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How To Make Wheat In Minecraft

Ever wonder how to breed and feed your animals in Minecraft? You're lucky! In this article, we'll show you a step-by-step guide to craft Wheat in Minecraft.
How To Make Wheat In Minecraft

Everything you need to make Wheat

Wheat is an essential ingredient to make food in the early game. You can also use it to craft several blocks and to feed Cows or Sheep. Despite many usages, getting Wheat in Minecraft is fairly simple.

  • 1x Wheat Seeds OR 1x Hay Bale

How to craft Wheat in Minecraft

#1 Collect 1x Wheat Seeds

Wheat Seeds can be obtained by breaking Grass or Tallgrass. This way you will have a small chance each time a Grass is broken and you will receive 1x Wheat Seeds

get wheat

If you already have a Wheat farm (or you can find one in the Village), simply break the farm plot to get Wheat Seeds. You can get 0-3x when doing this, the more ripen the crop, the more Wheat Seeds you will get. You can also use a tool with Fortune enchantment to increase this drop to 6x Wheat Seeds.

wheat in village

When you have the Wheat Seeds, craft yourself a Hoe and use it on a nearby Dirt or Grass block to turn it into the Farmland block. Make sure this block is near any water source. Then just right-click the farmland with the Wheat Seeds and wait.

farming wheat

After a while, your crop should fully grow into Wheat. If you see if’s fully turns into yellow color, feel free to left-click to harvest 1x Wheat.

harvest wheat

#2 Other Ways to Get Wheat

You can find Wheat straight in looted chests in those structures: Dungeon, Igloo, Pillager Outpost, Shipwreck, Underwater ruins, Village, and Woodland mansion. They contain 1-21x Wheat.

wheat in chest

Fox has a small chance to spawn with a Wheat in its mouth. You can drop a random item to trade for Wheat.

fox with wheat

Another way is to look for Hay Bale. They are usually generated in the Village.

hay bale

#3 Finish off crafting a Wheat

When you have 1x Hay Bale, simply put it in the crafting grid and get 9x Wheat.

crafting wheat

What is the give command to get a Wheat?

The command to give yourself a Wheat is: /give @p wheat 1

Now you have Wheat, you can turn it into seeds and start farming again!

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