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Everything You Need To Know About Spiders In Minecraft

Friendly during the day and nasty at night, this guide will tell you everything you need to know about spiders.

Updated on Sep 24, 2022
Everything You Need To Know About Spiders In Minecraft

Where Do Spiders Spawn In Minecraft?

Spiders can spawn anywhere in the overworld except mushroom forests and the deep dark. They spawn in clusters of 1-4 on any opaque block, but can only spawn at light level 0.

An image of a docile spider in the day time

In the Bedrock edition of Minecraft spiders can spawn on leaf blocks, meaning that individual spiders can spawn on the tree canopy, increasing spider spawns in forest biomes.

Spiders also spawn in dungeons (when using a spider spawner) and woodland mansions if cobwebs are present, having a 25% chance to spawn in these areas. Cave spiders can be seen in an abandoned mineshaft.

Spider Status Effects (Java Only)

In the Java edition of Minecraft, spiders can occasionally spawn in game with a status effect if the player is playing on hard difficulty.

If this status effect is applied, it will affect all spiders spawned in a group. This effect lasts 3.3 years.

Using Spiders In A Monster Spawner

Spiders can be spawned into an area using monster spawners. 

Spider spawners are monster spawners blocks that are specialized and calibrated to spawn spiders, and will show a small spinning spider in the center.

An image of two naturally generated spider spawners

Spider spawners can be used to spawn spiders in areas they wouldn't normally be, such as the Nether. 

Spider spawners cannot be obtained in survival mode, they are only available to the player in creative mode.

An image of a spider spawner and one spider in the background

While not found in creative mode, spider spawners can be found naturally generated throughout the world in the following places:

  • Cave spider spawners in abandoned mineshafts
  • Spider spawners in dungeons and woodland mansions

What Do Minecraft Spiders Drop?

When killed by a player or a tame wolf, spiders in Minecraft drop: 

  • 0-2 String (this is increased to a max possible of 5 pieces of string if using a weapon enchanted with Looting III)
  • 5 experience points
  • Players have ⅓ chance of finding a spider eye when a spider is killed (looting III increases the max chance to ⅔ )
An image of spider eye in a frame on a wall in Minecraft

Both string and spider eye are useful and unique drops, which are often used in crafting or potion brewing.

What Can You Do With String?

String is used in many crafting recipes such as:

  • Bows and Crossbows
  • Leads
  • Tripwires
  • Candles
  • Looms
  • Scaffolding
  • White Wool

What Is Spider Eye Used For?

Spider eye is a food that can be consumed by the player, and is also a crafting ingredient in potions.

If a player consumes a spider eye, they will gain 2 hunger points and 3.2 saturation points. Spider eye is poisonous however, causing 2 hearts worth of damage over 4 seconds.

An image of the fermented spider eye crafting screen

Spider eyes are also used in crafting fermented spider eye, and is used to brew certain potions:

  • Mundane Potion
  • Potion of Poison

Will A Spider Attack Me?

Spiders are curious creatures; they will only be hostile towards a player in the dark.

During the day when light levels are above 11, spiders will only attack a player if they attack first. Otherwise, they will ignore you.

An image of a docile spider in twilight in Minecraft

When the light level drops below 11 however, spiders become overtly hostile and will attack you, hunt you and follow you.

An image of 5 spiders attacking in Minecraft

Spiders when hostile can see up to 16 blocks ahead when chasing and they can detect players even through solid blocks.

Spiders will not only attack players but friendly mobs and iron golems found in villages as well, climbing up walls and into water to get to the player.

An Image of a docile spider in Minecraft

Spiders can attack players when they are in full boats, or boats with chests/ shulker chests and 

will jump on players when they get close.

Using a weapon enchanted with the Bane Of Arthropods enchantment to kill spiders is very effective, as they’re classed as arthropods in the game.

Can You Breed Spiders In Minecraft?

Unfortunately, regular spiders are not able to be bred in Minecraft, much like any other hostile mob.

How Can I Tame A Spider In Minecraft?

While there is no way to conventionally tame a spider in Minecraft, there are ways to capture one to keep as a pet. 

During the day time, spiders can be pushed by the player like most other hostile mobs, just make sure to not accidentally hit it.

An image of a spider kept in a glass case in Minecraft

After pushing the spider into an enclosure, it can be kept as a pet… just don't decide to visit after dark.

Remember that spiders can climb walls, so a complete enclosure with a roof is needed to keep a spider contained.

Can I Ride A Spider In Minecraft?

Players cannot ride spiders themselves in Minecraft ,but that doesn't mean they can't be ridden.

Spiders have a 1% chance of spawning with a skeleton jockey riding them, and if a spider is spawned in the snow, they have a 0.8% chance of spawning with a stray riding them.

An image of a spider jockey in Minecraft

Spiders that are spawned in the Nether (either via commands, a spider spawner or spawn eggs) have a 0.8% chance of spawning with wither skeletons as jockeys.

What Blocks Can Spiders In Minecraft Not Climb?

Spiders in Minecraft cannot climb:

Do Spiders In Minecraft Take Fall Damage?

Spiders do take fall damage in the game, however because they can cling on to walls to reduce this it may not always occur.

An image of a spider on the wall in Minecraft

Spiders take fall damage after a minimum of 19 blocks, however if a spider manages to bounce or cling onto a block on the way down, this damage may be negated.

How Can I Stop Spiders From Coming Into My Base?

Spiders can climb vertically and horizontally along most blocks, however they cannot climb upside down on the underside of blocks.

An image showing a base with a lip on the roof to deter spiders

Creating a wall with a ledge surrounding the top can stop spiders from climbing onto the roof of your base and working their way inside, and can even allow you to enjoy your rooftop without the threat of hostile arachnids in the night.

Can Spiders Climb Trapdoors In Minecraft?

Spiders can climb trapdoors in Minecraft if they are completely flush to the wall. However if there is any overhang, the spider will have trouble navigating and climbing over it. This can be used to help protect player bases.

More Fun Spider Facts

  • Spiders in Minecraft cannot be picked up in buckets
  • When they get to the world border in the game, spiders will climb up the world border
  • Spiders often become stuck when close to a ceiling on a wall, effectively being trapped
  • Spiders are immune to the poison effect
  • When spiders have the invisible status effect, they still have their red eyes showing
  • Spiders are similar to cave spiders, but their coloring is different
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