How To Make Fletching Table In Minecraft

Fletching Table can be useful in some situations where you will need a lot of trading with Fletcher! In this article, we will show you how to craft one!

Updated on Aug 29, 2023
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How To Make Fletching Table In Minecraft

Everything you need to make Fletching Table

Fletching Table is a job site block in Minecraft that can be used to turn any unemployed villagers into fletcher. It has a unique texture with a bow and arrow on one side, and a red target mark on another side so it can also be used for building purposes. To craft a Fletching Table, you will need some planks and flints.

  • 4x Planks
  • 2x Flint

How to craft Fletching Table in Minecraft

#1 Collect 4x Planks

Planks can be crafted by putting 1x Log/Stripped Log/Wood/Stripped Wood in the crafting grid. Each block will yield 4x Planks. The type of the plank depends on the type of wood you used.


You can also find a bunch of Planks generated naturally in most structures like woodland mansions, mineshafts, shipwrecks, pillager outposts, and more!


#2 Collect 2x Flint

Flint is a common mineral in Minecraft that can be obtained by mining gravel blocks. Each gravel will have a 10% chance to drop 1x Flint on broken. With a Fortune III enchantment shovel, this percentage is increased to 100%.


Alternatively, you can trade 10x Gravel blocks and 1x Emerald with the Fletcher village for 10x Flint.

#3 Finish off crafting a Fletching Table

When you have 4x Planks and 2x Flint, right-click a Crafting Table and put the planks in a 2x2 shape in the bottom grids, then place 2x Flint in the top two grids to craft 1x Fletching Table.


You can also find 1x Fletching Table spawn naturally in the fletcher houses in the Village structure.


What is the give command to get a Fletching Table?

The command to give yourself a Fletching Table is: /give @p fletching_table 1

Congratulation on your Fletching Table!

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