Best House Ideas In Minecraft

Minecraft looks more incredible when you construct amazing buildings in it. Here are some of the best house ideas you can follow in your Minecraft overworld.

Updated on Nov 08, 2023
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Best House Ideas In Minecraft

When you start a new Minecraft world, you will need a house to protect yourself from mobs and enemies. 

There are several Minecraft house ideas you can consider. 

Some are easy and fast to build, and some and unique and beautiful. Here we have listed some of the best Minecraft house ideas. 

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Advance Survival House

This advanced survival house is a large house with every room possible. This large oak survival house by Greg Builds is completely made of wood planks and stone bricks. The roof contains two attics with windows on each wall.


You can build two side rooms on each side of the house for additional space and enhance the beauty of the house. Cover the exterior sides of the wall with leaf blocks. By making a beautiful path in front of the entrance door gives the house an elegant look.

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Minecraft Modern House

This cool Minecraft house idea by WiederDude is amazing to build modern houses. It is because it involves the white concrete with wood planks which is the ideal source for modern Minecraft houses.


You can make an open porch with stairs on both sides leading t the living room. The exterior consists of modern designs with decoration, and the interior contains a couch, lamps, and other decoration items. Wood is used for making stairs and floors of rooms on the ground floor.

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Underground House

Underground houses are a great way to build your house without being noticed. These Minecraft houses are the most secure type of houses if you are playing PVP mode. But you can also make these houses advanced and modern.


This Minecraft underground house by IrieGenie consists of mostly wood planks and glass. These glasses covers the upper portion of the house entirely. The entrance is secret and can’t be seen from the upper side.

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Suburban Minecraft House

This suburban Minecraft house is one of the best cool minecraft house ideas. This house is built on a modern house design using white concrete, stone slabs, and glass panes. The house has a simple porch with flowers and leaf blocks that give it an aesthetic look.


Trapdoors are used to decorate the sides of doors, windows, and balconies. There is a garage with two entrance points covered by black concrete blocks. It will look amazingly beautiful if you build this house ideas by Rizzial in the mountains.

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Luxurious Modern House

There is more of a feeling of living in a mansion than in a modern house. Built with black and white concrete, this house looks very sleek and stylish. It has an open floor plan with a central staircase, a chandelier, and a beautiful window view.


The kitchen is connected to the dining room with a long counter. You can access the balcony from the second floor by using ladders. The whole house designed by HALNY is surrounded by a green leaf blocks. Which give the house a natural and esthatic look.

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Smart & Easy House

This is a really cool and easy house to make in Minecraft. To excicute this minecraft survival house idea, you will need to gather some concrete slabs and blocks of white and grey color. This Minecraft house has two balconies with two stories.


The best think about this house by Eagle MCraft is that it has a really cool and stylish look. The house is decorated with some modernfurniture such as amazing doors and couches. This house also have an elevator. In the front yard, you can find the leaf block and colorful lights.

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Ultimate Survival House

This is on of the best Minecraft survival house idea designed by Balzy. This sultimate survival house is requirement of every player to survive. It is because this house has everything that you need to survive in the game. The hut-shapped house has two portions. One is the main house wih furniture and the second portion is the library.


There is a kitchen and a small living room. The front yard’s floor is all covered with cobblestone. The fence is not just a wood fence. It is crafted with log woods and tapdoors with slabs. Overall it is best house to stay alive and keep mobs away.

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Three Story Minecraft Modern House

This is a three-story house that looks really beautiful and is designed by ManDooMiN. It made with white concrete and has a lot of glass widows. The balconies are well decorated with hanging swings that can be accessed from the second floor.


The first floor completely consists of the farm. You can make the wheat or potato there. The second floor has a dining room and a kitchen. There is also a small living room with a TV and some chairs.

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