Everything You Need To Know About Minecraft Pandas

Pandas are one of the cutest animals in Minecraft. Take a look at this article to find out all the information you need to know about them!
Everything You Need To Know About Minecraft Pandas

Pandas in Minecraft are rare neutral mobs that spawn in jungle biomes. They're big, fat, cuddly bears and one of the cutest animals in the game. Pandas are generally peaceful animals, as they'll never harm the player first.

They aren't the most useful animals in the game, but they can be cute companions you can keep locked in your base, town, or village.

Where do pandas spawn?

Pandas are rare animals because of their spawn conditions. They can spawn on the surface of the only two jungle biomes in the game:

  • Jungle
  • Bamboo Jungle

They're more likely to spawn in the Bamboo Jungle biome, where there's bamboo blocks everywhere, and they also spawn in a group of 1 or 2 pandas. Unfortunately, that can be a problem since jungle biomes in Minecraft are one of the rarest biomes in the game, so it will be difficult to find pandas. It's the same case with ocelots, a jungle type of Minecraft cat, which also occasionally spawn in the jungle.

What are panda personalities?

When a panda spawns, it will have one of the seven panda personalities. Each personality has its pros and cons, and they're all visually distinctive. Some personalities are rarer than others - the normal pandas are the most common ones, while the brown pandas are the rarest.

Here we'll take a look at all of the characteristics of pandas' personalities.

Normal - Normal pandas are the most common pandas in Minecraft, they don't have any special traits, but you can recognize them by the frown on their face.
Lazy - Lazy pandas instead of a frown have a cute smile on their face. Most of the time, they lie on their back, and even when a player is holding bamboo in his hand, if the lazy panda is laying, it won't get up to follow the player.
Worried - You will recognize a worried panda by its worried facial expression, and because they avoid all players and the majority of the mobs in the game.
Playful - You'll recognize playful pandas by their tongue sticking out from their mouth, their most prominent feature is their playful panda rolling and jumping even when they're not a baby panda anymore.
Aggressive - Aggressive pandas are the most dangerous pandas in Minecraft. When you harm an aggressive panda, it will chase you to try to kill you. They'll even react like that if you kill one of the nearby pandas.
Weak - Weak pandas have teary eyes and snotty noses - they look like they're sick. A weak panda has half the health less of other pandas, and they sneeze slime balls even more often than a regular baby pandas
Brown - Brown pandas are the rarest pandas in the game. The brown personalities act and behave like a normal panda, meaning a brown panda doesn't have any distinct features and traits besides their brown fur.

What can pandas do for you?

Unlike other animals, pandas aren't the most useful mobs out there. They don't drop any meat or fur when they die, and you can't even tame them to have them as a pet, but you can still use them for a couple of things.


Because pandas are such an exotic mob in Minecraft, they would be the perfect animals to have in your base or somewhere where they'll be safe. Or, for example, it would be a great idea to create a zoo with all different panda personalities. You can put them in the same section with axolotls to have a display of unique animals!

Just make sure to put a name tag on a panda, so it doesn't despawn!

Peaceful Slime Farm

Since slimes don't spawn on the peaceful difficulty, players who play it decided to invent a slimeball farm using weak pandas because they sneeze out more slime balls than panda cubs.

Weak pandas have a high chance of sneezing out a slime ball because they're supposed to be sick since they're weak. This makes a large number of weak pandas a great solution for getting slime balls in peaceful Minecraft. You will just need to do a lot of selective breeding to get a lot of them.

Give you XP

When you kill a panda, it's guaranteed you'll get from 1 to 3 XP points, which isn't worth it all when you look at how pandas are rare. But breeding them will get you around 1 to 7 XP points, which is significantly better.

How to breed pandas

Pandas breed only under special circumstances, making them the only animal in Minecraft to have this trait.

  1. They need to be at least eight blocks of bamboo within a five-block radius of both adult pandas,
  2. Then you'll need to feed them with either cake or bamboo so they enter love mode.
  3. And then, a little panda cub will pop out!

Ensure the pandas are not too close to each other because they'll become hostile mobs if the player feeds them at that moment.

How to transport pandas

Unfortunately, in Minecraft, you can't leash a panda, meaning the only way to transfer them is by putting them in a boat by force. This is time-consuming, especially if the pandas are too far from the beach or an area where a boat can go without a problem.

Are pandas hostile?

Pandas are neutral mobs, which means they're not hostile by default. Almost all panda personalities will attack you back when you hit them, but first, they'll panic and then slowly come towards you to hit you.

Once they do that, they'll become neutral again, but all of this doesn't count for the aggressive panda personality, as they will attack you until they're physically not able to anymore.

Bonus panda facts

  • Pandas' personalities have a complex genetic system that includes real-life processes of recessive and dominant traits.
  • You get an achievement after breeding two pandas with bamboo called Zoologist.
  • The idea of having pandas in the game was teased by Dinnerbone way back in 2012
  • Panda sound effects are actual recordings from real pandas from Guangzhou in China.
  • In Minecraft Bedrock Edition, baby zombies can ride pandas.
  • The brown panda is actually a subspecies of a giant panda called the Qinling panda.