How To Make Snow In Minecraft

Do you want to build a snowman in Minecraft? To do so, you will need some Snow first. That's why in this article, we will show you how to craft Snow!
How To Make Snow In Minecraft

Everything you need to make Snow

Snow is a special block in Minecraft that has over ten different variations with different heights. It’s mainly used for building and decoration purposes and has no use in crafting. To craft Snow in Minecraft, you will need three Snow blocks.

  • 3x Snow Block

How to craft Snow in Minecraft


Collect 3x Snow Block

You can craft Snow Block by putting 4x Snowball in a 2x2 shape in the crafting grid. Each recipe will give you 1x Snow Block.

craft snow block

Snow Block can be generated naturally on the ground in most snowy biomes. Remember to use a Shovel to gather snow blocks fast.

snowy mountain


Finish off crafting a Snow

When you have 3x Snow Block, right-click any Crafting Table and put 3x Snow Block in a row to craft 6x Snow.

craft snow

You can also obtain Snow from any snowy biomes like snowy plains, ice spikes, frozen oceans, snowy taiga, frozen river, snowy beach, and more! Remember to use a Silk Touch shovel to mine Snow.

snowy lake

What is the give command to get a Snow?

The command to give yourself a Snow is: /give @p snow 1

Now you have Snow, let’s place some around your lovely house to bring the Christmas vibe into it!

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