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How To Make A Super Smelter In Minecraft

Do you need a lot of ores or other materials smelted in a short span of time? Build your own industrial super smelter in minecraft by following this guide!
How To Make A Super Smelter In Minecraft

One of the core features of Minecraft, aside from crafting, is smelting all the raw ores that you have mined from exploring caves. All the raw copper, raw gold, and raw iron mined from the depths underground need to be smelted to be useful ingots. These ingots are needed craft certain materials to construct redstone machines that can help automate your base in Minecraft.

However, the main problem is normal furnaces are too slow and annoying to refill when smelting all the raw ores that you might need for your Minecraft project. Thus, what you need to build first in your base is an industrial furnace or your own Minecraft super smelter.

Gathering All The Materials Needed

A super smelter actually has a simple design. It is a series of furnaces that is optimized to have as much output that it can handle. Stacks of ores can be easily turned into smelted items in a short span of time. All you need are the materials listed below, which need tons of iron:

  • 13 Building Blocks (Any Solid Block of Your Choice)
  • 5 Chests (40 Wooden Planks of Any Type)
  • 48 Hoppers (240 Iron Ingots + 48 Chests)
  • 16 Furnaces (128 Cobblestone Blocks or its other variants) or Blast Furnaces
  • 2 Hopper Minecarts (2 Hoppers + 2 Minecarts)
  • 36 Powered Rails (36 Gold Ingots + 6 Redstone Dusts + 6 Sticks)
  • 4 Rails (6 Iron Ingots + 1 Stick)
  • 3 Levers (3 Cobblestone Blocks + 3 Sticks)

In total, you need 6 Redstone Dusts, 10 Sticks, 13 Solid Building Blocks, 36 Gold Ingots, 131 Cobblestone Blocks, 266 Iron Ingots, and 424 Wooden Planks to craft all the needed materials stated above and build the super smelter.

Building A Minecraft Super Smelter

  1. Output Hopper Chain and Chestoutput hopper chain and chest

    The first thing that you would want to build is the output system. This is where the smelted items are going to go and neatly stack in a double chest at the end. Place the double chest where you want it to be and add a row of 16 hoppers in a straight line. Make sure that they are all connected with one another to allow the flow of items.

    Quick Tip: Press Shift (Sneak Button) and Right-click when placing hoppers to avoid accidentally opening the hopper or furnace interface.

  2. Furnaces or Blast Furnacesadd furnaces

    After placing the row of 16 hoppers and the final output chest, place a furnace or a blast furnace on top of each of the hoppers. With this, the items after being smelted in the furnaces will automatically move down to the hoppers below it.

    Note: Blast Furnaces smelt items faster, but they are more expensive to make than regular furnaces.

  3. Input Hopper Chainsinput hopper chains

    After adding the furnaces on top of the output hopper chain, another 2 rows of 16 hoppers will be added. One row will go on top of the furnace and another row will go behind it. These hoppers will automatically replenish the fuel and the items you need to smelt directly to the furnace. Make sure that the hoppers are connected to the furnace and not to another hopper.

  4. Add Railway Cornersrailway corners

    The railway corners are then going to be added. These will serve as the bumping point, so that the hopper minecarts can go back and forth. Place 3 solid building blocks at each end of the input hopper rows. Another block is placed on top of the end block to make an L-shape lying on its back. Then, destroy the corner block. All in all, 12 blocks are needed for each end of the input hopper rows.

  5. Add Rails and Powered railsadd rails and powered rails

    After adding the railway corners, the rails are then added. A powered rail is placed on the last block of each railway corner. The next block should have a normal rail. Then, everything in between should be powered rails connecting the normal rails on top of the input hoppers.

  6. Add Railway Input Chestsinput chests

    After which, a double chest should be added at the end of the input hopper rows. These double chests are placed on top of the left L-shaped railway corners. One will serve as the fuel chest, where you put the fuel needed, such as coal, to smelt items. The other chest will serve as the place where you put the items you want to smelt.

  7. Place Last Building Block And Powerlast block and power

    Place the last building block somewhere in the middle of the input hopper chain for fuel, usually the row that goes behind the furnace. Then, place a lever on top of the block and flick the switch on. The powered rails placed on top of the hoppers should the glow red, which means that they are on.

  8. Place Levers At Each Endplace 2 more levers

    After which, place another lever at each end of the input hopper chain. The one of the farthest side should always be switched on. While, the one near the output chest can be turned off when the super smelter is not in use.

  9. Place Hopper Minecartshopper minecarts

    Then, add the hopper minecarts on the powered rails below the input double chests. Any items placed on the double chests will flow down to the hopper minecarts. Make sure that the super smelter is OFF, so that items can properly flow into the hopper minecarts.

  10. Put Items In The Input Double Chests
    At this point, you can now add items in the input double chests. You can immediately see that the items you put start going down to the hopper minecarts below the chests. Place the ones you want to smelt in the double chest on the top row, and the fuel items on the double chest behind the furnaces.

  11. Flick The Lever To Start And Stopflick lever ON

    Finally, flick the lever ON near the output chest and watch the hopper minecarts go and automatically place items inside the furnaces, which will immediately have their fires lit. All smelted items will flow to the output chest near you. After using the super smelter, make sure to flick the lever OFF again to stop the hopper minecarts.

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