5 Best Minecraft Village Ideas

If you are tired of regular Minecraft villages, you should take a look at this article. Here are 5 Best Minecraft Village Ideas you can build in your world.

Updated on Jan 24, 2024
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5 Best Minecraft Village Ideas

Villages in Minecraft can sometimes look too boring, especially if you are in the plains biome. However, even after the Village and Pillage update, the villages can still be expanded to look even better than before.

Today, in this article, you will read about the five best Minecraft village ideas that can be applied to almost every biome in Minecraft. Of course, some designs are better than others, but each and every one is a unique story for itself.

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Desert Village

You are not the only one who thinks regular desert villages look boring even though they were redesigned recently. Nevertheless, this is one of the Minecraft village ideas you should make in your desert biome.


It looks much better than the classic desert village, as it will bring more life into the desert wastelands.

The village houses mostly have one or two floors. They are made with various types of desert sandstone blocks, and their roofs are mostly made of granite blocks in combination with pinkish jungle wood.

Since this desert village is near water, it also has a dock with a ship. And there are also palm trees scattered across the village to represent the tropical feeling.

In conclusion, this Minecraft village idea is great if you want to reform a boring desert village or build one from scratch. It's fairly simple and cheap to make.

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Starter Village

If you are just beginning your Minecraft playthrough and want to make a cool village to act as your base, then this is one of the Minecraft village ideas you should look at.


This starter village is unique, meaning it's not made on top of another village. Instead, it's a custom Minecraft village that can be made out of any type of wood block - everything depends on your biome and preference.

In this Minecraft village, there are a couple of houses surrounding a small pond that can act as a small farm, and next to it, you can build a farmer's house. There's also a dirt path which you can easily make by right-clicking the grass blocks with a shovel.

The houses themselves are stylish. They are mostly made out of wood with few additions of cobblestone. The roofs are impressive. They are a very good combination of wooden stairs and trap doors.

The houses have little chimneys poking out of the roofs, and they produce smoke because of the campfires placed inside. This is a modest yet beautiful Minecraft village that blends in with nature.

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Awesome Village

If you are up for a challenge to build an amazingly large village that fascinates everyone who sees it, then this awesome village is a perfect choice.


In relation to all the other villages on this list, this is most likely the biggest one on this list. It will definitely cost you a lot of materials, and maybe it's even best if you don't make this village in survival mode.

This village is protected by wooden walls which surround it. There is a huge gate through which you can enter and exit - everything is very detailed.

The houses are even larger. They are mostly made of oak and spruce planks, featuring stone bricks and terracotta. On top of them are giant beautiful roofs, which can be seen from a far distance.

It also features multiple farms and barns, so you never need to worry about food. It's like a fortress where you have everything that you need. It can be built anywhere in the world, as you can switch between different types of wood.

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Medieval Village

Are you looking for a much simpler style that isn't too demanding with an incredible appearance? Then this is the village you should add to your own world.


This Minecraft village idea perfectly mimics the medieval building style, and it would be best to combine it with a medieval castle.

The houses are narrow and close to each other. They are mostly made out of oak and spruce planks and logs, with few stone bricks or terracotta additions. The material list can be problematic for a beginner player.

They all have beautiful roofs and balconies with flowers attached to the houses. In the center of the village, there's a small square where you can interact with villagers to buy different products.

In the distance, there's a cathedral made of stone blocks, which is a perfect addition to a medieval-style village like this one.

It's a beautiful design that can be customized without a problem, but it's not something that a player starting should build. Therefore, it's only one of the best Minecraft villages on this list.

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Rural Village

Are you sad because mountain biomes don't have proper villages? Well, don't worry, as this Minecraft village idea will show you that having one is possible.


It's one of the prettiest villages on this list that's calming to look at. It perfectly blends in with the harmony of the large mountains and terrain in Minecraft.

The houses are scattered across the two mountains holding the village together. It's also exposed to a small river with a dock where boats can come in.

Between the mountains, there's a wooden bridge where there's a huge house hanging from it. It's one of the most beautiful build ideas in this village.

Next to the bay area, there's a large wooden water pipe which drains the water from the ocean to pour it down, so you can go up to your village quickly enough.


In conclusion, this design is very creative. It's the best Minecraft village idea on this list because of all the details put into each and every one of these Minecraft village house ideas.

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