How To Make Prismarine Stairs In Minecraft

Prismarine stair is a basic building material but hard to craft. Here is a complete guide on how to craft prismarine stairs.
How To Make Prismarine Stairs In Minecraft

Everything you need to craft Prismarine Stairs

To craft prismarine stairs, you have to put 6x prismarine blocks on 3x3 crafting table so that 1st row should have 1x prismarine block, 2nd row should have 2x prismarine block and 3rd row should have 3x prismarine block. This will get you 4x prismarine stairs.

  • 6x prismarine block
  • 1x crafting table

Let's see the process step by step.

How to craft prismarine stairs


Get 6x Prismarine Blocks

The process requires at least 6x prismarine blocks to get started. One method of getting prismarine blocks is to get them from the death spot of guardians or elder guardians. The best place to find these mobs is on ocean monuments.

Another way to get a prismarine block is to craft it and here is the complete guide on how to craft a prismarine block.


Place Prismarine Blocks On the crafting table

Once you gathered enough prismarine blocks, it's time to put them at work. Open the crafting table and you will see a 3x3 crafting grid on your screen.

Now, Put 1x prismarine block on the first row, 2x prismarine block on the 2nd row, and 3x prismarine block on the 3rd row of the crafting table as shown in the picture below.


Move Prismarine Stairs into inventory

The process will get you 4x prismarine stairs on the right hand of the crafting table. Just drag and drop it into your inventory and use them for your next build.

The method will give 4x prismarine stairs at once, if you want to have more stairs you have to repeat the process again and again.

What is the give command to get prismarine stairs?

The give command to get prismarine stairs is “/give @p prismarine_stairs 1”

There are more interesting materials you can make with prismarine like prismarine slab - explore our site and learn more.

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