How To Make Red Nether Brick Wall In Minecraft

If you want to further decorate your Nether fortress, we will show you how to craft a Red Nether Brick Wall in Minecraft so you can place them around your base.
How To Make Red Nether Brick Wall In Minecraft

Everything you need to make Red Nether Brick Wall

Red Nether Brick Wall is a new type of wall in Minecraft that has been added into the game in the 1.10 version. They have the functionality like other wall blocks and are pretty much identical to the Nether Brick Wall but with a little bit redder on its texture. In order to craft a Red Nether Brick Wall, you must go adventure into the Nether.

  • 6x Red Nether Bricks
  • 1x Crafting Table

How to craft Red Nether Brick Wall in Minecraft

#1 Collect 6x Red Nether Bricks

To craft 1x Red Nether Bricks, you will need 2x Nether Brick and 2x Nether Wart.

craft red nether bricks

Nether Brick can be crafted by smelting 1x Netherrack in the furnace.

smelt netherrack

You can also get Nether Brick by trading with the Piglin. They have a chance to give 2-8 Nether Brick for 1x Gold Ingot.

piglin trading

Nether Wart is a unique crop that only grows in the Nether dimension. Specifically, they only generated in Nether Fortresses and Bastion Remnants. You can get Nether Wart by looking for chests in the Nether Fortress. They have a 19% chance to contain 3-7x Nether Wart.

nether wart

#2 Collect 1x Crafting Table

Crafting Table is required for crafting Red Nether Brick Wall. You can craft it by placing any 4x Planks in a cube shape in the crafting grid.

crafting table

#3 Finish off crafting a Red Nether Brick Wall

When you have 6x Red Nether Bricks and 1x Crafting Table, put the table on the ground and right-click on it, then put 6x Red Nether Bricks in two lines next to each other to craft 6x Red Nether Brick Wall.

craft red nether brick wall

Another way to get Red Nether Brick Wall is to use the Stonecutter, you can put 1x Red Nether Brick into it to craft 1x Red Nether Brick Wall.

cut red nether brick wall

What is the give command to get a Red Nether Brick Wall?

The command to give yourself a Red Nether Brick Wall is: /give @p red_nether_brick_wall 1

Now you have a Red Nether Brick Wall, feel free to mix them with a normal Nether Brick Wall for more detail.

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