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Everything You Need to Know About Mooshroom

Minecraft Moo Moo's are the best! But have you heard of the Mooshroom?
Everything You Need to Know About Mooshroom

Minecraft is full of mushroom fields and giant mushrooms throughout the world. Many passive animals and mobs pass by these biomes in Minecraft as cows, sheep, horses, chickens, and more. Although, many have probably seen a strange and interesting passive mob that looks like a cow with... brown mushrooms?

What is the Mooshroom?

The Mooshroom is a cow specimen from the Minecraft mob group. They come in different colors from brown or red. You can typically find the red mooshroom in the mushroom fields biome. Typically, red mooshroom can be fed just like any other cow in the Minecraft world, with wheat! The mushroom fields biome is typically found with giant mushroom.

Mooshroom moo moo

There is also a brown mooshroom, which can be identified after the red mooshroom has existed for awhile or struck by lightning. Brown mooshrooms are typically the least favorite among Minecraft gamers, but they are still special in their own way. Brown mooshrooms and red are found in Minecraft dungeons.

How to Spawn A Mooshroom

Mooshrooms do not naturally spawn into the mushroom field's biome or the mushroom islands. You will start to see Mooshrooms once the light level reaches 9 or higher and on mycelium. 

There are two ways of "spawning" a Mooshroom:

  • Placing a cow in a mushroom fields biome and wait
  • feeding a regular Minecraft cow multiple mushrooms

Mooshrooms are spawned in two colors, red and brown. If red mooshrooms are struck by lightning, they will turn into a brown mooshroom, or if there is a brown mooshroom struck by lightning, they will turn red. Interesting how this works.

How to breed a Mooshroom

Just like being able to feed the mooshroom wheat, you are also able to breed mooshrooms the same as Minecraft cows. Although, a mooshroom can only breed with another mooshroom. If you breed a brown mooshroom with red mooshrooms, the baby mooshroom has a 50/50 chance of being red or 50/50 chance of being a brown mooshroom.

baby red mooshroom

Once the baby mooshroom is born, be aware to not feed the baby any wheat while it is being raised. This will reduce its lifespan by 10%. Mushrooms will also not appear on the baby mooshroom until they become an adult mooshroom.

How to Milk Mooshrooms

Mooshrooms can be milked by using a bucket and right-clicking on the mooshroom. In order to do this proper first:

  1. Grab a bucket or craft a bucket with iron ingots. Bucket Minecraft
  2. Approach the mooshroom and make sure you are touching the mooshroom with the bucket in hand mooshroom milk
  3. Right-click on the mooshroom to produce milk inside of the bucket 
  4. You now have mooshroom (cow) milk!Mooshroom Milk

You also have the ability to milk the mooshroom cow with a bowl, creating mushroom stew. Mushroom stew is a great source of food, especially for Minecraft vegetarians.

Brown mooshrooms can produce suspicious stew when using a small flower.

What Do Mooshroom's Drop?

When an adult mooshroom reaches his end, he drops a few items. First of which is Leather, which can be dropped from 1-2 items depending on your settings or level of Looting. Each Level of looting gives one more item than is randomly dropped. Second, is the Raw Beef drop (1-3 items), or if you're lucky the mooshrooms are on fire and you will automatically get cooked Steak! Depending on your Looting level, you can drop up to 6 Raw Beef items.

mooshrooms drop

Of course, like many other mobs, mooshrooms can drop XP from 1-3 depending on if it is done by the player or by a trained wolf. If you successfully breed the mooshroom, you will receive 1-7 XP.

How to Harvest Mooshroom in Minecraft

In order to harvest a Mooshroom, you must have some sheers at hand. It is quite simple to sheer a mooshroom, as it is the same procedure as sheering a Minecraft sheep for wool.

Mooshroom sheering

Upon shearing a mooshroom, they will drop 5 mushrooms and mold into a regular Minecraft cow. So, they are not the best for reproducing mushrooms, they are just, cute?

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