How to Make a Night Vision Potion in Minecraft

Night vision potions in Minecraft won't only help you see better in the night, but also underwater. And the secret ingredient for making it is a golden carrot!

Updated on May 02, 2024
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How to Make a Night Vision Potion in Minecraft

The items you'll need to make a night vision potion aren't hard to get if you're properly geared up with some good armor and a sword. That's because it's going to get pretty hot since you'll need to visit the Nether for most of them! With that said, here are items you'll need to make a night vision potion in Minecraft:

Minecraft Night Vision Potion Items Needed

To get water bottles, you'll first need to make glass bottles. They're easy and quick to craft using only glass obtained by melting sand in the furnace. Then simply find some water and fill the bottles by holding them and right-clicking the water. Make as many water bottles for how many night vision potions you wish to make!

Nether wart is easy to get, but a tad bit hard to locate. You'll need to go to the Nether and find a Nether fortress there. Nether wart usually grows somewhere around a Nether fortress on soul sand.

While you're at the Nether fortress, find and kill some blazes. That's because they'll drop blaze rods which can be dropped in a crafting table to get blaze powder. A blaze rod is also used to craft a brewing stand if you don't already have one!

And the secret ingredient you'll need to make a potion of night vision is a golden carrot. Crafting them can be done quickly as well, requiring some golden nuggets and a single carrot.

Minecraft Night Vision Potion How to Get Items

For the golden carrot, you'll need golden nuggets and of course - a carrot! You can get golden nuggets easily in the Nether while you're getting some of the other items. As for carrots, they're most quickly gotten by stealing them from a village farm. Once you get all the required items, next up's how to make a night vision potion in Minecraft.

How to Brew Night Vision Potions in Minecraft

First thing first, if you have a beautiful Minecraft home, you'll want to find a good spot where you'll want to place the brewing stand. Then when you get the items from above, here's how to make a night vision potion in Minecraft:

  1. Right-click the brewing stand to open the brewing stand menu
  2. Place some water bottles in the 3 empty bottom boxes
  3. Add the nether wart to the top empty box
  4. Place some blaze powder in the upper left empty box
  5. Wait until the process is finished which will make an awkward potion
  6. Add a golden carrot to the top empty box while leaving each awkward potion in the bottom boxes
  7. Once the process is finished, each bottom bottle will be turned into a night vision potion

Minecraft How to Make Night Vision Potion

If you think the remaining time the night vision potion gives you is short, there's a way to upgrade it. You can increase the night vision potion remaining time by using Redstone! All you have to do is toss a normal night vision potion in a brewing stand on the bottom boxes, some blaze powder on the top left box, and finally Redstone in the top center empty box!

Minecraft Night Vision Potion How to Extend Time WIth Redstone

Unlike some other potions whose effects can be upgraded using Glowstone dust, the night vision potion doesn't have it. That's because the vision stays the same no matter what, at least for the time being! But there are other versions which you can brew of the night vision potion.

How to Make Splash and Lingering Night Vision Potions

There are 2 other versions you can make of this potion, and those are the Lingering and Splash potion of night vision. You can throw a Lingering potion of night vision on the ground which will make an area where if anyone enters it, they'll get the night vision effect. Then there's the splash potion which you can throw at any player to give them the night vision effect.

Making a night vision Splash potion can be done using gunpowder. You'll want to fire up the brewing stand with some blaze powder, place a potion of night vision on the bottom boxes, and the gunpowder in the center top empty box.

To make a lingering potion of night vision, you'll need a Dragon's Breath potion which can be obtained by right-clicking the Ender Dragon's breath attack in the End! Then, place the Dragon's Breath potion in a brewing stand on the top center box and combine it with Splash night vision potions at the bottom and you'll get lingering night vision potions.

Minecraft How to Make Lingering and Splash Night Vision Potions

So that's everything you need to know about how to make a night vision potion in Minecraft. It will definitely help you see better in your dark adventures underwater, at night, and even in lush caves!

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