How To Ride Llamas: Minecraft

Here's how to ride Llamas in Minecraft!
How To Ride Llamas: Minecraft

Llamas will spawn above grass blocks in herds of 4 llamas on the Savanna biome. On windswept hill biomes they spawn on herds of 4-6 llamas. They come in 4 different colors of white, grey, cream and brown.

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Find a Llama

Before you can ride a llama, you need to find a llama. This is very easy to do if you know which biome to check. Mountain Biomes are the best places to check for llamas. And since there are several biomes, the ones where you are likely to find a Llama are: 

Herd of Minecraft Lllamas wearing colorful carpets

  1. Windswept Hills which are found in a cold mountain biome
  2. A Savanna biome that is generally warmer in temperature
  3. Any mountainous biome will likely have llamas in it so keep your eyes peeled!

Tame your Llama

Taming a Llama to ride is much like taming a horse. And to make the process faster, you can feed your llama, all you need is some Hay. Here is How to craft a Hay Bale which can help too.

Minecraft Llama looking at character holding a Hay Bale

Feeding a llama to tame it faster is easy, here’s how you do it:

  1. Craft your Hay Bale
  2. Hold the Hay in your hand
  3. Approach the llama and right click on the llama to feed it
  4. Repeat as necessary

Now that you have fed your llama-make sure you’ve used at least 10 bales of Hay-its time for the next step, getting on to your llama. Now, simply right-click on the llama to mount it. It might buck you off a few times if you have not fed it enough wheat. If this happens simply keep getting back on until the hearts appear. 

When the hearts appear or your llama looks back at you in admiration, you have tamed your llama, well done! 

Ride a Llama

Now that your llama has been tamed you can ride it and many adventures await you and your llama companion!

Minecraft player character riding a Llama

To ride a llama, make sure to do the following steps and you will be good to go:

  1. Approach the llama
  2. Make sure there is nothing in your hand 
  3. Right click on the llama with your empty hand

However, you cannot steer your llama when you are on it. They do not work like horses with a saddle-horse saddles do not work on them- and they will wander in any direction they like. There is a way to work around this, keep reading to find out.

How can you give directions to a Llama?

If you are in single player mode, you will have to use a lead to give directions to your llama. Unlike other animals that can be tamed, they are not as tempted by food. 

Character leading Minecraft Llama with a lead

To give directions to a llama, this is what you need to do:

  1. Craft a lead. Here is our guide on How to craft a Lead
  2. Approach your llama
  3. Right click on your llama with your lead in your hand

Now, wherever you go the it will follow!

How else can you use a lead on a Llama?

You can also use a lead on a llama that is being ridden. This is especially useful if you are in multiplayer mode and would like to help someone ride a llama. 

Player leading a Minecraft Llama that is being ridden by a second player

Using a lead on a llama that is being ridden can be done by:

  1. Approach the llama that is being ridden
  2. Hold a lead in your hand
  3. Right click the llama with the lead
  4. The lead will now be attached to the llama 

Once this is done a player can sit on a llama and another can direct it with the lead. Also make sure that your llama is tethered to a fence post if it is not being led as it can wander off on its own.

How can you store items with a Llama?

You can use Llamas to store items for you by equipping them with a chest. We’re here to show you how having llama storage can help you collect resources and items in Minecraft.

Minecraft Llama wearing Cyan carpet equipped with storage chest

  1. Craft a chest, use our recipe on How to craft a chest if you’re not sure how
  2. Hold the chest in your hand
  3. Right click on your llama with the chest
  4. Access the llama’s chest inventory by sitting on your llama and pressing E 
Inventory Menu for Minecraft Llama showing 9 slots

Once the chest has been equipped, your llama can have up to 15 storage slots of its own inventory space. If you wish to remove the chest equipped on your llama you will have to kill it-we recommend getting some wood and making a new chest instead as it is a better option than having to kill your llama companion!

How can you breed a Llama?

Once you have 2 tamed Llamas with you, it is possible for you to breed them. To breed llamas is easy and you only need to feed them some hay bales. Keep reading for our guide on how to breed llamas.

Family of 2 adult Minecraft Llamas and 1 baby Llama (cria)
  1. Make sure you have two Llamas that you have tamed
  2. Hold a Hay bale in your hand
  3. Right click the first llama once until you see hearts
  4. Right click the second llama once until hearts appear
  5. The achievement ‘The Parrots and the Bats’ will appear in game along with a baby llama!
  6. Right click the baby llama with wheat or hay to make it grow faster

The baby llama-or cria as it is called- will take on the appearance of one of its parents at random. 

What can you feed a Llama?

Llama food comprises of wheat and hay. Minecraft llamas will need food if you are trying to restore its health, make a baby llama grow, if you are trying to tame a llama faster or if you are trying to make your tamed llamas breed. 

Minecraft Llama beside a stack of Hay Bales

To feed a llama: 

  1. Hold some hay or wheat in your hand
  2. Right click on the llama with the wheat

Make sure you have plenty of wheat and hay around when you are feeding llamas as they can get very hungry! And do not forget to feed your llama if it has been attacked to restore its health. 

What are trader llamas?

Trader Llamas are llamas that spawn in with a wandering trader.  The trader is an NPC in Minecraft. He will usually appear with two llamas that are wearing colorful carpets on their backs.

Wandering trader and his pair of Minecraft Llamas

These llama’s can also be tamed and ridden. Just make sure to break the leads that connect them to the trader and you can start trying to make them part of your own herd!

What is a Llama caravan and how can you make one?

A llama caravan or a llama train is a handy way of getting more than one llama to follow you. By leading a llama, nearby llamas will immediately line up behind it, forming a train of 10 llamas that will follow you.

Player leading a Minecraft Llama train with a lead

To make a Llama caravan or llama train:

  1. Hold a lead in your hand
  2. Right click a llama with the lead
  3. Walk away with the llama still attached to your lead
  4. Any nearby llamas will now follow you

There is no limit on how many llamas you can have leashed and you can take a whole herd with you. This is very useful when you consider that a llama’s inventory can hold up to 15 item slots and you can take many resources with you this way.

How can you customize your Llama?

Another interesting feature is that you can customize your llama’s appearance with a carpet

Minecraft Llama wearing Lime Green carpet

To give your Llama its very own carpet:

  1. Craft a dyed carpet
  2. Right click on your llama to sit on it
  3. Press E
  4. Take the carpet from your inventory and place it on the carpet box near the llama icon

Now your llama will be wearing a carpet! Since there are 16 different colors for carpets, you can color code your herd to reflect what they may have in their inventory. 

Or you can give a llama a carpet purely for the aesthetics and which carpet color you prefer! 

Are Llamas peaceful?

Like most of the animals in Minecraft, llamas are neutral unless provoked. They attack by ‘Spitting’ like an actual llama would do. Their spit can do 1 heart of damage. 

Peaceful herd of Llamas surrounding player

If you accidentally hit a llama, be prepared for some projectiles from it. Llamas will also attack players if they are leashed to a trader that the player hits. They do not attack tamed wolves and will not attack a player if the player attacks another llama.

Will a Llama attack hostile mobs?

A llama will attack any hostile mobs that attack them first. The exception to this rule are the llamas that belong to a wandering trader. These llamas spit at any zombie, pillager or mob that becomes hostile towards them.

Minecraft Player and Llama with Zombies and Creepers in the background

Sometimes if a llama’s spit lands on another it can actually start a fight between members of the herd! Wolves have also been known to run away from them.

Minecraft Llamas are fun animals to tame and ride in. They’re also pretty handy for hauling items from one place to another and you can dress them up with colorful carpets too. Just remember that if you’re thinking of riding one, you’re not going to be the one doing the steering!