How To Tame An Enderman In Minecraft

Items in Minecraft are either common or rare and precious. If you drop one by accident (or on purpose), you need to know how long you have until it's gone.
How To Tame An Enderman In Minecraft

How Do You Tame An Enderman In Minecraft? 

Taming an Enderman in Minecraft in the traditional sense is not possible without the use of mods, but there’s ways to trap and fight them.

Wearing a Jack-O-Lantern

If the player wears a Jack-o-lantern on their head around an Enderman in Minecraft, they won't become hostile. Attacking one will always result in it becoming hostile.

Image showing a Jack-O-Lantern in the Minecraft style

Jack-O-Lanterns can be made using 1 Pumpkin and 1 Torch.

Using Name Tags

Endermen can be named using name tags like other creatures such as horses and dogs to ‘tame’ them. 

  1. Find a name tag in chest loot 
  2. Take it to an anvil and rename it 
  3. Place the nametag in the first slot of your hotbar
  4. Stand in front of the Enderman you wish to name and right click (Java/windows) or press LT/L2 (PS4/Xbox Bedrock)

Do note that using a name tag on an Enderman in Minecraft will not stop them from teleporting away or becoming hostile, but will stop despawning.

Using Traps

You can trap an Enderman to farm it for Ender Pearls, or just to have as your own (temporary) pet:

  1. Collect Soul Sand from the Nether/ Ancient Cities
  2. Place Soul Sand in a grid on the ground (or place just one block down into the ground)
  3. Craft a dirt tower 3 blocks high in the middle of the sand grid
  4. Place a stone block on each side of the top dirt cube to create a “cross” platform
  5. Destroy the dirt cubes above and below the platform
  6. Destroy the dirt block in the center of the platform

When trying to tame an Enderman and it attacks during the day, it will become trapped in the Soul Sand and will be unable to teleport away. 

Because of their ability to teleport, building a tame trap that can hold them for any amount of time isn't possible. However in the Java edition, minecarts and boats can be used to tame an Enderman if they spawn into them.

Using Mods

There are surprisingly few mods available that give the player the ability to tame an Enderman. There is one called Enderman Evolution by TheRealp455w0rd on available to download.

Picture showing a pink Enderman holding a chest with normal Endermen in the background


It brings the addition of a new monster: the “Frienderman”.

A pink variant, once tamed (using a friender pearl added by the mod) the Frienderman creatures become helpful by protecting you during combat and collecting items if given a chest.

What To Do When You See An Enderman

Looking at an Enderman from the waist up ( pointing the crosshairs at any point on Endermen above their upper legs) causes them to shiver and scream. 

If you stare at one in Minecraft and aggravate it, you have two options:

  • Don’t look away, keep your gaze fixed and back up into a corner to defend yourself from teleporting Endermen
  • Run away (a greater challenge). 
An Enderman mid attack

When aggravated, they will stalk the player.

Keep in mind, if there are a number of Endermen you may have to fend off several Endermans attacks at once so be careful!

How To Defend Yourself Against An Enderman

When you see an Enderman running, it’s attack can be interrupted in the critical moment if another mob hits them or it starts to rain, as they are hurt by water (as well as fire, lava and melee weapons)

  • The best weapon to use against them is a bucket of water
  • They drop 1-2 Ender Pearls on death, as well as the block they were carrying if holding one.

They are hostile to other mobs, even attacking the Ender Dragon and other animals if they take damage from it’s attack in game.

They were first introduced to Minecraft in the 1.8 Beta version, having different attributes than the other versions.

The interesting thing is, the game’s art team have noted that the Enderman’s appearance may have taken inspiration from the horror character Slenderman, with a white Enderman variant being touted as a mythical Minecraft creature rarely found in game.

The white Enderman doesn't exist (despite gamers online saying they’ve seen a white Enderman making a brief appearence in their game) but the Endermen’s connection to Slenderman is interesting nonetheless and only adds to the creature’s popularity.

Where Can You Find An Enderman In Minecraft?

Endermen can be found throughout the world, carrying blocks and teleporting around.

Due to the conditions that need to be met in order for them to spawn in, they can be rare creatures encountered in the game when trying to tame an Enderman.

Picture of

When you need Ender Pearls, finding plenty of Endermen is a top priority.

Endermen spawn in all 3 dimensions in Minecraft and are the only mob in the game to do so. They spawn at different times within those dimensions, so the first thing to do when you're out hunting them to tame them or for Ender Pearls is to keep these three different locations in mind:

They may spawn on any solid surface with a 3 blocks height (including player homes!) so consider this when building your base to tame them as a pet in the Overworld.

Enderman Spawn Commands 

An Enderman in Minecraft can be spawned into the world to tame using commands that spawn them in directly, or by using spawn eggs in all versions of the games.

Four Endermen grouped together in the darkness.

How To Spawn An Enderman Using Commands

  1. Open the chat box (T on the keyboard for Java/Widows and Right arrow on Bedrock)
  2. Type “/summon enderman”
  3. Hit enter/ok. 

This will spawn an Enderman worth taming to the player’s location.

Spawn Eggs

Spawn eggs are items that can be spawned in by the player to spawn Endermen and other normal animals (many creatures e.g. cats, or even the Ender Dragon for fun) or other pets. 

Enderman spawn eggs will spawn an Enderman to tame if they are used on a surface; they will spawn directly perpendicular to it.

An Enderman spawn egg being held by the player in front of an Enderman

To summon a spawn egg in creative mode to tame an Enderman:

  1. Go to the creative mode inventory
  2. In the “miscellaneous” section, find an Enderman Spawn Egg

To summon a spawn egg using commands:

  1. Open up the chat box using the T key/right arrow
  2. Type “/give @p minecraft enderman_spawn_egg
  3. Hit enter/ok for the command to work properly.

To use a spawn egg using both these methods:

  1. Ensure the egg is the first item highlighted on your hotbar
  2. Press “use” on any surface whilst holding the egg
  3. An Enderman will spawn next to the surface

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