How To Make Iron Ingot In Minecraft

Ever wonder how to find Iron Ingot in the Minecraft world? It's complicated because there are several ways to craft it. And today, we'll show you how!

Updated on Jan 17, 2024
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How To Make Iron Ingot In Minecraft

Everything you need to make Iron Ingot

Iron Ingot is an indispensable metal in Minecraft used for multiple important purposes and recipes. You can either craft tools, armors, or even essential items like the Anvil, the Bucket, a Flint and Steel, Hoppers, and even more!

  • 1x Block of Iron OR 9x Iron Nugget

How to craft Iron Ingot in Minecraft

#1 Collect 1x Block of Iron

Block of Iron only spawns in looted chests in the Bastion Remnant. They usually contain 1-5x Block of Iron with a 19-33% chance.


If you already have 1x Block of Iron, go to step 4.

#2 Collect 9x Iron Nugget

You can smelt any Iron Tools and Armors to get 1x Iron Nugget.


Trading with Piglins also gives you 9-36x Iron Nugget with a 2.18% chance.


Finally, you can find Iron Nugget in looted chests in Bastion Remnant, Ruined Portal, Shipwreck, and Village. They contain 1-18x Iron Nugget.


When you have enough Iron Nugget, go to step 4.

#3 Other Ways to Get Iron Ingot

Iron Ingot has a chance to spawn in naturally generated structures. You can expect 1-9x Iron Ingot in any structure. So finding Iron Ingot this way is not bad.


The main way is to smell Iron Ore or Raw Iron in a Furnace. You will get 1x Iron Ingot.


Alternatively, you can make a mob farm to farm Iron Ingot. Iron Golems drop 3-5x Iron Ingots on death. Zombies, Zombie Villagers, and Husks have a 2.5% chance to drop 1x Iron Ingot.


#4 Finish off crafting an Iron Ingot

When you have either 1x Block of Iron or 9x Iron Nugget, you can start crafting an Iron Ingot.

Put 1x Block of Iron in the crafting grid (no Crafting Table required) to get 9x Iron Ingot.


Or right-click a Crafting Table, and place 9x Iron Nugget to craft 1x Iron Ingot.


What is the give command to get an Iron Ingot?

The command to give yourself an Iron Ingot is: /give @p iron_ingot 1

Now you have the Iron Ingot, let’s make yourself a full Iron Armor and an Iron Pickaxe to mine diamonds!

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