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The Best Storage Mods For Minecraft

Looking for a list of the best storage mods in Minecraft? We have them all.
The Best Storage Mods For Minecraft

The Best Storage Mods For Minecraft

The best Minecraft storage mods are the most downloaded, top rated storage mods available from

  • Storage Drawers by Texelsaur 
  • Iron Chests by ProgWML6
  • Carry On by Tschipp
  • Refined Storage by raoulvdberge
  • Enderstorage by Covers1624
  • Expanded Storage by NinjaPhenix

Storage Drawers by Texelsaur

This mod depends on Chameleon Library by Texelsaur. 

With 117 million downloads, Storage Drawers is perhaps the best of all the mods.

This simple Minecraft mod offers both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional storage drawers for any Minecraft home, and is one of the best Minecraft storage mods available.

Image showing a wall of storage drawers in Minecraft

Compact storage drawers offer a fresh take on traditional storage chests, with color-coding and named picture storage drawers available for perfect organization of your items.

To use this mod, simply interact with the drawers to add/remove items, which also show capacity bars on the front to show exactly how much space is left for storage in each drawer to make your life easier. 

The perfect storage solution, Storage Drawers even allows for very compact mini-drawers for the smallest of home bases.

Iron Chests by ProgWML6

As for other storage mods, Iron Chests boasts 111 million downloads for good reason.

A more traditional storage mod, this simple mod introduces not only iron chests to Minecraft but a variety of new storage options such as a Copper chest, Gold and Crystal.

Image of 6 chests of different materials in Minecraft

This mod even adds a Dirtchest 9000 for all your dirt blocks storage needs!

Chests available to craft include:

  • Copper
  • Crystal
  • Iron
  • Silver
  • Obsidian
  • Dirtchest 9000
  • Gold

Carry On by Tschipp

Carry On has nearly 39 million downloads on CurseForge, offering perhaps the most convenient storage solutions: a storage chest in Minecraft set as a single tile entity- meaning you can simply pick it up, and carry on!

Image showing a Minecraft player holding a chest

This is one of the best Minecraft storage mods in that it allows the player to pick up and carry storage chests that are full of items from their inventory, with no need to break them to transport and no need to worry about your items despawning from the world.

Refined Storage by raoulvdberge

This mod has 60 million downloads under its belt, and there's no wondering why.

A connected network of mass storage covering the length and breadth of your Minecraft world, Refined Storage truly does offer a different system of storage for not only your inventory, but fluids.

All the storage items such as chests share the same grid, meaning that they are all interconnected on the same network.

Image showing different types of storage from the Refined Storage mod in Minecraft

This allows the player to access all the items stored in any of the containers to add or remove as many blocks or as much stuff from their inventory as they desire.

This mod does get a little complicated ( in fact, it has its own Wiki) and needs quite a few in-game resources, but the amazing functionality of the Disk Drives and Storage Blocks that replace traditional chests makes up for any complexity and allow the player to store their entire inventory.

Enderstorage by Covers1624

Enderstorage has 72 million downloads from CurseForge, with modders enjoying the simplistic yet highly functional nature of the mod.

Color-coded chests are linked together based on their colors, providing excellent accessibility when you're on the go in the Minecraft world.

All chests that share the same color share the same inventory, which works cross-dimensionally, meaning items stored in a chest in the corner of The End will still be available from the comfort of your home on the Overworld if a corresponding chest is available.

Image showing a block from the Enderstorage mod in Minecraft

No chest of the same color in your home? Simply make one!”

Chests are dyed by dying the wool on the top of the chest, linking together when the color matches another chest. 

This mod adds Ender Pouches for an ultimate answer to Minecraft players storage solutions.

Expanded Storage by NinjaPhenix

With nearly 3 million downloads, this mod is a perfect solution for modders who may not want lots of additions to their Minecraft game, yet still want expanded storage.

Expanded Storage does what it says on the tin - expands vanilla storage chests to hold more items depending on their type, whilst adding a variety of different ‘tiered’ chests of varying materials that rely on the chest made previous to craft.

Image showing different tiers of chests in the Expanded Storage mod

These tiers go from vanilla chests to Diamond, requiring one of the previous ‘tier’ of chest plus other items to craft e.g. one Gold chest requires one Iron chest and 8 Gold Bars to craft.

The mod adds another idea: different types of novelty themed containers to the game such as an X-mas and Pumpkin chest!

How Can I Install Mods For Minecraft?

There is a process to follow when adding Minecraft storage mods to your game:

  1. Install the Mod loader- in this case, the CurseForge App 
  2. Go to and click download
  3. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete installation
  4. Open CurseForge app and make sure Minecraft is selected  on the left hand side
  5. At the top of the screen, use the search bar to search for the mods you want to install
  6. Once you find the mod you want, click ‘install’
  7. When all mods are installed, click ‘play’ through the CurseForge Launcher
  8. Play your modded Minecraft game!
Image showing the play button on CurseForge
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