How to Build a Roller Coaster in Minecraft | Quick and Super Easy

In Minecraft can build any structure when you think out of the box. Here is a step by step guide on how you can build an amazing Roller coaster in Minecraft.

Updated on Jan 17, 2024
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How to Build a Roller Coaster in Minecraft | Quick and Super Easy

Minecraft has complete resources to build a fantastic roller-coster and enjoy the ride with your friends. Minecraft cart and rail system is best to build this roller coaster. Here we will show you how you can build an amazing roller coaster with no time using few resources.

Step 1: Finding the Perfect Spot

What is the best place to build a roller coaster in Minecraft? The best place to build a roller coaster is in mountain biomes or between islands. Many Minecrafters and YouTubers have built these roller coasters in caves and forests.


We will be building this roller coaster between two islands and will teach you how you can use the slopes to power your minecart. This place is ideal because both islands have high-altitude areas parallel.

Step 2: Gather Resources

Wood and iron are two primary resources that you need to build this huge structure. You will need a lot of wood and a lot of iron ingots to craft powered rails, base structure, and minecart. You can get the wood from the jungle or forest biome and explore caves and mines for the iron ores.


If you want to build an automatic Minecraft roller coaster, collect Redstone dust from Redstone solid block to make some Redstone torches for the mechanisms, powered rails, and detector rails.

Step 3: Construct the Base Structure

Regular rails or powered rails can't be constructed or joined without any supporting structure. You always have to build a base structure underneath them. The base structure decides what is the shape of the roller coaster track.


Construct the base structure for your track, and keep in mind that you need to add slopes to different sections in the case of simple rails. But if you are using powered rails, you don't need any push. You can use wooden planks to construct the base.

Constructing a roller coaster on a mountain is easier than the islands because you can easily create slopes and vertical loops at different levels to make it a fun ride.

Step 4: Place The Rails

Placing the rails on the structure is super easy. Just take some rails and start placing them on the wooden planks. If you are using detector rails, activator rails or powered rails, then you have to build the Redstone dust mechanism from Redstone blocks which are quite difficult in survival mode.


If you have curves or corners, you must place the regular rail or powered rail parallel to the previous rail. It will create a smooth turn. You can build this with any of Minecraft rails.

Step 5: Constructing the Stopping Point

Once the rail runs on the track, it is difficult to stop it without any hurdle. Building a stopping point for your roller coaster cart is also essential. At the end of your track, place a wooden block that will stop your cart. Try to slow down the cart by making different loops and straight points in the track.


Step 6: Start the Ride

Once you are done, place the minecart at the beginning of the track and right-click to ride it. Once you are in the cart, push it to start your fun ride. If you are with friends, then make several carts, load them on the track one by one and enjoy the ultimate fun on your Minecraft rollercoaster.


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