How To Make Purpur Block In Minecraft

Ever wonder how to build things with Purpur blocks in the End dimension? In this article, we will show you how to craft a Purpur Block in Minecraft!
How To Make Purpur Block In Minecraft

Everything you need to make Purpur Block

Purpur Block is the pink block that is mainly generated in the End dimension and it can be used mostly for building purposes. To craft Purpur Block is fairly hard since you need to go to the End Dimension, but are not required to defeat the Ender Dragon.

  • 4x Popped Chorus Fruit

How to craft Purpur Block in Minecraft


Collect 4x Popped Chorus Fruit

The only way you can get Popped Chorus Fruit is by smelting 1x Chorus Fruit in the Furnace.

smelt chorus fruit

To get Chorus Fruit, you must travel to the End dimension and look for Chorus Plants. They usually grow in a large batch. You can even gather the Chorus Flower to plant and farm it later. Just a note, you can’t use Bone Meal to speed up the growing process of Chorus Plant.

chorus plants

When broken, each block of the Chorus Plant has a 50% chance to drop 1x Chorus Fruit. You can use any tools or barehand to break the plant, but an Axe will be the best tool to harvest it.


Finish off crafting a Purpur Block

When you have 4x Chorus Fruit, press E to open your inventory and put them in a 2x2 shape to craft 4x Purpur Block.

Purple Block can also be found in generated structures in the End dimension like End Cities and End Ships. They contain a lot of Purpur Block so you can just gather them here. However, watch out for Shulker!

What is the give command to get a Purpur Block?

The command to give yourself a Purpur Block is: /give @p purpur_block 1

Congratulation on your Purpur Block! You can turn it into many other variants, or use it to build immediately.

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