What Does a Nautilus Shell Do in Minecraft?

Nautilus Shell in Minecraft is used to craft Conduit to get the Conduit power. Conduit Power is very useful underwater.

Updated on Nov 11, 2023
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What Does a Nautilus Shell Do in Minecraft?

What does a Nautilus Shell do in Minecraft? How can you craft it? What is the purpose of the Nautilus Shell in Minecraft? All these questions might be coming to your mind if you have found the Nautilus Shell in Minecraft. Don't worry today; we will answer all of these questions and all you need to know about the Nautilus Shells.

What Does a Nautilus Shell Do in Minecraft?

The primary function of the Nautilus Shells is to craft the conduits. The conduits are underwater prismerine block ring structures constructed of 3x3x3 blocks that have special powers. You need eight nautilus shells and one heart of the sea, and a crafting table to craft the conduits. These special powers are breathing underwater, haste status, and night vision.


The conduit's powers activate whenever the player goes near it. The best part is that when the conduit is activated in Bedrock edition, it also causes damage to any nearby mobs that are within an 8-block radius. The maximum power radius of the conduit is about 90 blocks.

The conduit power usually lasts only 12 seconds. But these 12 seconds could be crucial for you if you are fighting with the underwater mob or exploring the nearby treasure.

How to Get Nautilus Shell in Minecraft?

There are several sources in Minecraft to get the Nautilus Shell. All sources have different percentages to get the Nautilus Shells. There are three major ways to get Nautilus Shell in Minecraft:

Get Nautilus Shell in Minecraft by Fishing

Though it is a rare case that you get Nautilus Shells by fishing, the chances increase if you are using the "Luck of the Sea" enchanted fishing rod. This sea enchantment brings unique and rare items out of the ocean. You just have to take a boat and go into the ocean to explore and hunt. You can also find it in the treasure chests with the treasure item sometimes.


Get Nautilus Shell in Minecraft from Mob Loot

The underwater mob, especially the Drowned mob, can have the Nautilus Shells in their hand when they die or you slaying drowned mobs. They have the heart of the sea or other common items in most cases.


There was a theory that you could also trade the Nautilus shells with the drowned mobs if you trapped them. But That's Not True At all. This is a rare drop of the drowned mob, and you can't get it off hand.

Get Nautilus Shell in Minecraft from Wandering Trader

The wandering traders are another best source to get the Nautilus Shells. Over 5% of wandering traders will give you a Nautilus Shell. You can identify the wandering traders with llamas and chests on their backs.


They exchange the Minecraft Nautilus shell with the emeralds. The offer they often use is the one Nautilus Shell in exchange for 5 emeralds, as it is a rare mob drop.

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