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How To Make Wood Slab In Minecraft

Looking for the easiest way to craft wood-slab in Minecraft? We've put together this guide to help you obtain slabs for a perfect Minecraft structure!
How To Make Wood Slab In Minecraft

Everything You Need To Make Wood Slab

To craft wood slabs you have to obtain wooden blocks. Then, use the crafting table to convert them to wooden planks. Again, use the crafting table to convert these planks into wooden slabs. 

Here is everything you need:

  • 1x Stone Axe
  • 2x Crafting Table
  • 1x Wooden Blocks
  • 3x Wood Planks

How to craft Wood-Slab in Minecraft

#1 Get Wood Blooks

Obtaining wooden blocks

First things first, use your stone axe to obtain the wood-blocks of your choice. For instance, you can go for birch wooden blocks, jungle wooden blocks, oak wooden blocks, and spruce wooden blocks. 

You just need to grab wooden blocks with your axe from one of these trees.

#2 Make Wood Planks By Crafting Table

In this step, you’ll be creating wooden planks in a 3*3 crafting grid. First, open the crafting table and place wooden blocks obtained in the previous step on the left side. You’ll have 4 wooden planks for each of the blocks. 

Note: You’ll need different wooden blocks if you are trying to craft multiple types of wood-slab at a given time. For instance, use oak wooden blocks for oak planks, spruce wooden blocks for spruce planks, and vice versa. 

#3 Convert Wood Planks to Wood-Slab in Crafting Table

In the last step, you’ll be utilizing the wood planks obtained in the previous step to create wood-slab of your choice. For this purpose, open a 3*3 crafting grid and place 3 wood planks in any row on the left side of the grid. 

You’ll have your wood-slab on the right side of the grid within seconds. And, that’s it. You’ll have multiple wood-slab of your choice by repeating the steps mentioned above. Decorate your buildings and structures with them to make them stand out.

What is the give command to get a Wood-Slab?

The give command for you to get wood  slab is /give @p minecraft:oak_slab 1.

The command changes with what type of wood you used in crafting. We used oak wood to craft. You replace the “oak” with what type of wood you used.

Minecraft is all about creativity and exploration, so it's no surprise that the ability to craft wooden slabs is one of the most sought-after skills. With this guide, you'll be able to create beautiful wood-slab floors and walls in no time! 

Have you tried out this technique yet? If so, share it with your friends to help them make stunning structures in no time. 

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