How to Remove Water Fast In Minecraft

Removing water from any place in Minecraft needs a precise method. You can either use buckets, sponges, or lava to accomplish this.

Updated on Jan 16, 2024
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How to Remove Water Fast In Minecraft

In an average Minecraft seed, you will find 30% water in your explored place. Most beautiful places seem to be near or covered with water. So, if you want to build a house there you will need to get rid of that water quickly. Don’t worry we will discuss all the methods to remove water in Minecraft.

Remove Water Using Empty Buckets

Water buckets are used to collect water, milk, or lave in them. These buckets also help users to empty ponds or any water reservoir. You can craft them with just three iron ingots.

Step 1: Crafting The Bucket

Crafting a bucket is a piece of cake after collecting all the necessary materials. You need 3x iron ingots and a crafting table. Place the two iron ingots, one in the first box in the first row and the second in the 3rd box of the same row. Place the third ingots on in the middle box of the crafting table as shown below.


Step 2: Making Pond

You have to make a pond using a shovel and pickax on the land where you will discard the collected water. To do that take your shovel and dig a hole in the land away from water.


Step 3: Collect and Discard Water

It’s time to collect the water and drain it into the pond. Get closer to the water reservoir you want to empty. Fill the bucket by right-clicking on the water. Drain it into the empty pond by right-clicking again on the buttonblock of the pond.


Remove Water Using Sponge

In Minecraft Spong is a water absorbent that absorb water around it. It is usually found in treasure chests or ocean monuments. This is the best method to get rid of water in the Minecraft world. There are two types of sponges, wet sponges, and dry sponge. You need a dry sponge.

Place the Sponge

You need to place the sponge exactly from where you want to absorb water. The sponge can dry a 6x6 block area around it which is quite effective. There is only one problem: you have to get a lot of sponges. However, you can reuse the sponge over and over again. Once it is wet, keep it in the furnace it will be dry and ready to use again.


Remove Water Using Sand or Gravel

Gravel and sand act as a water repellent in Minecraft. You can use sand blocks and gravel blocks to block the water source blocks aka water block. Here’s how you can do that.

Separate the Place

First, you have to separate the place from the water source you can use sand or gravel blocks to do that. Now fill the separated place with sand and gravel sand.

As these gravel blocks fell down due to gravity, they will block the water leakage of separated areas. These blocks will also absorb the water and lessen the water and lessen the water level of that place.


Remove Water Using Lava

Lava is a liquid block that may be found in the Nether and Overworld. It is also one of the game's primary sources of light and heat. When dropped on the ground, it creates a pool of lava that spreads out and transforms into obsidian if directly placed into water. This is also called fire method.

Step 1: Collect Lave

Lava must first be collected from a cave nearby. To collect lave you can only use an empty bucket made of three iron ingots. Go near the lava stream with an empty bucket and right-click on the stream. Your bucket will be filled with lava.


Step 2: Spread Lava

During this fire method, you need to be very careful. Lava should be placed just above the surface of the water, not too deep. Placing lava too deep will convert it into obsidian while which is hard to break. While placing it on the surface makes the cobblestone which is easy to break using a pickaxe.


Make an Alternative Way

The best way is to use gravity to empty a place. Water flows downhill, so if you can find a high place to start, the water will eventually all flow out. You can use this method to remove water from ponds, ravines, and other areas where water collects.

Step 1: Make a Pond

To collect drained water, you must first build a large pond. This pond must be big enough to collect all the water. You can use explosives to dig a big hole in the land.


Step 2: Make a Trench

If you want to remove all of the water in an area fast, it is best to make a trench around the perimeter of the area you wish to de-water. Make sure the trench is at least four blocks deep in a straight line, and place a solid block in the middle of the trench. When you break the solid block, the water will flow out and fill the trench.


Blocking The Water Path

This method is effective where the water is limited. This often doesn’t work in ocean-filled areas. In this method, you have to block the water source block to eliminate the water flow which ultimately stops the water.

Step 1: Separate the Place

Separate the place from the main source you can do it by creating walls around the area that you want to dry. These walls must be deep to the ground.


Step 2: Block The Water Passage

Now block all the passages in that wall using any solid block. Take a deep dive into the water to inspect the deep pool. Once you blocked the passage the water will automatically dry from the place you don't need to do so much effort. You can place sponges brought from the ocean monuments to enhance the processing speed as they absorb water.


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