How to Level Up Maps in Minecraft

If you think you can't expand your map, then you are wrong. You can level up your Minecraft map using few resources. Here we have step by step guide for you.
How to Level Up Maps in Minecraft

If you are exploring an area in Minecraft with a map, you will notice that it will show you a limited explored area. But can you expand and level up your maps in Minecraft? The answer is yes; you can increase the size of your map and get more area on your map. So, let's discuss the step-by-step guide on how you can do it.

Level up Maps in Minecraft using Crafting Table

Before starting map expansion with this crafting recipe, you must know how to generate a map. To generate an area map, take an empty map or blank map and right-click on any block there. It will create a one-page map of that area with a location marker. These location markers show your current location. This map will only consist of a 128x128 block area. So, let's learn how to make level 1, 2, 3, and 4 maps in Minecraft.

Step 1: Gather Resources:

The resources are the same as they would be for an empty map. To start the process, you will need 8 empty maps and a crafting table. As you know to craft paper, you will need sugarcane, and to craft a map, you will also need paper and iron ingots. 

Step 1 Gather Resources

You can see the small map as it consists of a limited area. In previous Minecraft versions, multiple maps were combined on a painting frame to construct a vast map that also displayed the player's current location. But now we have the solution.

Step 2: Level

Once you have all the resources and your current map, open your crafting table. Place the map in the central box of the crafting table and fill the remaining 8 boxes with blank papers. 

Step 2 Level up the Map

You will receive a new map with an area twice as large as your current one. This is the level 1 map. This map covers only a 256x256 block area. The unexplored territory will also be depicted on this map. You are free to travel to and investigate the location shown on your map.

Step 2: Level up the Map

Now place that level 1 map again in the crafting table and add 8 more empty maps around it. The map you get is the level 2 map that will cover approximately a 512x512 block area. Similarly, continue this procedure to get the level 3 (1024x1024) and level 4 (2048x2048) map areas. 

Step 2: Level up the Map

The chunk size for each map in Minecraft is also different, even if this map is a locator map or explorer map. The level one map has 16x16 chunks in it, the level two map has 32x32 chunks, level three has 64x64 chunks, and level 4 has 128x128 chunks. 

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