Best All Time Harry Potter Maps in Minecraft [Final Answer]

Want to bring your Harry Potter fanatasies to life? Take a look at in our opinion some of the best Harry Potter maps in Minecraft for inspiration!

Updated on Jan 24, 2024
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Best All Time Harry Potter Maps in Minecraft [Final Answer]

There are some great adventure maps on Minecraft that not only are created from pure scratch, but also from ideas and memorials for many different fandoms. One of the most loved fandoms is Harry Potter. Below, we have put together some of the best Harry Potter Maps of All Time. Let's take a look!

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Witchcraft and Wizardry Map

This map has been booming all over the Minecraft internet as the most popular and must-have Hogwarts Minecraft map. The Witchcraft and Wizardry Map was created by The Floo Network, a small group of Minecrafters who only build with passion and love. This Minecraft map takes us on an adventure through multiple locations, some of which are:

  • Hogwarts
  • Hogsmeade
  • London
  • Diagon Alley
  • Godric's Hollow
  • Wizarding World
  • Muggle World
  • And More


This project has been completed since 2015, with up to 4 updates since 2020. This Open World Map is available to download for Java Edition Versions 1.16-1.16.5 only. It is not available for Bedrock Edition or PlayStation.

Witchcraft and Wizardry Info Here

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The Nox Hogwarts Map

Although still under construction for a few locations, this Hogwarts map is perfect for anyone who wants to not only have an adventure map, but also a resource Pack, 3D models, and Plugins. This map consists of almost every location imaginable in Hogwarts, along with being beautifully built as well by the NoxStudios creators.


This map is still unfinished, and currently has a few more locations to be built, but they have given a Discord in dedication to the updates of the map, along with a recent update in August 2023. Meaning, the map is for sure still being constructed. Overall, it is a beautiful map with incredible imagery of the Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle, the Astronomy Tower, Hagrid's Hut, the Forbidden Forest, and much more!

Nox Map Info Here

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Harry Potter Quidditch Map

Not looking for a complete download map of the Harry Potter Series? We have found a perfect map for all of you Quidditch fans out there! This map was created by a solo Minecraft player named millkeye. They did not make this a map to be available to download, unfortunately, but it is a perfect PvP reference to the world championship!


From what we know, this map is playable PvP while being originally created on version 1.8, with the size being 200x200 blocks.

Make sure you fit it with some Harry Potter skins in Minecraft!

Quidditch Map Info Here

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Fan-Made Hogwarts World Map

This map is a purely fan-made Hogwarts World Map that was solely created to be enjoyed by a single player's effort. This is even a downloadable Minecraft map that includes many different locations such as dungeons, a library, Hufflepuff common room, detailed gardens, a diagon alley, and much more. This creation goes all the credit to Embersky.


This location was published in 2021 with around 2,000 downloads. Although it may never reach the 500,000 downloads like The Floo Network creation, it is undoubtedly still a favorite among Minecraft Potter fans.

Download Hogwarts World Map Here

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Hogwarts Castle (400+ Rooms)

Although it seems to be just an ordinary castle, this castle lets us explore over 400 different rooms mentioned in the Harry Potter series. This Castle features tons of exploration including a scavenger hunt, a Boggart fight in the Astronomy Tower, magic tools to open secret rooms, and much more.


To name some of the rooms available in this map, a few would be:

  • The Library
  • Chamber of Secrets
  • Armor Gallery
  • Room of Doom
  • Philosophers Stone Challenges
  • Owlrey
  • Deuling Room
  • and hundred's more

With over 9,000 downloads, this map is definitely worth looking into to add to your Minecraft Adventure list! Make sure to check out the post made by the creator Gabbel!

Download 400+ Rooms Map Here

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Azkaban Prison Map

A very interesting map to download, the Azkaban Prison Map is a very uniquely created Harry Potter map, that really stands out from the rest! The creator, Dragonod made this map alone as a single-player, and also made it available for download for any Potter fans who would want to get their hands on this one. This map is available on Java Edition only.


This map is available for personal use, so you have the ability to do with it what you wish, just make sure all of the credit goes to Mr. Dragonod!

Download Azkaban Map Here

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Hogwarts Express

Although not a map, this is definitely worth adding to any Hogwarts map to create the ultimate Potter Minecraft experience! The Hogwarts Express Mod built by rockit14, has extreme details in the design, along with actually functioning. Meaning, this train can physically move around the map, as long you have a conductor!


Download Hogwarts Express Here

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The Seven Hogwarts Map

A growing attraction among Potter fans, this map is extremely detailed with an amazing castle built. Although simple so far, the creator ZombieCrafter6 has many expectations for his build. Along with using actual geometric images from Scotland.


Download 7 Hogwarts Map Here

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A Hogwarts Map with Land Structure

Although one of the newest additions to the Potter map creations. This is by far one of the best projects. With amazing details, combining many different versions, this Hogwarts map is said to be a huge castle with many great additions such as a suspension bridge, bell towers, transfiguration courtyard, and much more.


This creation has been built by A Potter Project. A group of gamers looking to create yet another fantastic Potter map.

Download Hogwarts Map Here

Overall, there are some amazing Harry Potter builds out there on Minecraft. Make sure you match the theme with a cute Minecraft village or ocean alongside the Castle. Along with some dark shaders, this will be a perfect setup!

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