How To Make Stripped Wood In Minecraft

Stripped wood can not be made via crafting, but you have to find and collect them on your own. Here is how to get stripped wood in Minecraft.
How To Make Stripped Wood In Minecraft

Everything You Need To Make stripped wood

To make stripped wood, you need to find a tree (ideally oak) and strip down its bark with the help of a pickaxe. Continue the chopping and you will see a striped wood log in front of the tree. Press and hold right-click on the stripped wood log. Keep doing until a stripped wood log drops in front of you. Now, just pick the stripped wood log and drop it into the Hotbar.

  • 1x Diamond ax
  • 1x Wood Tree

How to craft stripped wood

#1 Find a Wood Tree (Oak)

First of all, wander around Minecraft and find wood trees around you. We will prefer to go with oak trees as they are easy to find. The best place to find oak trees is the forests and swampland. You can find multiple oak trees there that will be enough for your stripped wood inventory.

#2 Chop The Oak Tree

Once you see an oak tree, hold an axe and go near it. You can choose axes from a nether axe to a diamond axe, but we prefer the diamond for its superior speed. With a diamond axe in your hand, go near the tree and press right-click to strip the bark from the tree as shown in the image below.

Once you cut the bark, it's time to get your fruit. Now, press and hold the left click until you see a stripped oak log in front of you.

#3 Pick Stripped Wood

When you see the stripped oak log in front of you, don't wait for another second just get it into your Hotbar. This will disappear if you don't collect it.

What is the give command to get a stripped wood?

The give command to get yourself stripped wood is “/give @p stripped_oak_log 1”.
We hope you liked the guide. You can explore to know what other things you can make with stripped wood.

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