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The Best Enchantments For Boots In Minecraft

There are some truly amazing enchantments available for boots in Minecraft that can allow the wearer to do some awesome things.
The Best Enchantments For Boots In Minecraft

What Are The Best Enchantments For Boots In Minecraft?

The best enchantments for boots in Minecraft are: 

  • Feather Falling
  • Soul Speed
  • Depth Strider
  • Protection
  • Frost Walker

Feather Falling Enchantment

The feather falling boots enchantment reduces the damage taken when a player falls from a height in the Minecraft world.

Feather falling has 5 levels - feather falling I to feather falling IV, and each level of these boot enchantments reduces damage an additional 12%.

This enchantment doesn’t affect the speed a player falls in the Minecraft world, however. 

The damage reduction awarded by this enchantment can also be stacked with the protection enchantments, for a maximum total damage (and fall damage) reduction of 80%.

Ender pearl teleportation damage is also reduced.

An image of boots enchanted with the feather falling enchantment

While this enchantment is one of the best boot enchantments in Minecraft, it is rare.

There’s only a small chance a player can find this great enchantment while fishing and to get a max level enchantment on enchanted boots players must combine two level III feather falling enchantments on an anvil.

Soul Speed Enchantment

Soul speed is also one of the best boot enchantments in Minecraft, and it is a special one too.

These enchanted boots allow the player to walk quickly on soul sand or soil.

An image showing a soul speed pathway in some water

While at first this may not seem very useful, this enchantment provides not only a quicker way to traverse the soul sand valley biome, but also can provide quicker than normal traveling on soul soil pathways laid out in the Minecraft world.

This means that players who have these enchanted boots can travel faster than normal without a minecart or other means of transport when walking on soul soil.


The durability of the boots is reduced each time a soul soil or sand block is stepped on by 4%, and soul particles are released each step.

This particular enchantment is a treasure enchantment, meaning it is not obtainable via normal methods (e.g. via enchantment table or normal chest loot).

An image showing a bastion remnant in Minecraft

Piglins can offer this enchantment as a trade, as well as potentially dropping enchanted golden boots when killed.

Boots in Minecraft with this boot enchantment can be found in bastion remnant chests.

Depth Strider Enchantment

Depth strider enchantments are boot specific enchantments in Minecraft that allow players to walk move faster underwater.

An image of the underwater biome in minecraft

Depth strider has three levels which increase the player's speed underwater at each level until there is no longer a speed penalty, meaning at depth strider level III the player can walk at the same speed underwater as they do on land.


Depth strider also reduces the speed at which flowing water will push the player along, however the speed boost to swimming only affects horizontal swimming; swimming up or down won't be affected.

Protection Enchantments

The protection enchantments are enchantments for all armor pieces in Minecraft, however they can be used on boots in Minecraft as well.

An image of the protection  enchantment in Minecraft

We covered the protection enchantment in detail in our best armor enchantments article, however as an overview, protection is one of 4 other protection enchantments - the fire protection enchantment, blast protection enchantment, projectile protection enchantment and protection enchantment - which reduce melee attacks damage.

An image of the fire protection enchantment on boots in Minecraft

These enhantments can all be applied to boots however are mutually exclusive, meaning only one type can be applied at a time.

These best boots enchantments provide an increase of damage protection per level (protection I - protection IV) of 4 X the level of enchantment (On the Java edition) and 5 X the level of enchantment (on the Bedrock edition) as a percent:


When applied to other armor pieces along with other enchantments, damage reduction can stack up to 80% total damage reduction.

Frost Walker Enchantment

Frost walker enchantments are some of the best boots enchantments in Minecraft as they allow the player to walk on water.

The frost walker boots create blocks of frosted ice below Minecraft players as they step, converting the water blocks they step on as they’re moving.

An image of a player walking on ice blocks in Minecraft

As well as this, these boots in Minecraft also grant immunity to certain types of damage when walked on by the player:

  • Damage from Campfires
  • Damage from Magma blocks

This damage reduction doesn’t apply to fire, however the boots take no durability damage when walking on campfire or magma blocks.

The frosted water blocks created by these enchanted boots must be still water and the player must continually walk to still achieve this effect, or the frosted ice blocks will begin to melt (where the light levels are high enough to permit this).

An image of multiple players walking on ice in Minecraft

If the player stands still on a frosted ice block while wearing frost walker enchanted boots in Minecraft, the ice will still slowly melt until the player falls into the water. 

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