How To Make Scaffolding In Minecraft

Don’t know how to build a Scaffolding? Here is an interesting guide on how to craft it in a simple way.
How To Make Scaffolding In Minecraft

Everything You Need To Make Scaffolding

To make scaffolding, you have to place 3x bamboo on the right column of the craft table and 3x bamboo on the left column of the crafting table. Make sure the first row has 1x string in the middle box. This will get you a scaffolding

  • 1x crafting table
  • 1x string
  • 6x bamboo

How to craft Scaffolding


Open crafting table

First of all, go near the crafting table and open it by right-clicking on it. This will open up a crafting grid having 9 boxes on it as you can see in the picture below.

Make sure you have 1x string and 6x bamboo for yourself. You can mine in the jungle to get 6x bamboo and for 1x string, you can use our guide on how to craft string in Minecraft.


Place Material on crafting table

Now, place 6x bamboo on the right and left column of the crafting table. And for 1x string, you just put it on the middle box of the first row. See the picture below and stick with the position of the material.

This will get you 1 scaffolding on the right side of the table.


Move scaffolding into your inventory

Just drag and drop the scaffolding into your inventory and you are free to it anywhere you want.

What is the give command to get a Scaffolding

The give command to get yourself Scaffolding is “/give @p scaffolding 1”.
We hope you liked the guide. You can explore to know what other things you can make with Scaffolding.

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