50 Best Blue Skins In Minecraft

50 Best Blue Skins In Minecraft

These skin all utilize a color that we should know about, the color blue, specifically. These skins have some version of the color blue which makes these skins perfect if that is your favorite color.These skins showcase the fantastic creativity and designs which all in some way have the color blue in them! Some of these skins range from a basic design to some of the most complex texture work, I have ever seen!Recommended: How to convert an image into a minecraft skin

Stick Figure

Is that the sky I see through him!? It's almost like he’s a stick figure!! Not only can you see through him with his large eyes, He can easily see you! The basic design looks fantastic and the ability to see through the skin may just give you an edge when other players briefly look in your direction!

Bad Time Sans

Do you wanna have a bad time? I tried to steer you away from this horrible end, yet you gained more and more love from killing my comrades in an attempt to escape. The orange and blue eyes keep this skin interesting with the blue jacket, making san’s design complete. The skull’s design looks fantastic and even features the hole for the nose!

Blue E-Boy Skin

Want to become a TikToker or a YouTube celebrity? With the Blue E-Boy Skin all your dreams may, or may not, come true! On the back of the blue hoodie, there is a creeper face which keeps this skin perfectly in tune with the Minecraft world!

Jellal Kimono Blue

The Lord Zeref has commanded me to use my magic in a fight against you! My heavenly body magic, after my nice long stay in this Japanese hotel! Look, they even gave me this fantastic blue kimono in celebration of my future victory! The skin also features not only the blue hair but also the red tattoo that Jellal received from Lord Zeref!

Dark Blue Creeper

Oh God! What new type of creeper is this?! The larger mouth and the eyes will haunt me for the next few nights. I’ll be looking over my shoulder whenever I play Minecraft and if I see a blue creeper, I might just shut the game off and call it a night!

Blue Knight

A valiant knight, adorned in blue with blue eyes. He fights for honor, for glory and for any cause he sees as just! The metal armor that is worn to protect him from any attack against him. The blue accents seen throughout this skin looks fantastic for any knight planning to defend the princess and country against evil invaders!

Blue Flame Demon

You might be wondering what the Blue Knight was defending against? Then this skin is the perfect monster designed to attack and cause a large amount of mischief. The blue flames and red horns set this demon apart from other humans! Watch out for the blue flames of the mischief demon, who may be right around the corner waiting to greet you!

Blonde Blue Princess

This is the princess that the Blue Knight was protecting and the princess that the Blue Demon was trying to steal away! She is the future queen of the nation bathed in blue and with her influence the demon could be a great evil king to her people!

MistyRose2000 Element Contest

This Mage is from the blue nation which is designed to keep the blue princess safe from the Blue Demon! The magic inscribed in on his cloak keeps him calm in the worst situation, the white glowing eyes show off his power. He is ready and willing to protect his princess!

Red and Blue

The Red and Blue skin looks like Spiderman if he wore both a red and blue suit. The simple black design makes it look very close to spider man's symbol. For players that don’t want to choose between a red or a blue skin this combination is a perfect choice!

Red & Blue Fire Creeper

Is this a new type of creeper?! A Red and Blue Creeper with the fire designs littered throughout the entire skin? The left side features a cool blue flame while the right side features the hot red fire which everyone knows from campfires. The creeper face is split between cool blue flames and the hot red flames when this creeper explodes who knows what’ll happen!

Blue Penguin

Watch out in the North pole! You might just find a random blue penguin hanging out! This skin looks adorable and is perfect for the person who enjoys combining their love of animals with their love of the fantastic color, Blue! The detail in the penguin’s stomach looks amazing and with his little flippers match the color perfectly!

Skull Mask Boy with Hoodie

He may not be sans, but he does send a shiver down my spine! The skull side of his face is haunting while the yellow and glowing eyes make it seem like he is looking directly into your soul! The black hair and the yellow shirt also makes this skin look incredibly visible, no matter the current lighting of the Minecraft world!

Blue Hoodie Skeleton

A servant of the Blue Demon, I am. The mage with the undead magic which can raise the dead and fight against the mage’s enemy. The design of this mage is also fantastic with the bones being a slightly yellowish color and the thoroughly detailed! The red eyes will peer into your soul!

Steve - A New Era

Ever wanted an updated Minecraft skin? The detail and colors of this skin is perfect for any seasoned Minecraft player, who may want an updated design! The Texture in the shirt and the pants look fantastic and any person playing Minecraft may want to equip this skin! The skin color also features some shading techniques in the arms, shirt, pants and face.

Ocean Angel - FS - SFA

The light blue angel, Ocean Angel, looks fantastic with the high amount of detail. The armor and shading that this skin has looks amazing and is perfect for virtually anyone’s use as a skin! The light blue texture in both the eyes, hair and clothes looks fantastic!

Blue Overalls

The Blue overall skin showcases the color blue in a very visible way. The blue shirt, blue pants and the blue goggles all look fantastic. The simple, yet textured design fears overall, I know go figure, and simple blue pants, blue shoes and a blue shirt. It’s almost like it's a blue world.

Galaxy Girl

Ever wanted to feel like the stars were aligned and waiting for you? With the galaxy girl skin, they just might be. The sky blue eyes also appear as if they are glowing, much like the moon during a full moon! The skin texture has some great detail with varying colors of the similar skin color.

Blue Dragon Tomboy

Looking for a good gamer girl skin? This skin features a sky blue dragon located on the back of her hoodie. The blonde hair has a good gradient and features a light blue microphone, which makes this skin perfect for a content creator or Minecraft streamer! The light blue accents are all throughout the hoodie, pants and even the shoelaces!

Blue Boy Gamer

Do you want a boy skin designed with the gamer or content creator in mind, The Blue Boy Gamer skin is perfect! The light to dark coloring of the hoodie and the pants offer both style and the piercing blue eyes follow the color of the sea! This skin also features a microphone to reflect the fact the streamer is recording / streaming at this very moment!

Blue Ninja

Ever want to be a ninja? Oh, what am I saying every kid wanted to be a ninja growing up! This skin let’s you become the ninja that you’ve always wanted to be! Only the eyes are shown through his ninja gear, his black eyes visible through the night, no matter, no matter how the dark the night becomes.

Blue Knight #2

Was the first Blue Knight not enough for you? Then come check out this second Knight skin! Featuring less armor but passion. Looking at the decal on the front of his chest and his helmet all featuring the blue coloring for which he is named after! In this helmet, his eyes aren’t visible but instead just showing just the black coloring.

Blue Vans Hoodie

The blue vans hoodie skin is perfect for just roaming around your Minecraft world, ranging from just walking to building and crafting your magnificent creations. The simple but fantastic textures look amazing with the simple white strings makes this hoodie feel even more realistic.

Bobby Hypixel

This is Bobby from Hypixel Assassins, this user, ThatDarnedDuck, retextured the shirt, shoes and pants. He added a lot more texture to the Bobby skin, which enables the skin to look this fantastic! The hair having slight variations of brown and appearing to have a front puffy section is a great addition.

LewenSk (Avatar-Styled)

Ever wanted to feel like you were part of the northern water tribe. The fur and blue coloring, lets the people know that you may be a water bender! The lighter blue colored hair also is a dead giveaway when considering that most hair colors can reflect what element they bend.

Summer Blue Eboy

The summer blue eboy is perfect for roaming around your Minecraft world! The light blue sky with the clouds makes it seem as if the sky has been captured and printed on to the shirt with the white undershirt offering a high level of detail.


No, there are no twinkling vampires here! Just a highly detailed and quite honestly great looking skin for any Minecraft that wants to capture the moment of Twilight that the sun creates! This skin features only blue hues, the variation allows the other players to know which part of the skin is supposed to be the face and which is supposed to be the hair.

Cute Boy On Quarantine

Ever wanted your skin to reflect the fact that you have been, let's be honest here, mostly gaming during quarantine? This skin is a perfect choice in that exact and mostly common scenario! The basic colors could use some shading but overall this skin looks fantastic and it would be a great way to talk to your friends while enjoying some Minecraft!

The Brother Of The blue diamond boy is a zombie !!!!

Oh god that Zombie has some major cash flow! The jacket, the shirt and the shoes all show just how much money that zombie makes and how little he cares about the dollar sign on any of his extravagant purchases! The diamonds on his shirt and on his shoes may cost a lot, but for style (and his bank account) style has no price tag!

Blue Bandanna Dream

Do you watch the YouTuber Dream? Do you want to learn to play and create the same fantastic plays that he uses to best his friends in his various YouTube videos? The Bandanna shows that you'll be going to actually try this round and not just let your friends win.

NOVA Blue Skull Ninja

The detail and accents in the NOVA Blue Skull Ninja, The light blue coloring is littered throughout the skin. The right eye following the light blue coloring shows just how much power this ninja has at his disposal! The light blue sneakers he is wearing may not show off his power, but it does show off his immense style!

Blue King

Looking to become a king? Become THE king of the blue country then the Blue king skin is perfect to fulfill all your kingly wants while still making sure to knight the correct people to defend your country! The simple crown and simple face may hide the king’s true intentions!

Verzide Like Skin

Another famous YouTubers Minecraft skin makes it onto this list and into the hearts of people! The detail and the large amount of people that watch Verzide makes this skin perfect for any viewer of his channel that wants to feel his level of popularity for just a little while!


Sometimes simple is the best way to go, many try to add a huge amount of detail into their skins which sometimes falls a bit flat. Blue says that just having detail doesn’t make it a great skin but the design itself has to be good as well! The mic, the hoodie strings and the simple face are all examples of this idea!

Cool Blue Hair Dude

Want the simplistic design of Blue but you want to be  just a bit cooler when compared to blue. The cool hair has a lot of texture with some fantastic design, the black coloring of the shirt with the white buttons and the light blue shirt. The sneakers feature a simple red and black design and are a perfect choice for any Minecraft in a city!

Blue Boi

The Blue Boi features more detail in the texture work when compared to the Cool Blue Hair Dude, Featuring a lot more variations in the hair makes this skin look fantastic. The Blue Boi skin features more texture in the shirt as the skin creator used the extra layer to add more detail to both the shirt and the hair and even the rips in the pants.


Watch out! Wizard ready your spells to defend! There is a warrior coming in for a fight! She comes wearing a lot of armor as well! This skin was inspired by the arctic warrior from the bedrock edition of Minecraft. The blonde hair and blue eyes compliment the blue color scheme that this warrior seems to have!

Monochrome Blue Darp

This Monochrome skin looks fantastic by utilizing just a simple blue color scheme. The light blue skin with the darker clothes makes this perfect, especially if you want to try and blend into the sky! But watch out the black eyes and darker hair color will give you away!

Blue Hoodie Enderman

Holy cow! Is that a short Enderman? …… is it wearing a hoodie? I want the hoodie that it is wearing, it looks fantastic! Wait the eyes are wrong, it’s got yellow eyes instead of the purple eyes that the enderman is known for! Wait, this enderman is also wearing shoes, I wonder what type of shoes he’s wearing and where he got them.

Sakura City

The Sakura trees are in bloom and the leaves falling every makes this a perfect time to confess… wait this isn’t an anime! No this is just the Sakura City skin! The detail may not be perfect but nearly anyone will understand and appreciate this skin when looking at it!

The Ice Blue Knight

Were the first two Blue Knights not cool enough for you? The Ice Blue Knight features an icy-design, where the first two knights have the gray metal while this skin features a snow white metal.

Blue Fire

Ever wanted to feel like one of the hottest fires out there? Want to spread the blue flame to the surrounding area. The red eyes and the light blue flames keeps the skin looking fantastic! The larger red eyes look as if he is peering into your soul and judging if your soul is worthy to be saved from the blue flames.

Gogeta Blue

With the recent canonization of Gogeta, with the recent Dragonball Super’s movie. In that movie, not only did Gogeta become cannon but also the fact that Gogeta can access Super Saiyan Blue. Both Goku and Vegeta fuse to create Gogeta, who defeated Broly in the recent movie!

Light Blue Flower Dress

This may not be the Elsa dress, as the hair is all wrong and the flower dress may look like it's keeping the girl cool but instead it’s just making her look cool, instead! The flower in the hair and the simple light blue and white coloring of the dress looks fantastic and has a large amount of detail.

Netherite Armor

Oh gosh! That player already has Netherite armor and a whole set to that as well!... Wait, that can’t be a person, it doesn’t have a face, just two red glowing eyes and a shadow-like skin color. The texture in the armor is fantastic, the various colors and shading makes this armor look amazing!

Classic Sapphire Sheep

The classic sapphire sheep skin looks fantastic for roaming around the Minecraft world of your choice! The texture of the wool looks fantastic and seems exactly like the wool texture that the common sheep in Minecraft.

Vivid Yellow

On the standard color wheel, the color blue is directly across from the color of yellow! This skin features these two colors in a large amount. The vivid yellow coloring in both the arms and in the shoes match the incredibly yellow eyes while the blue hair makes the yellow eyes pop!

Melting the Ice

Frozen and is slowly being thawed out through her own power of fire and of heat! The red slowly coming back into the skin! The fire seemingly shown in her arm! The texture and design of this skin looks fantastic and shows the skin creator’s talent.

Mr.BlueBerry Derp Skin

A business style and the blueberry skin makes this derp skin look fantastic. The derpy face keeps the skin light and happy while the business suit shows the skin means business and that users should be wary of any deals being made with this skin.


Oh god! It’s corrupted code, the light blue and the red eyes show just how broken this skin’s broken design and at certain points are completely see through!  The larger eye on the left side is significantly larger than the right eye.Come check out these fantastic skins throughout this list! These skins range from just basic designs to more complex skins which no doubt have required a large amount of time and effort to create and plan out!