skins are a perfect choice to apply to your Minecraft character.My favorite skin out of all has to be the Izuku Midoriya ( Gamma Suit ) skin! I love the detail work and am a huge My Hero Academia nerd! So if you’re like me go download that skin now!