How To Make Block Of Netherite In Minecraft

Do you know what is the most expensive block in Minecraft? In this article, we will show you how to craft Block of Netherite! So prepare your material!

Updated on Sep 23, 2022
How To Make Block Of Netherite In Minecraft

Everything you need to make Block of Netherite

Block of Netherite is a result of combining 9x Netherite Ingot together, making it the most expensive and rarest block in Minecraft. You can only use a Diamond Pickaxe to mine it, and the only way you can get Block of Netherite is by crafting.

  • 9x Netherite Ingot

How to craft Block of Netherite in Minecraft

#1 Collect 9x Netherite Ingot

Netherite Ingot can be crafted by putting 4x Netherite Scrap and 4x Gold Ingot together in the crafting grid. They yield 1x Netherite Ingot.

craft netherite ingot

You can obtain Netherite Scarp by smelting 1x Ancient Debris in the Furnace. And Ancient Debris can only be found in the Nether biome. Either by mining or finding chests.

smelt ancient debris

You can also find 1x Netherite Ingot in chests in the Bastion Remnants. They have a 42.1% chance to contain it.

#2 Finish off crafting a Block of Netherite

When you have 9x Netherite Ingot, right-click a nearby Crafting Table and put them all in the crafting grid to craft 1x Block of Netherite.

craft block of netherite

What is the give command to get a Block of Netherite?

The command to give yourself a Block of Netherite is: /give @p netherite_block 1

Congratulation on your Netherite Block, now let’s show it off by placing it down in your base!

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