8 Best Roof Designs In Minecraft

These 8 best roof designs will help you to take your imaginations to the next level of crafting.
8 Best Roof Designs In Minecraft

Minecraft has endless possibilities for creating designs. There are incredible houses, buildings, and other things you can build. Similarly, you can be creative in the case of house roofs. It depends on the resources you have and the design you want to make. If you are looking for inspiration, here we have included Minecraft's eight best roof designs.


Simple Gable Roof In Minecraft

In these Minecraft roof designs, a simple gable roof design is quick and easy to build. It also looks fabulous on the mountain house. This roof design is made with oak slabs and stairs. This design is best for your Minecraft house's entrance or garage. You can also cover the whole house with it.

The base is made with oak slabs, and to make the slope, oak stairs are used. To make it look aesthetic, you can use lanterns just like Crafting Table did. You can also hang these lanterns on the edges of the roof.


Clerestory Roof In Minecraft

The Clerestory is another famous Minecraft roof design which is also known as a monitor roof or mono pitched roof. This design has a one-sided slope and is made with stone brick slabs and stairs. It is similar to the saltbox roof but has many differences. This roof is perfect for your country house or mountain home.

Natural light and ventilation are combined in this design. You can also make a window on the top as you can see in Mitch Keeler tutorial. This design is often used for storage houses.


Mansard Roof In Minecraft

Mansard roof is a traditional design primarily used to get more attic space. You can apply this technique to your Minecraft house. This roof design contains many windows. As the rooftop of Mansard roofs is flat, you can place a fence around the boundary.

You can use any material from concrete to wood planks to craft this roof. Here black stone is used to build the roof in Gardener TV tutorial. The slope is made using black stone stairs and the fat rooftop is made with black stone slabs.


Easy Flat Roof In Minecraft

Unlike many designs, this flat roof is simple and takes no time to build. A flat roof is ideal for survival houses that must be built as a priority when the game begins. These roofs have a flat surface and no outlet.

You can build it using stone slabs like polished diorite and cobble, or you can use wooden slabs as in this Mitch Keeler’s tutorial. This roof design is also best for the hall rooms and horse stable. That is why it is on our list of best Minecraft roof designs.


Ancient Japanese Roof Design

One of the most antique and precise roof structures are Japanese roof structure. These roofs are just like pyramid roof designs. You have to start it by making wavy shapes on each corner, leading to a curve in the center.

Image Source: Piniks

The whole structure is made with trapdoors, oak slabs, and prismarine blocks. The hanging lanterns enhance its beauty to another level. There is an anvil on the top of the roof, which looks stunning. This is a frame roof suggested by Piniks is best to impress your friends


Curved Roof In Minecraft

Curved roofs are semi-circles with curved rooftop just like the gambrel roof. This roof design is inspired by the gable roof design. You can build this roof by starting the proper curve from one side of the roof. The roof has a flat surface of wooden slabs on the middle or top.

You can use any wooden stairs to build this roof structure. You will also need some slabs to fill the roof’s centre. This roof design is best for farms and horse stables. If you are looking for something different, this roof design by NashCrafter is definitely for you.


Hipped Roof In Minecraft

The hipped roof is also known as a hip roof as it has sloop in all directions. You can make this roof using any material, from stone to cobblestone just like Mitch Keeler did. This design is mostly used in European countries.

This roof is best for survival shelters and storage rooms as they allow extra space on the top. If you prefer it for your Minecraft house, then you can also add a chimney to it, and it will look amazing


Peaked Roof In Minecraft

If you love the hut design but need a strong survival base, this peaked roof idea is just for you. This pitched or peaked roof can be made with wood or stone slabs and stairs but mostly bricks. This design by NashCrafter looks classic and is mostly used as a classic roof design.

This roof design is mostly used for large-scale buildings in Minecraft. You can use this roof for your country home or mountain house as it looks perfect with that design. So, if you are thinking of making an advanced roof design, this could be one you are looking for.

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