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How To Make An Easy Secret Base In Minecraft

Are you tired of having your precious diamonds and other treasures stolen in a Minecraft server? Check out this article to learn how to make a secret base.
How To Make An Easy Secret Base In Minecraft

Building a starter base in Minecraft is one of the most basic but essential early-game tasks you need to do, especially in a multiplayer server. However, some players destroy other players' builds or steal their precious items and gear. Hence, it might be a great idea to build a secret base instead.

It should have a well-hidden entrance, essential furniture such as beds, chests, and furnaces, a room for easy-growing agricultural plants such as wheat or carrots, and a compact enchanting room.

Entrance To The Secret Base

The entrance is the most critical part of building a secret base in Minecraft. It should be well-hidden and cannot be easily seen by players nearby or even from afar.

Gathering The Materials Needed

The list below includes all the materials to construct a basic hidden entrance:

  • 4 Sticky Pistons (4 Pistons + 4 Slime Balls)
  • 4 Redstone Repeaters (12 Stone Blocks + 8 Redstone Torches + 4 Redstone Dusts)
  • 5 Redstone Dusts (you might need more)
  • 1 Lever (1 Stick + 1 Cobblestone Block)
  • Hoe or Shovel (made from any material)

Constructing The Hidden Entrance

Follow these easy steps to create the hidden entrance to your secret base:

  1. Find a suitable area where you want the hidden entrance to be located. Usually, a nice flat area with a nearby elevated ledge is the perfect location for an underground secret base.
  2. Dig a 2-block deep 4 by 4 hole in the area you selected.
  3. Postion 4 sticky pistons in a row as seen in the image below:
    place pistons
  4. Place 4 redstone repeaters behind the sticky pistons
  5. Right-click the repeaters 3 times and make sure that the torches in them are apart.
    place repeaters
  6. After which, place 4 redstone dusts behind the repeaters
  7. Connect the line of redstone dusts where you want to hide the lever. You can extend the redstone line to where you want the lever switch to be. Just make sure to put repeaters in every 8 dust of redstone placed.
    place redstone
  8. Place the lever and turn it on. This should extend the arms of the sticky pistons.
    place lever
  9. Cover the redstone contraption with dirt or any material. The goal is to blend it with the environment. In this step, you can start digging a staircase under the dirt that moves with the pistons. The dirt will serve as the cover of that staircase to your secret base.
    cover the contraption
  10. Cover the lever or hide it somewhere not easily seen by other players except you. You can use a hoe or a shovel to make paved dirt or farmland that can hide the lever, but is still somewhat visible.
  11. You now have a hidden entrance to your secret base.
    test the system

Interior Of The Secret Base 

After constructing the entrance to your secret base, it is now time to build the interior of it.

Digging Out An Appropriate Size Area

decorating the room

Usually, players start with a small square landing after the staircase from the hidden entrance. The landing most of the time has a size of a 4 by 4 or 5 by 5. However, you do not have to follow this size and build whatever size you want. After which, rooms can be dug out as well.

These rooms include a storage room for all your materials. Aside from that, you can also add a Nether portal room so that you can easily access the Nether dimension. A small library with an enchanting table set up for imbuing enchantments to your gear is one of the essentials rooms for your base.

Furthermore, a kitchen where you have all your furnaces should be included as well. Additionally, you can build basic farms inside your base. The recommended plants are carrots and wheat, since they grow relatively quickly. Finally, a master bedroom where you can place your bed, set your spawn point, and sleep properly should also be set up.

Decorating The Rooms

To some players, decorating each of the rooms in their bases is not important as long as they are functioning. However, part of the Minecraft experience is to be as creative as possible, since it is a vast sandbox game of infinite proportions.

We recommend that you go all out in decorating every corner of your base. This will truly individualize your base from other players, especially when you play with your friends or other people online.

A simple lantern or flowers vases with different flowers picked from your adventures can instantly upgrade the aesthetic of that room. But then again, it is always up to you how you will decorate your base.

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