Top 10 Best Fun Things To Do When You're Bored in Minecraft

Minecraft can get boring after you play it for very long. Doing some fun ideas like making interesting Redstone builds will break that boredom!

Updated on May 06, 2024
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Top 10 Best Fun Things To Do When You're Bored in Minecraft

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Try Out Game-Changing Mods and Maps

The first thing anyone can do to spice things up a little bit in Minecraft is change the gameplay itself with mods and maps. While some Minecraft mods only exist to change the quality of life in the game, others break the core gameplay and introduce a new way of playing Minecraft entirely like the best Minecraft quest mods!

Minecraft Pre-Built Map and Dragon Mod

To combine some of the Minecraft fun that comes with the mods, you can also download and play pre-made Minecraft custom maps. There are many great Minecraft adventure maps you can choose from, each having a theme and fun things to do giving players the possibility to explore the wild builds by other players!

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Make Interesting Redstone Builds

Players often forget that building houses and other structures shouldn't only be done using basic building blocks. Making and improving Minecraft builds using interesting Redstone builds is definitely one of the best fun things you can do to stop the boredom! And with the Minecraft community being so big, there are many tutorials and good Redstone ideas you can choose from.  

Minecraft TNT Cannon and Redstone Door

There are many Redstone ideas you can choose from, though they will require a bit of material collecting if you're playing in a survival world. My recommendation would be you try out making a firework show or TNT cannon to destroy some villages! 

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Build Weird Houses and Bases

Making a simple house only for the sake of having a home in Minecraft isn't fun at all. But building weird bases and calling them your home is one way to have fun when you play Minecraft. From modern and modest houses to your real-life house and crazy big treehouses, all you have to do is choose and build!

Minecraft Mountain House and Treehouse

The best thing about building fun houses is that it doesn't matter in which game mode you're doing it. Be it creative or survival mode, you'll be having fun and stop the Minecraft boredom you're feeling!

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Make an Animal Zoo

For the huge game Minecraft is, there are many mobs some players have never even seen before. So what you can do is make an animal mob zoo. This isn't fun to do in creative mode since you can just spawn the animals with eggs, so definitely collect the mobs in survival mode, or make it even more challenging by making the zoo in ultra-hardcore mode!

Minecraft Zoo Panda Wolf

From skeleton horses to exploding creepers, there are many mobs you can get. Just make sure to use the best transporting methods so you won't accidentally kill your animals for the zoo.

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Defeat the Wither and Ender Dragon

Some players start a Minecraft world and only build without ever knowing the game has final objectives. And those final objectives of finishing Minecraft are defeating the Wither and Ender Dragon. The Ender Dragon is literally the final boss of Minecraft, and defeating it is definitely one of the most challenging fun fights you can have in the game!

Minecraft Ender Dragon Wither Bosses

Besides the Ender Dragon, there's also the Wither which is a side boss you can spawn yourself. Not only will you have fun defeating it, but you'll also be able to craft a beacon and make interesting glowing builds using it!

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Find and Explore Different Biomes and Structures

Some Minecraft players often get stuck building and playing in a short range from where they spawned. But the world is much bigger with lots of random-generated structures and interesting biomes, so if you're one of those players, try exploring the world around you! One of the harder yet interesting structures you should search for is definitely the woodland mansion.

Minecraft Explore Structures Woodland Mansion Badlands Biome

There are also lots of different biomes you can explore to find these structures within as well. While you're at it, make a big explorer map in your home base to know which areas you've already explored. And while you're at it, make sure to find a pillager outpost for the next fun thing to do!

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Complete Pillager Raids

Finding pillager outposts can be very hard, but once you find them, they're so much fun to complete. If you kill the pillager boss of an outpost and enter a village, a raid will happen. You'll have to defeat a bunch of pillagers and ravagers coming in levels to protect the village from evil!

Minecraft Pillager Raid Outpost

Doing raids in a survival world can be very helpful. As a bonus for protecting the village from the pillagers, you'll get discounts on trades with the villagers residing there.

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Make an Automatic Item Sorter

We touched upon doing interesting redstone builds, but this one is not only fun to build, but it has many uses. So what you should build is an automatic item sorter. Voltrox has an easy and interesting approach to this automatic Redstone sorter which you should check out and build!

Minecraft Redstone Automatic Item Sorter

If you've gone on a journey and got tons of items, it's hard to sort them manually in a storage room. With this automatic item sorter, you can get those items, throw them in it, and not worry about handling a storage room by hand ever again!

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Build a Village Around Your Base

Building big houses and bases is fun, but being alone can get a bit boring. One way to not feel alone is to go ahead and build a whole village around your base! How you want to build the village is up to you where you can choose to go and build a modern city, or make an old-school suburban village.

Minecraft Build Village Around Base

Once you build the village around your home base, you'll have to transport in villagers from another randomly generated village. To make them stay there, you'll want to put in beds in the houses and make a livable situation for the villagers!

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Play Mini-Games on Multiplayer Servers

Finally, one of the best things to do in Minecraft when you're bored is to play mini-games on other Minecraft servers. From SkyBlock to SkyWars, there are tons of servers where you can choose and play lots of mini-games that they offer!

Minecraft Server Mini Games Skyblock Skywars

There are many fun things you can do when you're bored in Minecraft, but these are some of the better ones you should try out. Whenever someone tries to play video games like Minecraft, they can get bored. But trying out a new game mode in Minecraft alongside some interesting modpacks can spice things up a little bit! 

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