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How To Make Wood Stairs In Minecraft

Wood stairs are ideal for building roof corners, but crafting them can be tricky. But after this guide, you can craft tons of stairs like a pro in no time.
How To Make Wood Stairs In Minecraft

Everything You Need To Make Wood Stairs

For wood stairs, you need to place the 6 wood planks in the 3x3 crafting table in a specific pattern. Once done 4x wood stairs will appear in the single slot on the right. Afterward, simply move it into the inventory.

The item you will need : 

  • 1x Crafting
  • 6x Wood planks

Let's break it down step by step for you if you are still unclear.

#1 Open Your Crafting Table

The first thing you will need is a crafting table, place the table, and then right-click on it, a 3x3 grid-like formation will open as shown in the image below.

Note: Make sure you have enough wood planks in the inventory. You will need at least 6 wood planks. 

#2 Add Cut Wood Planks Into Crafting Table

As soon as you have a sufficient number of wood planks, place them into the 3x3 grid of the crafting table in the specific formation as shown in the image. 

The 3 planks in the first column slots, 2 in the second column starting from the middle slot, and one on the last slot of the 3rd column.

Please note: To achieve the desired result, no plank should be displaced and all planks should be from the same wood type.

#3 Move Woods Stairs to Inventory

After placing the planks in the right order 4 wood stairs should appear in the right sort of the crafting table where the arrow will be pointing. Simply hold and drag the wood stairs into the inventory.

You can repeat the same process until you get the desired amount for your build.

What is the give command to get a wood stair?

The give command for you to get one oak stair is: /give @p oak_stairs 1. For other wood types, write their name in place of oak, E.g Spruce_stairs 1.

Hope you like the guide, You can explore our site for crafting like sandstone-stairs and red-sandstone-stairs.

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