10 Best Minecraft Interior Ideas

If you feel like your Minecraft home is empty, then you should take a look at these 10 Minecraft Interior Ideas!
10 Best Minecraft Interior Ideas

One of the biggest problems Minecraft players encounter while building their first Minecraft houses or bases is the emptiness. Not knowing how to properly fill the building you were building can be sometimes demotivating - some people have an actual creative block when building in Minecraft.

This article will solve all those problems, as today we'll look at the ten best Minecraft interior ideas we chose just for you. There'll be a little bit of everything on this list, so tune in and let's begin.


Map Room

Do you love to explore Minecraft endlessly? If you are an adventurer at heart, this map room is the perfect interior idea for your Minecraft base.

This room can be wary in size. It all depends on how you build it. This version of the image is quite big, and we doubt you'll need to make it that way.

It's a simple interior idea that is perfect for you to place all of your adventure maps to make one big giant map. The feeling of exploring and adding a new map each and every time must be so rewarding - this can be a fun challenge for your playthrough.

The blocks used in creating this room are simple - they are the most easily accessible stone blocks and acacia wood. However, the only expensive thing can be many maps and item frames, which a player beginning their world can't obtain that easily.


Cozy Bedroom

Do you want a nice cozy place to sleep and where you can rest after your hard day in Minecraft? Then this cozy bedroom interior idea is the right choice for your Minecraft house.

This bedroom is neither modern nor rustic. On the contrary, it's a perfect blend between those two, creating a nice cozy living space. There are not a lot of details, but they are still significant, as they provide the feeling of warmth.

It's a simple design you can recreate at any point of your playthrough. The blocks aren't expensive at all, and the interior is small enough so it can fit anywhere you want to.

The design is fairly customizable, so you'll always have the opportunity to add or remove something you like or dislike - let your creative juices flow because you can add anything you like, from fairy lights, to even gaming setups.


Gaming Setup

While talking about gaming setups, do you want to have an actual gaming setup in your Minecraft world? If yes, then this interior idea is the perfect one for you.

This is one of the most creative Minecraft interior design ideas on this list. It uses a bunch of interesting blocks to accurately portray an actual gaming setup. But, of course, to build it, you'll need a lot of custom banners and armor stands that you'll push into the ground with pistons.

It's interesting when you take a closer look since everything is custom-made. For example, the chair is entirely made out of various blocks, the mouse is a button, the screens and drawers are made out of banners, and the keyboard is made using armor stands and chainmail helmets.

It's really interesting when you take a closer look at it, and it's something you'll be able to build at the end of your playthrough.


Nether Tunnel

If you want to feel incredible while entering the Nether dimension, this Nether tunnel will serve as a perfect place where you can have your portal placed.

You can place this tunnel anywhere you'd want in your world. It's a design you can incorporate into any building or structure. Unfortunately, it's made out of expensive blocks such as quartz and purpur blocks, so you'll have to go to the end and the Nether to have all the required materials.

We recommend you build this design underground, as that's where you'll have the most space, and it's the most fitting to place it there. It's lit by the regular lanterns, but you can also use soul lanterns or end rods if you like it more that way.

You also don't have to use the purpur blocks if you haven't beaten the Ender Dragon yet - quartz is the most important factor in this building.This can also be a great interior build in the Nether - it's an awesome way to make a portal that'll take you back to your overworld base.


Living Room Interior

Are you tired of looking only at modern Minecraft living room ideas? If you are, this is the living room you should consider adding to your base.

Unlike most Minecraft living rooms, this one isn't a bland modern living room made of quartz blocks. But actually, it takes an interesting spin while using mostly brown wool and similar dark blocks to create a feeling of coziness, warmth, and security.

The most interesting things in this build are the couch made out of two brown beds, wooden signs and wool blocks, then the fireplace made out of andesite blocks, and the rest of the small decorations that, in the end, make the whole thing look impressive - for example, the usage of wooden stairs and flower pots.

Plus, this room includes enough space for a separate dining table if you're unhappy with the small granite tables. You can build this just right as you begin your playthrough. This build is cheap yet so stunning.


Greenhouse Interior

If you are looking for an interesting way to design a Minecraft greenhouse, you should look at this interior idea.

This is a very large, open area that stores various plants, but it's still aesthetically pleasing. There's everything from beetroot to even melons.

To create this interior, you'll not need a lot of materials. The only things that can be hard to find are the plants, such as melons and pumpkins. Besides that, you just need to gather a lot of wood, glass, and stone bricks. You can use lanterns as a light source, as they best fit the theme.

It's an interesting idea to grow your crops, and it's very stylish. It's a perfect addition to your virtual world in Minecraft.


Classic Dining Interior

If you are looking for a relaxing yet beautiful dining room and kitchen, you should look at this interior build.

This dining room is one of the most beautiful interior ideas on this list. It's a room of a decent size, filled with so many details and decorations that it's amazing to see. It isn't modern like most of the dining rooms, as it has more of a classic look and feel.

The dining room is mostly made out of different types of dark wooden blocks. It uses them to create this cozy aesthetic that makes you feel at home. There are a lot of interesting decorations, such as the chandelier, above the custom-made table with actual plates on it. There's also a beautiful map in the background and a custom kitchen stove behind the dining table.

There's been a lot of thought put into this build. And the best part is you can build it whenever you want, as it requires only easy-to-get wooden blocks. You can incorporate the design anywhere, and it's one of the most well-put interior ideas on this list.


End Portal Interior

If you want to decorate an entrance or an exit to the End dimension, this is the perfect interior idea for you.

This is the best way to decorate the entrance or the exit to The End dimension, as this end portal interior completely matches the theme and the settings of The End. It makes the portal look really epic and aesthetically pleasing at the same time with a mixture of various different blocks whose colors blend in perfectly together.

It's mostly made out of purpur blocks and quartz, but it also uses a lot of purple-dyed glass and wool. The platform is made in a sphere shape, and on each side, there's a small obsidian pillar with an end crystal on top of it. The interior is also decorated with end rods and frog lights, which act as perfect light sources for this area.

This design is really beautiful, and it's something you should add to your Minecraft world once you finish the game.


Library Interior

If you are looking to build a library in your Minecraft base or home, this is the perfect interior idea for you!

This library interior is the most calming interior idea on this list. Its ambiance is really relaxing, and it really sets a positive mood. In addition, there are a lot of small interesting details that make it feel somehow even more alive.

It's made out of simple blocks such as wooden planks and stone bricks. The most difficult part about this build is crafting all the bookshelves because they require a lot of books which can be hard to craft at an early point in the game. Other than that, the lanterns are the perfect light source for this build, and they really make the entire scene even better.

This is just one of the Minecraft interior decoration ideas which you must have at one point in your world - it can be a perfect place to store all of your enchanted books or just a beautiful addition to your base.


Storage Space

In Minecraft, you'll have many problems while dealing with storage. Sometimes it can be difficult to fit all chests into one place, so this interior design will be perfect for you.

This is a large storage space that is made to fit any style of building in Minecraft. It's a simple and classic storage room with plenty of space for you to store all of your belongings. You don't need a lot of materials to build it, and it will require a minimum amount of effort.

The beautiful decorative pieces are what make this storage space so special. This is certainly an interesting way to store all of your items. In addition, it has two floors, so you can prioritize which items will be on the top and which are on the bottom of the room.

It's something you should build right at the beginning because it will last you till the end of the game. As well, it's a must-have for all Minecraft players who just started.

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