Best Blue Skins In Minecraft

If you're a fan of the color blue, you're going to love this list of the best blue skins in Minecraft.

Updated on Nov 16, 2023
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Best Blue Skins In Minecraft

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Jellal Kimono Blue


The Lord Zeref has commanded me to use my magic in a fight against you! My heavenly body magic, after my nice long stay in this Japanese hotel! Look, they even gave me this fantastic blue kimono in celebration of my future victory! Thisboy skin features not only blue hair, but also the red tattoo that Jellal received from Lord Zeref!

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Blue Knight


A valiant knight, adorned in blue with blue eyes. He fights for honor, for glory, and for any cause he sees as just! The metal armor is worn to protect him from any blue demon attacks. The blue accents seen throughout this skin look fantastic for any knight planning to defend the princess and country against evil invaders!

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Blonde Blue Princess


This is the princess that the aforementioned Blue Knight has sworn to protect forever! She is the future queen of the nation bathed in blue with blonde hair, and with her influence, that nation could enter an era of prosperity and joy!

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Red & Blue Fire Creeperv


If your favorite color is blue and you play Minecraft, then this Creeper skin might be for you. The left side features a cool blue flame while the right side features a hot red fire which everyone associates with campfires. The creeper's face is split between cool blue flames and hot red flames. Who knows what’ll happen when this creeper explodes.

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Skull Mask Boy with Hoodie


This boy may not be sans, but he does send a shiver down my spine! The skull side of his face is haunting while the yellow and glowing eyes make it seem like he is looking directly into your soul! The black hair and the yellow shirt also complete the look of this skin perfectly, no matter the current lighting of your Minecraft world!

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Steve - A New Era


Ever wanted updated Minecraft skins for Steve? The detail and colors of this skin are perfect for any seasoned Minecraft player who may want an updated design. This great skin also features some appropriate shading techniques in the arms, shirt, pants, and face. It almost looks like it's part of an official texture pack for Minecraft bedrock edition.

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Ocean Angel


The light blue angel called Ocean Angel looks fantastic due to how much detail was put into creating it. The armor and shading that this skin has looks amazing and are perfect for virtually anyone looking for a divine skin! The light blue texture in both the eyes, hair, and clothes are why this skin is so majestic.

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Blue Ninja


Ever want to be a ninja? Oh, what am I saying, every kid wanted to be a ninja growing up! This skin lets you become the ninja that you’ve always wanted to be! Only the eyes are shown through his ninja gear. His black eyes are also visible through the night - no matter how dark it is.

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Blue Knight #2


Was the first Blue Knight not enough for you? Then come check out this second Knight skin! Featuring less armor but more passion. The decal on the front of his chest and his helmet all feature blue coloring. Although the helmet he wears blocks his eyes, he's still strong enough to take on any foe.

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NOVA Blue Skull Ninja


The detail and accents in the NOVA Blue Skull Ninja are astonishing. The way his eyes were designed shows just how much power this ninja has at his disposal! Likewise, his light blue sneakers also show off his immense style!

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Blue Hoodie Enderman


Holy cow! Is that a short Enderman? I want the blue jacket or hoodie that it is wearing, it looks fantastic! Wait, the eyes are wrong; it’s got yellow eyes instead of the purple eyes that the Enderman is known for! It's also wearing shoes, I wonder where it got its fashion sense.

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Blue Fire


Ever wanted to feel like one of the hottest fires out there? Well, the Blue Fire skin will allow you to feel just that. The red eyes and the light blue flames are a nice touch that keep the skin looking fiery! The larger red eyes make it look as if he is peering into your soul and judging if your soul is worthy to be saved from the blue flames.

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Blue Netherite Armor


Oh gosh! That player already has Netherite armor and a whole set to that as well! That can’t be a person though, it doesn’t have a face. It just has two red glowing eyes and shadow-like skin. The texture in the armor is cool, but we're not sure if he's up to any good!

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Melting the Ice


She's slowly thawing out through her own power of fire and heat! Her hot side is slowly coming back into the skin, with the fire already managing to consume half of her body. Roleplaying aside, a skin as detailed as this shows how talented the skin creator is.

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